IRC log for #koha, 2007-10-29

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16:30 kados_ hdl: are you there?
17:20 grant Thanks for the .conf info a couple of day's ago.
17:20 grant Anyone around?
17:22 kados hi grant
17:22 grant Hi Kados!
17:22 grant I'm trying to find the solution to the saving a blank file issue on etch.
17:23 grant Any known solutions to that yet?
17:23 grant darn
17:23 grant >)
17:23 grant :)
17:23 kados did you check your apache logs?
17:24 grant nothing that relates - ASAIK
17:26 kados well if you're downloading a file, it means something's failing badly
17:26 kados maybe check that all your framework definitions are correct
17:26 kados ie, if you hav a plugin defined that doesn't exist or something
17:26 kados that could spark a failure
17:28 grant everything seems to work fine except adding a record retrieved from a z39.50 search.
17:28 grant I'll keep looking
17:28 grant thanks
18:43 hdl kados still around ?
18:44 kados hdl: yes
02:35 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: jmf_ n=jmf@
09:42 mj hi all. I just noticed a bug in the opac of a "kohaZOOM powered library" (namely:
09:42 mj namely: when entering "hello\" as a search term, I end up with an internal server error
09:42 mj 500 internal server error
09:42 mj The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
09:44 mj http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]search?q=hello%5C
09:48 mj i've updated bugreport 1291 with this info.
09:48 mj including the last 'demo' url, because one of the comments from Joshua Ferraro was:
09:48 mj I can't seem to reproduce this ... where are you typing the AND ?
09:53 mj anyway, no replies here....
09:53 mj since i've updated bugzille, I'm out of here
09:53 mj bye

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