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12:26 fbcit-away kados: tried submitting my two patches again. I may have a problem with sendmail so I'll check back on Monday.
15:47 kados fbcit-away: ok, sounds good
20:20 thd kados: are you there?
21:35 chris heya darla, i hear you got koha up and running?
21:36 aklibrarian I have it installed.  Now I have to get to it.  This is my own installation.  My library has it up and going.  The job is split between a great computer guy for the system and me for the library specifics.
21:36 aklibrarian I just want it on a local machine so I can play with it more.
21:36 chris *nod*
21:44 aklibrarian I didn't expect quite such a learning curve.  I have a lot more respect for Dan, the guy that keeps the system running now than I did before.  I had respect for him before, but it is more now.
21:44 aklibrarian I still haven't figured a good way to use the shell.
21:44 chris system admin is an underappreciated profession
21:46 aklibrarian Until it goes dead.  Then everyone appreciates it.
21:47 aklibrarian Chris, did you tell me about a part of Koha that would help you integrate seperate libraries to a union?
21:50 chris hmmm i dont think so .. are you thinking to merge catalogues together?
21:51 aklibrarian Right now we have just added all the catalogs into one.
21:51 chris with the indedpendent branches features in 3.0 you can run a union catalogue with each library having its own rules/patrons
21:52 aklibrarian This means I have a really big collection of marc records.  I want to pare it down
21:52 chris ahhh
21:52 chris so merging like records together ?
21:52 aklibrarian Yes
21:53 aklibrarian I feel that this will make things look better, allow for faster searching, and in general make me happier.
21:53 chris yes
21:54 chris there is a feature liblime developed for an nz library to do that .. but its pretty clunky .. there is a much better cataloguing tool on its way which will allow you to merge records
21:55 aklibrarian Any idea on the timeline?
22:01 chris ahh you want to ask the other chris that
22:01 chris northfox is the nickname he uses
22:01 aklibrarian I was right Chris.  I thought I remembered it was you.  You sent me a weblink that I am trying out now.  I had to search the email
22:02 aklibrarian See and I was so happy I found the email.
22:02 chris that will be the clunky one :)
22:02 chris it works but its slow :)
22:02 aklibrarian Is it slow on a machine that isn't on the net.
22:03 chris its using the big form based marc editor, so its slow to render the page
22:05 aklibrarian Do you know when a better one may be out
22:07 chris you want to ask the other chris that, foxnorth
22:07 chris i think its not far away
22:08 aklibrarian Sounds good.  He is logged on, but I assume away from his computer.
22:08 aklibrarian As a librarian, that is the one task that I want to do the most.  Mainly because my database is probably ten times the size it needs to be compared to if the records were merged.
22:09 chris you arent alone there
22:10 chris there is so much redundant data floating around out there
22:11 aklibrarian YEP.  I hate sloppy databases.
22:11 aklibrarian I wanted to do this before Thanksgiving (Three weeks) so that I had a reason to be in the big town for that week.  If I was working with the systems tech, could count it as a workday.  If not I will be off that whole week.
22:19 aklibrarian If I was looking for Linux based programs to help run a library do you know a good place to go.
22:21 chris
22:21 chris bbiab
22:23 aklibrarian Have fun

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