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11:07 mj hi all. is there any place where I can download koha 3 beta?
13:26 owen What is <!-- TMPL_IF name="nonreturns" --> for, in circulation.tmpl?
13:34 hdl mjare you slef ?
13:34 hdl mj: are you slef ?
13:47 hdl owen : tab facility is badly broken.
13:48 hdl Is there a solution i could write quickly ?
13:48 hdl to restore it ?
13:49 owen I don't even know what the problem is
13:49 hdl please let me do. Since I am working on it.
13:49 owen Sure
13:49 hdl Go to a serials-collection page
13:50 hdl And click on any year.
13:50 hdl It goes wrong.
13:50 owen My installation has only sample data, and it doesn't include serials data.
13:52 hdl You can easily add one subscription from a biblio and a supplier.
13:57 owen hdl, when I go to receive an issue, it opens a panel where I can enter item data
13:58 owen The labels for those fields are all truncated
13:58 owen "Source of cl"
13:58 owen "Coded locati"
13:58 hdl yes.
13:58 owen Why is that?
13:58 hdl I know.
13:58 hdl This is what old item input did.
13:59 hdl Now it doesnot truncate things that Way.
13:59 hdl But I must update.
14:00 hdl This is because there is not only place to define ItemInput and ItemInput framework.
14:10 owen hdl: on line 181 of serials-collection.tmpl, change <div id="subscription-years"> to <div id="subscription_years" class="toptabs numbered">
14:14 hdl owen : doesn't look like this is enough.
14:16 owen Hmmm... that's all it took for me.
14:16 owen I even re-tested with a freshly checked-out copy of serials-collection.tmpl
14:19 owen hdl, can you give me any more information?
14:20 hdl a) I have no tabs.
14:20 hdl I have no yui NewSubscription button.
14:21 hdl c) when I click on 2007 year, page goes blank
14:21 hdl (subcriptionid for this page is not filled)
14:22 owen What do you mean, subcriptionid for this page is not filled
14:22 hdl (But using only one interface (subscriptionid) is dangerous for tabs since you have two interface : subscriptionid and biblionumber)
14:22 hdl http://i14.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]ription-year-2007
14:22 hdl this is the link for 2007
14:22 hdl http://i14.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]?subscriptionid=3
14:24 owen Okay, I see that something is stopping jquery from formatting the tabs
14:25 owen When I look at it, I don't have the "manage" tab.
14:25 owen What is that?
14:25 owen ...and why don't I have it?
14:41 owen hdl?
14:42 hdl yes owen
14:42 owen Can you explain about the "manage" tab?
14:47 owen hdl: under what circumstances does the "manage" tab appear on I see it in your example but not in mine
14:47 rh Is there a sql script to import many different entries to the z3950servers table?
14:48 hdl If you have to receive an issue for which you donot know publication date.
15:01 rh or maybe can someone just export their z3950servers table? ^^
15:05 owen hdl: I just wasn't seeing it: you need to change <div id="subscription-years" to <div id="subscription_years" The hyphen should be an underscore
15:06 hdl rh : I let usmarc ppl send you one.
15:08 hdl OK owen It works now thanks.
15:09 hdl Why have you put serial collection as a side link.
15:09 hdl ?
15:09 hdl It is quite unusual for me.
15:09 hdl I am always searching the feature.
15:11 owen hdl, the toolbar is for actions, the sidebar for views
15:11 owen I consider serial collection to be a view, since you looking at information about the serial
15:12 owen We don't yet have a standardized style for sidebar links. They need to be made clearer
15:13 hdl I consider serial collection to be a view, since you looking at information about the serial <-  So do I.
15:14 hdl But it is so little and lost among other links face to big yui buttons ;)
15:14 owen Yes, that's why they need a good style of their own. Something prominent but not button-like
15:22 hdl owen : Issue History link leads to somewhat curious page ( It should lead to serials-collection should it not ?
15:24 hdl (I thought at first it had to do with Circulation history)
15:27 owen Does replace
15:38 hdl for intranet yes.
15:44 Sukhoy27 hello
15:44 owen hi Sukhoy27
15:47 Sukhoy27 may i ask few question about installation issue on ubuntu server 7.04 ?
15:52 Sukhoy27 I can't install the perl modules librairies, and can't install unzip, ncftp, gcc, lynx
15:53 atz Sukhoy27: you don't have root access?
15:53 Sukhoy27 i' root
15:54 atz what errors do you get?  it sounds like you aren't on the network at all...
16:00 Sukhoy27 when i try apt-get install unzip it said that the packet is missing and obsolete
16:02 Sukhoy27 same thing for lynx, ncftp, gcc, make
16:02 atz can you ping ?
16:03 atz (ctrl - c   to stop pinging)
16:04 Sukhoy27 works
16:04 atz what do you have in /etc/apt/sources.list  ?
16:06 atz please also paste the command you are giving apt-get
16:08 Sukhoy27 deb feisty multiverse
16:08 Sukhoy27 deb-src feisty multiverse
16:08 Sukhoy27 deb feisty multiverse
16:08 Sukhoy27 deb-src feisty multiverse
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb feisty-backports main restricted universe multiverse
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb-src feisty-backports main restricted universe multiverse
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb feisty-security main restricted
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb-src feisty-security main restricted
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb feisty-security universe
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb-src feisty-security universe
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb feisty-security multiverse
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb-src feisty-security multiverse
16:09 Sukhoy27 #For Yaz toolkit
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb etch  released
16:09 Sukhoy27 deb-src etch released
16:11 Sukhoy27 the result command is in french
16:12 atz so the command you give is something like this:   apt-get install unzip
16:12 atz (for example)
16:13 atz right?
16:13 Sukhoy27 yes
16:15 atz first, to make sure apt-get (and other components) are functioning properly, try:
16:15 atz apt-get check
16:16 atz it should say:
16:16 atz Reading package lists... Done
16:16 atz Building dependency tree... Done
16:17 Sukhoy27 that ok
16:19 atz and you can "apt-get update"  ok ?
16:21 atz on my system (debian etch) it looks like:
16:21 atz Ign cdrom://[Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 r0 _Etch_ - Official i386 CD Binary-1 20070407-11:55] etch Release.gpg
16:21 atz Ign cdrom://[Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 r0 _Etch_ - Official i386 CD Binary-1 20070407-11:55] etch Release
16:21 atz ...
16:21 atz about 25 lines
16:21 Sukhoy27 some error when connecting to and to etch /release
16:22 Sukhoy27 i will uncomment these line in my source.list
16:22 dbs Hiya atz
16:22 atz actually.... i think is down!
16:23 atz that is probably the source of your errors, Sukhoy27
16:23 Sukhoy27 that what i thin
16:23 Sukhoy27 i will comment this
16:36 Sukhoy27 ok all the french sources list were down
16:36 atz on the one hand, that's good, since at least your system wasn't messed up
16:36 atz ... but on the other hand, all your sources are down  :\
16:38 Sukhoy27 the google translation of the message issue when i apt-get install lynx
16:38 Sukhoy27 No lynx version of the package is available, but it exists in the database. This usually means that the package is missing, it has become obsolete
16:39 atz the DB and the package might not be on the same server
16:40 Sukhoy27 this mean that i must find the good source ?
16:42 atz probably, yes.   your options are to find alternate sources, or to wait for to come back online
16:42 Sukhoy27 yes but i could take a century
16:42 atz you might want to ask on a ubuntu channel what the status is
16:43 Sukhoy27 trying to find another sources i google it
16:43 atz they might know more about how long it will take
16:44 atz try #ubuntu on irc://
16:44 atz there are many users there
16:45 atz (over 1000 presently)
16:50 Sukhoy27 ok thank you for the help i'll be back tomorrow
16:51 atz no problem.  good luck!
16:51 Sukhoy27 thanks
16:57 paul kados around ?
16:57 paul (probably not :-( )
16:57 paul atz / owen , can I ask a quick question about searching ?
16:58 paul does facets work well for you at this time ?
16:58 paul they don't work for me
16:58 paul I search something, then I try to refine my search, and never get nothing.
16:58 paul the url is :
16:58 paul koha/catalogue/​=ti=chaos&limit=au:Charbonneau
16:59 paul dunno the limit=au:Charbonneau, should be new afaik
16:59 paul (and buggued it seems...)
16:59 paul (or i've missed something)
17:02 owen paul, are you getting errors, or is it just not working as expected?
17:02 paul no error, just no change in the result
17:02 paul (same list, exactly)
17:03 atz i wonder if the multiple "=" is screwing up the query parsing
17:03 owen How did you arrive at that query? The advanced search form?
17:03 atz is the result supposed to be: q=ccl&ti=chaos...  ?
17:04 atz that would be a more logical syntax
17:05 atz q=x=y=z   isn't going to parse correctly to CGI->new->param
17:05 paul right atz. If I just search something simple, it works
17:05 owen atz, that syntax seems to work with zebra
17:05 paul (I did ccl=ti=chaos in my previous test)
17:05 paul (which works, but the facets don't work for that)
17:06 owen paul, did you type out that query by hand, or did you use a search form?
17:06 paul typed by hand
17:06 atz try substituting "&" for the 2nd "="
17:07 owen paul, the facets don't work if I follow your example, but they work for me if I do my search via the search forms
17:07 paul yep, same for me
17:08 paul = don't work
17:08 paul atz: you can force a ccl by typing ccl at the beginning of the search query
17:09 paul (it's a poorly documented feature)
17:19 ryan paul: I'm looking at Circulation::TooMany
17:20 ryan is there some reason to pattern match on itemtype:  
17:20 ryan $sth2->execute( $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}, "%$type%" )
17:20 Sukhoy27 hello
17:47 rh it doesn't look like the auto calculate of join date is working?
17:58 fbcit kados:I cannot get MARC::File::XML (0.87) to compile without forcing it. make test fails w/ "make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255"
18:04 atz rh: what date format is your system preference in?
18:05 rh hm good question
18:05 atz we've been trying to root out all the lame format-specific hard-coded dates
18:05 rh date comes back as "Tue Oct 30 06:02:15 EDT 2007" unless your referring to how koha itself is set up
18:06 rh I was about to look at the code.. but isnt there an equivelent of sysdate in mysql?
18:07 atz this would be in your staff interface  cgi-bin/koha/admin/
18:07 atz "dateformat"
18:08 rh ah
18:08 rh its set as metric
18:08 fbcit kados: got it :-)
18:08 atz this may be one of the sections of code we need to clean up
18:09 rh I set it to us now
18:15 fbcit any thoughts on "Can't open /usr/share/koha/etc/zebradb/tab/passwd for read at rewrite-config.PL line 108." with 3.0 code? The 'tab' subdir does not exist...
18:16 chris im guessing the tab dir does not exist :)
18:18 chris apart from that, i dont know either :)
18:33 fbcit Makefile.PL line 108 reads "'$(PREFIX)/share/koha/etc/zebradb/tab/passwd'," but should read "'$(PREFIX)/share/koha/etc/zebradb/etc/passwd',"
18:36 atz odd
18:44 fbcit I must be missing some of git... can't seem to 'git send-email'...
18:47 atz did you setup your email name/address in those first 2 git steps ?
18:48 fbcit never could get it to work... same error... git: 'foo' is not a git-command
18:49 fbcit It seems that /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8​.8/koha/templates/koha-tmpl/ does not exist after doing make && make install on 3.0...
18:50 atz odd install location
18:50 atz should be something like ~/koha
18:51 atz the koha-tmpl are not part of a perl distro
18:51 fbcit so I need to fix the koha-httpd.conf file
18:51 atz and probably your installation also
18:52 fbcit hmm... using the defaults on a fresh install of debian etch. did I miss something during the install?
18:53 fbcit ahh.. it here: /usr/local/share/perl/...
18:54 fbcit I plan on using this install for development. should I backup and change the install location?
04:21 yesan hi, ryan
04:21 yesan is one out there to chat with to discuss about koha installation error
04:22 chris ill be here for about 5 minutes
04:22 chris whats up yesan?
04:23 yesan yes, chris, i wonder whether you can help me out
04:23 yesan Copying files to installation directories:Copying admin templates to /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/htdocs.
04:23 yesan Copying admin interface to /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/cgi-bin.
04:23 yesan Copying main scripts to /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/scripts.
04:23 yesan Copying perl modules to /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/modules.
04:23 yesan Copying OPAC templates to /home/jlcopaco/koha/opac/htdocs.
04:23 yesan Copying OPAC interface to /home/jlcopaco/koha/opac/cgi-bin.
04:23 yesan Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at line 1685, <STDIN> line 14.
04:23 yesan Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at line 1709, <STDIN> line 14.
04:23 yesan Please check permissions in /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/scripts/z3950daemon
04:23 yesan DBI connect('jlcopaco_jlckoha:loca​lhost','jlcopaco_kohaadm',...) failed: Access denied for user 'jlcopaco_kohaadm'@'localhost' to database 'jlcopaco_jlckoha' at /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 411
04:23 yesan Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1553.
04:23 yesan Problem updating database...
04:23 yesan [jlcopaco@box341 koha-2.2.9]$
04:23 yesan while installing my koha on, i got the above errors,
04:24 chris right .. and bluehost had set that mysql user and database up for you?
04:24 yesan i cam up to giving email account
04:24 yesan i had created mysql user id and pass
04:25 chris right
04:25 chris if you type
04:25 chris mysql -ujlcopaco_kohadm -p yourpassword jlcopaco_jlckoha
04:25 chris from the commandline .. can you connect?
04:33 yesan yes, chrui
04:33 yesan chris
04:34 yesan shall i open my ssh access
04:34 yesan sorry for the delay, i had a visitor
04:34 yesan chris r u there
04:34 chris i have to go now .. i will be back later this evening (nz time)
04:35 yesan you mean what time, you would be avialble. it is now10am here in Bangalore
04:35 yesan @ what time (NZ), you will be avaiable?
04:36 chris its 5.30pm here .. and will be available at around 9pm i think
04:37 yesan that is fine?
04:37 yesan so kind of you
04:37 chris hopefully we can figure it out
04:37 chris see you later
04:38 yesan bye
08:01 yesan chris, r u there
08:18 chris back
08:19 chris sorry the focus group took longer (discussing water usage in wellington) and i missed the last direct bus, so had to walk a bit
08:20 yesan chris, hi
08:20 yesan r u ok
08:21 chris yep, tired but ok :)
08:22 yesan great
08:22 yesan shall i open your private channel = chris
08:22 chris if you want
08:23 yesan r u want to talk to you in this general
08:23 yesan talk
08:23 chris might be best if we are talking about passwords to talk in private
08:23 chris but the rest can be on the channel, it might help someone else in the future
08:23 yesan i am opening your prviate channel/status
08:23 yesan ok , i am not going to give pass on this general
08:24 yesan let us talk in this channel, that might help someone :)
08:24 yesan let me open my ssh
08:26 yesan do u remember what was the error or shall post it again
08:26 chris the installer script could not connect to the database
08:27 yesan yes
08:28 chris but it connects fine from the commandline
08:29 chris so now we have to figure out why :_)
08:30 yesan Couldn't create file at /home/jlcopaco/etc. Must have write capability.
08:30 yesan Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at line 1685, <STDIN> line 14.
08:30 yesan print() on closed filehandle SITES at line 1685, <STDIN> line 14.
08:30 yesan Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at line 1709, <STDIN> line 14.
08:30 yesan Please check permissions in /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/scripts/z3950daemon
08:30 yesan DBI connect('jlcopaco_jlckoha:loca​lhost','jlcopaco_kohaadm',...) failed: Access denied for user 'jlcopaco_kohaadm'@'localhost' to database 'jlcopaco_jlckoha' at /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 411
08:30 yesan Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1553.
08:30 yesan Problem updating database...
08:30 yesan the above error occured
08:31 yesan chris do u hear me
08:31 chris yes
08:32 chris so a few problems
08:32 chris Couldn't create file at /home/jlcopaco/etc. Must have write capability. is one
08:32 chris but the main one is it cant connect to the database
08:33 yesan u r right
08:33 chris and we are sure that its connecting with the right user name and password?
08:33 chris DBI connect('jlcopaco_jlckoha:loca​lhost','jlcopaco_kohaadm',...)
08:33 chris is right eh?
08:33 yesan yes
08:34 yesan let me tell u the background
08:34 chris what happens if you go
08:34 chris mysql -ujlcopaco_kohaadm -p yourpassword -h localhost jlcopaco_jlckoha
08:35 yesan my directory is in i.e, /home/jlcopaco
08:35 yesan ok let try in mysql commandline
08:35 yesan yes, it opened
08:36 yesan i am in mysql commandline
08:36 chris thats very weird, i wonder why the DBI connect isnt working
08:36 yesan Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
08:36 yesan Your MySQL connection id is 265052
08:36 yesan Server version: 5.0.37-standard-log MySQL Community Edition - Standard (GPL)
08:37 chris right, so we can connect just fine from there
08:37 yesan ok
08:37 chris Access denied for user 'jlcopaco_kohaadm'@'localhost' to
08:37 chris                database 'jlcopaco_jlckoha' at /home/jlcopaco/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 411
08:38 chris usually means that mysql is rejecting the connection
08:38 yesan is it in localhost or remotely
08:39 chris its trying localhost
08:39 chris in /home/jlcopaco/etc .. is there a file koha.conf?
08:39 yesan yes
08:40 chris if you look at that file
08:40 chris it has the right username and password?
08:40 yesan just a moment
08:46 yesan yes it has same user name and pass
08:46 yesan chris, r u there
08:46 chris yep
08:47 chris weird, im not sure why its not working it all seems right
08:48 yesan i think it seems host problem
08:48 yesan localhost or remote
08:48 yesan when it asks for hostname
08:49 yesan i gave localhost
08:50 yesan chris
08:50 chris that sounds right
08:50 chris it works from the commandline
08:51 yesan yes,
08:51 chris with localhost, so i dont know why localhost isnt working from DBI
08:58 yesan yes, christ
08:58 yesan *chris
08:59 yesan is anyone out there to help along chris
08:59 yesan the issue is
09:00 chris yeah im out of ideas :(
09:00 yesan i am able to connect mysql db from commandline
09:00 yesan but not from DBI
09:04 paul chris around ?
09:04 chris yes paul
09:05 paul i thought I've sent to you something like 12-15 patches, and only 3 of them are applied now
09:05 paul did you miss the other ones ?
09:05 chris no i applied them all
09:05 chris they are waiting for joshua
09:05 chris the RM checks for functionality etc
09:06 chris so they are waiting for him to check them i think
09:06 paul i have some more to send
09:06 CGI378 hello
09:07 CGI378 i want to install koha on xampp
09:07 CGI378 on fedora
09:07 CGI378 can anyone plz suggest do i go abt?
09:09 paul chris : 6 more patches in your mailbox
09:10 chris cool, ill apply them and send them through in the morning if thats ok
09:11 paul sweet dreams
09:11 chris paul: i think ive fixed the problems with reports
09:11 paul i've seen. i'll let you know
09:23 Sukhoy27 I all
09:25 masonj hiya sukhoy27
10:28 kados paul: you around?
10:28 paul yep.
10:29 paul hello kados & good morning
10:29 kados good morning :-)
10:29 kados I'm working on some patches
10:29 paul (what time is it for you. very early if I don"t mind)
10:29 kados it's 6:30am
10:29 kados yes, pretty early, but not too bad
10:30 kados paul: i'm wondering about the patch, where you don't return if no $marcresults are found
10:30 kados paul: can you explain why this is important?
10:30 paul because you can have nothing in the reservoir but somethingin the database
10:31 kados ahh, right
10:33 kados paul: " [PATCH] specific plugin for Frantiq cnrs network " <-- this is a unimarc plugin?
10:34 paul not really. it's specific to one of our customer (the frantiq network)
10:34 kados *nod*
10:34 paul but thy are unimarc, yes.
10:34 paul it's a plugin to build a value from 4 list of things (history, ethnology,...)
10:44 paul i've a patch on the way ;-)
10:45 paul for that
10:45 paul (just 1 line on buildQuery api that changed)
10:45 paul (the rest seem ok)
10:45 kados cool
10:46 kados paul: what's your feeling on koha2marclinks? should it be read-only?
10:46 paul I use it sometimes. although not often.
10:47 paul but I agree it's useless for most libraries. and with complete & correct frameworks, nobody should have to use them except to read
10:48 kados I will comment out the 'Edit' feature if that's OK
10:48 kados (leave it in in case someone else disagrees :-))
10:48 paul I vote "abstaint"
10:48 kados hehe
10:49 kados you're like switzerland :-)

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