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13:19 owen Hmmm... broken this morning?
13:19 owen Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /home/oleonard/koha/production​/intranet/modules/C4/ line 1751.
13:28 owen Must've been my database
14:06 gmcharlt hello all: working on a patch that ups the DB version to 018 -- anybody else using that rev # at the moment?
14:07 gmcharlt actually, looks like it needs to be 019
14:20 atz lol... their space per (free) account actually increments as you're looking at the page
17:15 atz is there any way to have apt-get tell you what additional "recommended packages" you might need...
17:15 atz ... after you've already installed stuff?
17:16 atz like "Ok, I ignored you before, but now what were those packages again?"
17:16 fbcit maybe 'apt-get remove some-package' && 'apt-get install some-package'?
17:16 foxnorth atz: maybe aptitude would show recommended packages for a particular package??
17:27 atz i think aptitude's default behavior is just to install recommended ones automatically
17:28 atz (which would prevent the problem I have, but not solve it...)
17:28 atz Ah, wait... here we go:  Menu > Views > Audit Recommendations
17:28 atz thx foxnorth
17:29 foxnorth atz: yep just found that myself :)
19:04 rh Where can you get/buy marc records??
19:36 liz right there with ya
20:03 owen chris around?
20:03 chris hey owen
20:03 owen Hi chris. As you may have noticed, I'm testing guided reports :)
20:03 chris cool
20:03 chris i wont have a chance to look at your bugs until monday im afraid
20:04 owen That's fine, I'll just file 'em as I see 'em.
20:04 owen I'm also tweaking the templates as I go. I was just working on the display on the "Show SQL" page
20:04 chris sweet
20:06 fbcit who should own the koha dir structure after an install?
20:06 owen I was about to ask you about an error I came across, but I just realized it's probably being caused by something else. I wonder if someone at Liblime is working with that database...
20:07 chris ahh which site/database are you using?
20:07 owen I'm working off my own git repo hooking into the "crc" database
20:08 chris fbcit: it doesnt really matter, as long as its readable by the user the webserver runs as
20:08 chris owen: i just killed that :) i think you were using crc_koha2 eh?
20:08 chris if you change that crc_koha .. you should have a working one again
20:09 fbcit chris: on 3.0 does zebra have to be running to get koha up?
20:09 chris no
20:09 chris you just wont be able to search the catalogue
20:09 owen Okay chris. I'm actually about to quit for the day. Will crc_koha be the one to use tomorrow?
20:10 chris yeah, i promise not to break that one :-)
20:10 owen Does that one have all the saved reports and definitions that crc_koha2 had?
20:11 chris um not any you might have just created
20:11 chris but it has a bunch
20:11 chris crc_koha2 was a copy of crc_koha
20:11 owen Okay, that's all I need.
20:15 owen Alright, thanks chris. Have a good weekend
20:16 chris thanks
20:39 fbcit chris: is there anything particular about debian and apache2 configuration other than setting up koha-httpd.conf in sites-enabled?
20:41 chris nope
20:42 chris you may need to uncomment a listen line in koha-httpd.conf
20:46 fbcit I get a 'connection refused' back from port 8080, but connect fine to 80?
20:46 chris take a look in koha-httpd.conf .. there will be a Listen 8080 line
20:47 chris commented out
20:47 fbcit <VirtualHost>
20:47 chris before that
20:47 fbcit no listen line in mine...
20:47 fbcit NameVirtualHost * is commented....
20:47 chris hmm
20:47 chris add a Listen 8080 line then
20:47 chris i wonder who deleted that
20:49 fbcit works...
20:49 chris yay :)
20:49 fbcit I just checked in my kohaclone dir and the koha-httpd.conf there lacks the listen line...
20:50 chris someone must have got trigger happy cleaning the httpd.conf file
20:50 fbcit I rebased this morning
20:50 chris its in the 2.2.x versions
20:50 fbcit I'm in 3.0
20:50 chris yep, someone must have 'cleaned' it up and committed it to 3
20:54 rh how functional is 3.0?
20:54 rh im doing a new install in a minute.. is it worth trying to get the beta?
20:55 chris we have a beta?
20:56 rh i thought the code you guys were working on was publicly available
20:56 fbcit chris: I assume that 3 must be non-functional at the moment?
20:56 chris yeah it it is :)
20:56 chris well its mostly functional
20:56 fbcit it appears to be lacking Class::Factory::Util
20:56 chris hmm thats a perl module
20:56 fbcit ahh.
20:56 chris not a koha module
20:56 chris rh: yep
20:56 fbcit new to 3?
20:57 chris you can do what fbcit is doing, at get the git (version management) repository
20:57 chris or you can download a snapshot
20:57 chris fbcit: i think its an underlying module .. one of the other modules depends on it
20:58 chris one of the other cpan modules taht is
20:58 fbcit hmm... I passed the Makefile.PL tests so I assume a check for it needs to be added?
20:59 chris i dont think so
20:59 chris rh:[…]?p=Koha;a=summary
20:59 chris if you want to get a snapshot you can get it from there
20:59 rh cool
20:59 chris or[…]lopment:git_usage
21:00 chris if you want to check out the repo, so you can easily get updates
21:00 chris fbcit: should have prompted you to install it
21:01 fbcit I cpan'd most modules with 'follow' enabled for deps. Maybe I missed it somewhere. Got it now though :-)
21:14 fbcit chris: should koha default to the webinstaller initially?
21:14 chris yup
21:15 chris that loads a bunch of sql stuff in, sets up some system preferences
21:16 fbcit I get errors...
21:20 fbcit looks like /etc/koha.xml is missing?
21:23 chris hmm
21:23 chris thats no good
21:24 fbcit chris: from the command line everybody is looking for /etc/koha.xml
21:24 chris yeah thats the default
21:24 fbcit that is the config file if I;m not mistaken
21:24 fbcit *I'm
21:24 chris in your koha-http.conf
21:24 chris there is a line KOHA_CONF=
21:24 chris what does it have set there?
21:25 fbcit  SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml"
21:25 chris right
21:25 chris so if you want to run scripts for the commandline
21:25 chris you need to go
21:25 chris EXPORT  KOHA_CONF "/usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml"
21:25 chris and probably
21:26 chris export even :)
21:26 chris and export PERL5LIB="/usr/share/koha/intranet/modules"
21:26 chris as well
21:26 fbcit ahh...
21:27 chris (if thats where the modules were installed too .. im not sure where the makefile puts them, that line might be unnessecary
21:27 chris also the user you run the scripts as, will need read privs on the koha-conf.xml file
21:47 fbcit chris:when I access opac, I get errors back from
21:48 fbcit running it from the command line it just stares are me...
21:49 fbcit I'm working on porting the installer to install over postgresql so I was hoping to get 3 up enough to try my changes...

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