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00:59 AKLIBRARIAN Good afternoon all
01:00 AKLIBRARIAN Hi Chris
01:11 AKLIBRARIAN Is there a repository for Koha somewhere?
01:11 chris for the code?
01:11 chris yep
01:12 chris the 2.2 code .. or 3.0 and future code?
01:13 chris[…]lopment:git_usage   <--- tells you how to access the repository for 3.0
01:14 chris there is also
01:15 chris and then the 2.2 code is over on savannah, using cvs
01:15 chris
01:15 AKLIBRARIAN Thanks that will help a lot.  I keep not putting in the right site.  Other than that, I did get the Ubuntu system up and going this week.
01:15 chris cool
01:16 AKLIBRARIAN How is your weekend going.
01:16 chris pretty good, nearly over
01:16 AKLIBRARIAN All it took was one person saying that it was beyond my learning curve and i got started.
01:16 chris heh
01:16 AKLIBRARIAN Where are you?
01:16 chris wellington nz
01:17 AKLIBRARIAN Is Wellington on the south island or north?
01:17 chris north island, at the bottom
01:17 chris its the capital
01:18 AKLIBRARIAN I didn't go far enough south when I was in NZ then.  We went in the summer and stayed at a resort in the northern part.
01:18 chris ahh u missed all the best parts :-)
01:20 AKLIBRARIAN According to the friend I was with what we missed were the sheep.  She had traveled to the South Island before.  She was surprised to see so many cows and not many sheep.
01:20 chris heh
01:20 chris there are 47 million sheep
01:20 chris but sheep farms are usually hill country
01:21 chris cattle and dairy, need flat land
01:21 AKLIBRARIAN Oh, I figured it was due to the sheep doing better in cooler weather.
01:22 chris they actually have more dairy cows in the south island than the north now
01:23 chris there is much more money in dairy than in wool
01:23 AKLIBRARIAN That surprises me.  I thought it cost more to feed the cows.
01:24 chris yeah, synthetic fibres have killed the wool market tho
01:24 AKLIBRARIAN I am looking at the git page.  I still don't see what I should put in the repository.
01:24 chris its mostly used for carpet
01:24 AKLIBRARIAN Is it the line "git clone..."
01:25 chris hmm where are u trying to do this?
01:25 AKLIBRARIAN That would make sense on the wool.
01:25 AKLIBRARIAN Alaska
01:25 chris no, i meant where are you trying to enter the line? :)
01:25 AKLIBRARIAN Sorry, wondered about that question.  In /etc/apt/sources.list
01:26 chris ahhh
01:26 chris nope, there isnt an unbuntu/debian package for Koha
01:26 chris sorry i miss understood i thought you meant the code repository
01:26 chris you will need to get the 2.2.10 file, download it, and run the installer
01:26 AKLIBRARIAN Oh okay.
01:27 chris hmm 2.2.9 i mean
01:27 chris http://download.savannah.nongn[…]koha-2.2.9.tar.gz
01:28 AKLIBRARIAN I put that line in the /etc sources list and it didn't work.
01:28 AKLIBRARIAN I am not sure how else to do that.
01:28 chris no it wont
01:28 chris thats only for installing ubuntu packages
01:28 chris you will need to use a terminal window
01:28 AKLIBRARIAN Thanks I will try that now.
01:29 chris you need to download that file, (you can do it from a web browser) save it somewhere
01:29 chris then you will need to
01:29 chris (in your terminal window)
01:29 chris find the file
01:29 chris type
01:29 chris tar xzvf koha-2.2.9.tar.gz
01:29 AKLIBRARIAN I haven't figured out how to open a web browser in the server portion.
01:29 chris then
01:30 chris cd koha-2.2.9
01:30 chris perl
01:31 chris[…]ha_on_Ubuntu_6.06
01:31 chris here is a guide someone has written that might help
01:31 AKLIBRARIAN I have that guide.  It is good.  It got me this far.
01:32 chris cool, the installing koha bit at the bottom is the bit you need now
01:32 chris change 2.2.5 for 2.2.9
01:33 chris right, my son has had enough of the wiggles
01:33 AKLIBRARIAN Okay,  Thanks
01:33 AKLIBRARIAN Have fun with him  they grow up too soon.,
02:24 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
02:26 AKLIBRARIAN Good evening
02:52 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
02:52 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi

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