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18:58 aklibrarian Is there a place to get the final list of things to do after Koha is installed, setting a path and so on.
20:15 aklibrarian Hi
20:15 aklibrarian Is there a list of the things you are supposed to do after you install Koha?
20:16 chris the newbie guide is still probably the best place
20:16 chris
20:20 chris did you see my reply darla?
20:24 aklibrarian I saw the link fot the newbie guide.  I have that.  There are some things that need to be done to have the server see Koha?  I got a bunch of instructions upon finishing the installation
20:24 aklibrarian I didn't keep track of them, and that is what I need to do now.
20:26 chris ahh yeah you have to set  up apache to use the koha-httpd.conf file
20:27 aklibrarian When I get into my koha directory, and type in dir, there is nothing there.
20:28 chris so thats /usr/local/koha ?
20:28 chris the koha-httpd.conf file should be in /etc
20:29 aklibrarian yes to the usr/home/koha
20:30 aklibrarian in etc/koha.conf I have a list of items
20:31 chris when you ran the installer did you choose /usr/home/koha .. not /usr/local/koha .. there should be opac and intranet and log in there
20:31 chris its /etc/koha-httpd.conf you want and you want to set apache up to use that
20:32 aklibrarian I don't have a file there.
20:35 aklibrarian I am think of deleting the file and starting over.
20:35 chris how about in /etc/apache2 ?
20:36 chris did the mysql database get created?
20:36 aklibrarian yep
20:37 aklibrarian I have a problem I believe with my root and usr being the same name
21:52 thd kados: ping
22:08 kados thd: hi
22:08 thd hello kados
22:09 kados hi there
22:09 kados what's up?
22:09 thd I will send my patches if I can stay awake :)
22:09 kados patches to what? :-)
22:09 thd frameworks
22:10 kados ahh, ok
22:10 kados thd: did you see that the installer now allows you to select from frameworks?
22:11 thd kados: last you told me, you were the only one who knew how to set up a working 3.0 installation
22:11 kados hmmm, that was a while ago, thd :-)
22:12 thd kados: does the command line installer work now?
22:14 kados thd: I'm not sure, I don't think it works 100%, but perhaps mostly
22:14 kados thd: you can test it :)
22:14 thd kados: shall I create a unimarc/mandatory directory in /installer/data/en/marcflavour ?
22:16 thd kados: are there any up-to-date preparatory instructions for setting up a working 3.0 installation?
22:17 kados thd: README.txt
22:17 kados thd: has the most up to date info
22:17 thd :)
22:17 kados thd: whatever convention is in place for storing mandatory marc frameworks should be used
22:18 thd kados: does the installer allow selecting frameworks post-installation?
22:18 kados I think s
22:19 thd that is does the installer allow reinstalling an updated framework for an existing installation?
22:20 kados thd:  I don't know
22:22 thd kados: you removed from 952 but not from 942.  Was that merely an oversight or do missing plugins not break Koha?
22:23 kados that was an oversight I think
22:24 thd kados: so I will fix that as well.
22:24 kados ok
22:26 thd I solved a puzzle about language to fix the AGPL V3 draft for grid networks last week so I am happy about that but very tired
22:28 kados :-)

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