IRC log for #koha, 2007-11-03

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12:28 fbcit ping kados
12:52 hdl kados : ping
12:56 kados hi guys
12:56 kados hi #koha
12:56 kados hdl: what's up?
12:56 hdl hi.
12:57 hdl I was wondering whether my improvements on additem had been pushed or eventually discarded.
12:58 kados hdl: lemme check
12:58 kados morning owen
12:58 owen Hi
12:58 kados hdl: I don't see any additem stuff in the queue
12:58 kados hdl: when did you send?
12:58 hdl seems it was pushed.
12:59 hdl yes. It was bugfixing 1479.
12:59 kados cool
12:59 kados sorry, been a lot of patches lately :-)
12:59 kados i can't remember them all :-)
12:59 hdl It was pushed on 18.10
13:00 kados owen: looking at some patches from you right now
13:04 kados hehe
13:04 kados the bookfund one won't apply
13:04 kados the others are pushed up
13:05 owen the bookfund one is a really minor change
13:05 kados error: patch failed: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/mo​dules/reports/reports-home.tmpl:7
13:05 kados error: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/m​odules/reports/reports-home.tmpl: patch does not apply
13:05 kados fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/css/staff-global.css).
13:06 kados my rmtest repo must be missing something
14:58 fbcit kados: still around?
20:17 owen kados?
20:40 fbcit chris?
21:12 rex_ hello all I'm in the process of trying to install Koha on a Mac box. Things are going smoothly but I'm having some 'issues' installing the ZOOM module on CPAN.
21:13 rex_ CPAN says I need to get yaz configured, the Koha docs say that the Mac developer tools should have done that (I've installed them already)...
21:14 rex_ I'm not familiar with Yaz -- should I just download the source from ?
21:39 fbcit Makefile.PL in 3 misses kohastructure.sql when cp'ing files.
22:44 kados fbcit-away: you still around?
22:53 fbcit-1 kados: hi
22:53 kados fbcit-1: hiya
22:53 kados fbcit-1: I've got a bit of time, sorry I have been out of town the last few days
22:53 fbcit-1 I got 3 up today... finally :)
22:53 fbcit-1 but..
22:53 kados nice
22:53 kados on postgres?
22:53 kados heh
22:54 fbcit-1 I have been *learning* how to get it up over mysql... first....
22:54 kados *nod*
22:55 fbcit-1 It appears that Makefile.PL fails to copy kohastructure.sql when doing the initial install. At least it did not on my install.
22:55 fbcit-1 after moving the structure file, the webinstaller worked fine.
22:56 kados hmmm
22:56 fbcit-1 It looks like the loop which cp's the CGI stuff is missing something like glob("installer/*.sql")
22:57 fbcit-1 but I may be wrong...
22:57 fbcit-1 I am away from the box right now, but I left when I ran into another issue with the webinstaller.
22:58 kados good point
22:59 kados MJ who wrote it hasn't been around for a few weeks
22:59 fbcit-1 I need to get an understanding of how the install process should go so I can test the changes I've made to for pg
22:59 fbcit-1 I can submit my patch of Makefile.PL Monday when I'm back in.
22:59 kados fbcit-1: did you ever submit your patch for kohastructure (or your postgres version)?
22:59 kados excellent!
23:00 fbcit-1 yes.
23:00 fbcit-1 did you not receive it?
23:00 fbcit-1 kohastructure_pg.sql
23:00 kados hmmm, no, don't think we did
23:00 kados can you resubmit ?
23:00 fbcit-1 I also submitted (today) a correction on the zebra path in Makefile.PL
23:01 kados ahh
23:01 kados to ?
23:01 fbcit-1 I'll resubmit kohastructure_pg.sql Monday
23:01 fbcit-1 right
23:01 kados sweet, thanks
23:01 kados I'll double-check with chris
23:01 kados and see if he's got the makefile patch
23:01 kados fbcit-1++
23:01 fbcit-1 but I'm new to git.... and it was quit a challenge to get working on debian... :-/
23:02 fbcit-1 the repo version was old...
23:02 kados yea, backports is your friend there
23:02 fbcit-1 So finally I just built it from source...
23:02 kados
23:02 kados ouch!
23:02 kados coulda just added the backports source and apt-geted it
23:03 fbcit-1 I googled and saw backports, but could not find the proper repo info... :(
23:04 fbcit-1 Apparently I also have some non-standard paths for perl???
23:04 kados[…]p?id=instructions
23:05 fbcit-1 so I had to change some pathing in my koha-httpd.conf and in koha-conf.xml
23:06 kados hmmm, that's strange
23:07 kados it'd be useful if you could document the process
23:07 kados where it broke down, etc...and maybe post it to the koha-devel list
23:07 fbcit-1 I thought so too since everything was done with defaults (perl, modules, etc.)
23:07 kados might get MJ Ray to come out and fix it
23:07 kados or ... feel free to patch if you want to fix it yourself (major props in that case ;-))
23:08 fbcit-1 As for handling multiple dbms, that will take some thought.
23:08 fbcit-1 right now I have just if..elsif... but it is not really pretty nor scalable, I think.
23:09 kados *nod*
23:09 kados yea, will definitely take some thinking
23:11 fbcit-1 ok. I'm off to supper and then out for the evening.
23:11 kados night
23:11 fbcit-1 I hope next week to have the installer doing pg.
23:11 kados w00t
23:11 kados fbcit-1++
03:08 thd kados: are you awake?

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