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14:33 owen kados around?
14:51 owen Hi paul
14:53 paul how are things ?
14:54 paul or not yet arrived in main repo
14:55 owen Yes, sometimes there are disadvantages to having so few people
14:57 atz my patches have been failing to merge.  git says they're "not applicable"
14:58 atz i haven't figured out why
14:58 paul doesn't that mean : "someone else already did that" ?
14:59 paul owen : a quick question about YUI tabbing (i'm working on a specific plugin)
14:59 paul we need :
14:59 paul - <!-- TMPL_INCLUDE NAME="" -->
15:00 owen No. The tab system I've been using is not YUI, it's jquery, and all the required js is already included globally
15:00 owen So the tabs you put together for MARCdetail are jquery, not YUI
15:00 paul by what/who ? (as my script is special, so don't use classic tmpl include
15:00 paul )
15:01 owen /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jquery/jquery.js
15:01 owen /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jque​ry/plugins/jquery.tabs.pack.js
15:01 owen /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/​jquery/plugins/jquery.tabs.css
15:03 paul and you just need :
15:03 paul - to run the function at the beginning :
15:03 paul $(document).ready(function() {
15:03 paul $('#addbibliotabs').tabs();
15:03 paul });
15:04 owen Right, where #addbibliotabs is the ID of the containing div
15:04 paul 2- have the tab list in :
15:04 paul    <div id="tab<!-- TMPL_VAR name="number" -->XX">
15:04 paul oups, it's the tab content...
15:04 paul the tab list is :
15:04 paul <div id="addbibliotabs" class="toptabs numbered">
15:04 paul <ul><!-- TMPL_LOOP name="BIG_LOOP" -->
15:04 paul          <li>  <!-- TMPL_IF name="number" -->
15:04 paul                <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/catalo​guing/<!-- TMPL_VAR name="number" -->XX"><!-- TMPL_VAR name="number"--></a>
15:04 paul            <!-- TMPL_ELSE -->
15:04 paul                <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/catalo​guing/<!-- TMPL_VAR name="number" -->XX"><!-- TMPL_VAR name="number"--></a>
15:04 paul            <!-- /TMPL_IF --></li>
15:04 paul        <!--  /TMPL_LOOP --></ul>
15:04 paul am I right ?
15:05 paul GOT it !
15:05 paul very easy when you know how to make it work !
15:06 paul owen, i've found a small bug on addbiblio.
15:07 paul when open to MODIFY a biblio.
15:07 paul all filled subfields are expanded automatically.
15:07 paul You use the toggle() when the user clic on ExpanField.
15:07 paul Thus all filled fields are hidden, and all empty fields are displayed.
15:07 paul if you click again, you get the opposite.
15:08 paul but the correct behaviour would be :
15:08 paul - show all filled fields
15:08 paul - when the user clic => show everything
15:08 owen Can you file a bug? I'm about to leave for an afternoon meeting and won't be able to work on it until tomorrow
15:08 paul - click again => hide everything
15:08 paul OK
15:08 owen You can just paste this conversation as the description
15:11 paul[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1513
16:41 fbcit by what name to I apt-get "git"?
16:43 fbcit ping kados
16:46 dbs atz: it's your sirsidynix api training causing mental blocks
16:49 atz it's bizarre how secret/valuable they imagine it is
16:49 paul_ fbcit : try git-core ?
16:49 gmcharlt atz: that perception not limited to SirsiDynix, btw :)
16:50 atz gmcharlt: certainly, since my employer (and dozens of others) send their staff to attend
16:50 atz they must believe they're getting something out of it
16:51 fbcit paul_:ok, got it... but git config --global commands seem not to work here.
16:51 atz and then they teach you that the "prtuser" command is for printing info about users...
16:51 paul_ yep, even free software are "closed by knowledge" : if we give you the source code without any help, it's quite useless. Same if we don't open our tools & docs as well. (of, it's not the case of Koha. and a lack of doc is more due to time than decision...)
16:52 dbs atz: well, it's your employer who presumably signed the contract with SD agreeing that they wouldn't be eligible for the special (read: extra $$) CC support available for API-related mishaps unless they had API-certified people
16:52 dbs your former employer
16:52 atz right
16:52 dbs it's a great racket
16:52 paul fbcit: i'm not a git geek, i'm afraid you will have to ask someone else.
16:53 atz the funny part about that is how often their own updates, or just old buggy code caused errors for our production instances
16:53 dbs suffering that right here, right now atz
16:53 atz :(
16:54 atz and then, the clincher, was their decade-long ripping off open source
16:54 gmcharlt ouch
16:55 atz (i didn't want to get into on list, but that is what i referred to obliquely...
16:55 fbcit paul:tnx. the rest works ok.
16:55 atz ... saying I think I take legal issues more seriously than they (at least the former mgmt) do.)
16:55 paul almost time for dinner in france... I smell some food...
16:58 dbs atz: understood
16:58 dbs paul: please send some fine french food this way!
16:58 atz dbs: what is the problem you have presently?
16:59 dbs notices to our french-language users have broken accented characters, and labels / dates in English
16:59 paul ???
17:00 dbs Yes, instead of é à our users get * *. Horrible.
17:00 paul where, when, since what ?
17:00 dbs SD support doesn't have a clue how to fix it.
17:00 dbs paul: this is with our unicorn system
17:00 dbs don't worry :)
17:00 paul ah, ok.
17:00 atz dbs: there was a guy in my training class that was send there JUST for that
17:01 atz he was from em.... price edward islands?  no... the other one...
17:01 atz the canadian province that is officially bilingual
17:03 atz so his provincial library was constitutionally required to provide services in both languages (user's choice)
17:04 atz New Brunswick
17:05 atz that's the one
17:07 dbs yup, we're an officially bilingual university, so this is a *very bad thing*.
17:07 atz yeah, it looks bad... too bad language and character set were such an afterthought to Unicorn
17:11 atz are you running java workflows?
17:14 atz asterisk is a weird character to substitute... usually I see space, square, '?' or some non-displaying value
17:15 dbs C Workflows
17:16 dbs but the notices have nothing to do with workflows (as you're probably aware)
17:17 dbs they were just ANSEL-encoded text files for the body of the message, that had the relevant data (user name, date, overdue book biblio info) prepended or appended to it
17:19 atz right
17:19 atz it's all on the back end
17:20 atz we had ongoing problems with diacritics...
17:21 atz Web2 wouldn't display them, or couldn't return hits if the query included them, etc.
17:45 fbcit is it ok to install MARC::Record via CPAN?
17:45 chris yep
17:46 chris CPAN is up to date now
17:46 fbcit tnx
18:00 chris heya darla
18:00 paul_ hi chris.
18:00 AKLIBRAIAN Hi Chris.
18:01 AKLIBRAIAN I need some help
18:01 paul_ a quick question before leaving : do you have recieved my 17 tgz patches ?
18:01 chris sent today your time?
18:01 paul_ nope, yesterday
18:01 AKLIBRAIAN I am trying to set up a Linux Browser and it is not being nice to me.
18:01 chris yep, unpacking those now paul
18:01 paul_ (with 2 translations, thus the .tgz)
18:02 chris yep, you shoudl get emails when i apply them and forward them to joshua
18:02 paul_ ok. I'll just send the new patches in a few minuts (nothing major)
18:02 AKLIBRAIAN Chris you were right on who this is.
18:02 chris cool
18:02 chris ahh, a linux web browser darla?
18:02 AKLIBRAIAN Ubuntu
18:02 chris i use firefox
18:02 AKLIBRAIAN The problem comes in getting mysql server 4.1
18:03 chris ahh
18:03 chris get 5
18:03 AKLIBRAIAN Not web browser sorry.  I am trying to set up a machine to run Koha.
18:03 chris the latest version of koha works with mysql 5
18:03 AKLIBRAIAN Which version is that?  IF it uses 5 then I think I am close to being ready to install.
18:04 AKLIBRAIAN I am happy now because I took my MAC away for a fix and I am actually chatting in this room.  I have been trying that for a year.
18:04 chris lemme just check that i havent put you wrong, but afaik 2.2.9 works with 5 .. is that right paul?
18:04 AKLIBRAIAN I think I love my Linux machiine.
18:04 chris hehe
18:05 AKLIBRAIAN Last night someone who programs in Linux said I was trying to hard and this may be out of my learning curve.
18:06 chris ubuntu is pretty sweet
18:06 chris it pretty much just works
18:07 AKLIBRAIAN I figure the computer is just a machine.  I might have to know the right words, but I can learn them.  
18:07 AKLIBRAIAN Wow, that is good name dropping.
18:07 chris exactly
18:08 AKLIBRAIAN You are suppose to say that something you said was the impetus of Ubuntu too.
18:08 chris and the good thing with linux is, you are allowed to learn the right words without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money to someone
18:08 chris ahh this was after ubuntu was started, i wish i could have said that :)
18:08 AKLIBRAIAN That is why I am here.  I hate giving money to software builders.
18:09 chris i dont mind giving them money
18:09 chris thats how i feed my family
18:09 AKLIBRAIAN The software doesn't do all you want it to and it takes forever for them to fix things.
18:09 chris i hate paying for stuff and not owning it
18:09 AKLIBRAIAN I don't mind giving them money, if they understand that I am a district of 15 sites -- but that is only 1700 jkids.
18:10 chris ie if i but some software, i should be able to do with it whatever i like
18:10 chris but=buy
18:10 AKLIBRAIAN They would charge a school of 1700 kids a reasonable price, but I get charged 15 times the price.
18:10 chris *nod*
18:10 AKLIBRAIAN I am happy to pay for the services, just don't overcharge me.
18:11 AKLIBRAIAN so 2.2.9 will work with mysql 5  I will try it and let you know how easy it was for me later.  I have a class to teach now.
18:11 AKLIBRAIAN Thanks for your help.
18:12 chris no problem
18:12 chris if you get stuck, sing out
18:36 fbcit chris: any thoughts on why Net::Z3950::ZOOM would fail on make test?
18:38 chris yeah
18:38 chris it tries to connect to a z3950 server
18:38 chris there are a multitude of reasons why that might not work
18:38 chris id make install it anyway :)
18:43 fbcit chris: did 'apt-get install libnet-z3950-zoom-perl' and we're off...
18:44 chris sweet
19:15 chris Aloha rex
19:15 rex aloha no
19:15 rex howzit?
19:17 chris so far so good
19:17 chris nice and sunny outside
19:19 rex what's up w/this?
19:19 rex[…]objectid=10470189
19:20 chris oh yeah, police being retards
19:21 chris and nz has tons of rednecks
19:21 chris as you will see by reading the comments
19:21 rex yeah. I think they fall more in the "cracker" category than "redneck" :D
19:21 chris i think Hone Harawira summed it up best "Govt not doing well in the polls, time to bash some Maori"
19:24 chris it was very 'coincidental' the did the raids on the very day that the amendment to the terrorism suppression act was being read
19:25 rex yeah
19:27 chris its pretty much all wait and see now, see if anyone actually gets charged for anything other than unlawful firearm possesion
19:27 chris of which hundreds of ppl are charged every year
19:28 chris without heavily armed police bashing down doors
19:29 chris at least we have the green and maori party in parliament asking questions
19:29 chris so it could be worse
19:33 chris but hei aha, at least the sun is shining :-)
19:37 chris hi rh
19:37 rh hey whats up.. im checking out koha for a possibility on a project.. figured i'd  join the channel
19:39 chris cool
19:39 chris whats the project?
19:42 rh its a portal integration with a bunch of different 3rd party apps.. they have some requirements for a library that will only contain about 300 books or so
19:42 chris ahh
19:42 chris koha might be overkill for that
19:43 rh yeah i agree.. but they originally specd out inmagic genie.. which is just as bad
19:43 chris *nod*
19:44 rh is it easy to scale down koha and just use the peices you want?
19:44 chris yeah is just a big webapp
19:45 rh or also do you happen to have any ideas for more lightweight library apps?
19:45 chris do they actually want to run a library with it, or just an catalog search?
19:45 chris ie acquisitions, circulation, patron management etc .. or just a searchable catalog?
19:46 rh I'd say acquisitions and patron managment are more of a requirement than a searchable catalog
19:47 rh we are actually implementing a google search box in with the portal... so really we can have that crawl a catalog
19:47 chris right
19:48 chris librarians might freak out at that, but it will probably work just fine
19:48 rh well they only want one part time librarian i think.. the purpose is to automate checkout
19:48 chris right, Koha will work fine for that
19:49 chris its in use from libraries about that size, thru to millions of items
19:49 rh I tried looking at the opac for the self checkout.. i saw where you can reserve a book .. but then it just goes to pending status
19:49 rh wouldnt librarian intervention be required there?
19:49 chris ahh yeah there is a selfcheckout module for Koha
19:50 chris for reserves yes
19:50 rh oh
19:50 chris if you see kados around ask him about it :)
19:50 chris im actually watching hte logs of a 3m self check machine talking to koha right now
19:50 chris but thats way overkill :-)
19:51 rh cool.. yeah I haven't set this up locally yet so I havent gotten an idea for everything
19:52 rh The organization wants the ability to grow.. how fast and how big is yet to be determined.. so I'd rather have something that can scale
19:53 rh oh also.. is kohaZOOM a product by the liblime guys.. or is everything liblime does just using koha and implementing it themselves
19:53 chris the latter
19:54 chris all the code for zoom is in cvs
19:54 chris so there for everyone to use
19:54 chris id wait for 3.0 which comes with zebra
19:55 chris and which we are doing final bugfixing on at the moment
19:55 rh oh really?
19:55 chris you can watch progress at
19:55 rh that is good to know
20:35 fbcit chris: does 3.0 use Event?
20:35 chris not afaik
20:35 fbcit seems I remember kados mentioning it was not used any longer
20:35 chris the z3950 stuff used to use it, but with the new net::z3950::zoom
20:35 chris we dont needit
20:36 fbcit tnx. Makefile.PL still check for it.
20:36 fbcit *checks
20:36 chris ahh ill fix that
20:38 fbcit I assume all other modules are needed...?
20:38 chris yep
20:38 chris i just did a grep "use Event" -r *
20:38 chris nothing using it
20:39 chris so ill take taht out of hte Makefile.PL
20:39 chris and learn to type while im at it
20:39 fbcit hehe
20:46 fbcit chris: is it ok to force install of MARC::File::XML?
20:55 chris hmm whats the error its giving you?
20:57 fbcit it was failing on 'make test'...
20:58 fbcit Makefile.PL does not see it, but cpan does.
20:59 chris ah well, if you get weird xml errors we'll know why :-)
20:59 fbcit I'm going to remove it and reinstall.
21:00 fbcit I also get 'Makefile.PL could not find ParserDetails.ini'
21:00 fbcit unrelated I think...
21:02 kados fbcit: I just pushed up a new version of MARC::File::XML
21:02 kados fbcit: try the development version, I know some folks had trouble installing the 0.87 version
21:03 fbcit kados: where to get it?
21:03 kados[…]/MARC/File/
21:03 kados look for Latest Release:
21:04 fbcit hrmm... "Not Found"
21:05 fbcit maybe /kados/MARC....?
21:05 kados
21:05 kados oops
21:05 kados
21:05 kados huh ...
21:05 fbcit Ahhh ~kados/
21:06 kados ahh, I know
21:06 fbcit[…]/MARC/File/
21:06 kados it's my screen session
21:06 kados stripping out the tilda
21:06 kados control_characters--
21:08 kados fbcit: if that doesnt work, install 0.86
21:11 fbcit ended up with 0.88_1...
21:12 fbcit makefile checks for 0.86...
21:12 kados ahhh
21:13 kados I bet if you used install-CPAN it would work
21:13 kados
21:13 kados maybe
21:13 fbcit I was unclear on install-CPAN... does it install all necessary modules...
21:14 kados I think that's what it's supposed to do
21:19 fbcit kados: where should 'path/to/koha.tgz' be? I see no such file.
21:19 kados huh, I'm not sure
21:25 kados fbcit: any luck?
21:26 kados fbcit: maybe just make something up?
21:27 kados maybe it compiles a tgz for you, I dunno :-)
21:27 kados we need to bug MJ about this
21:27 kados wonder where he's been the last few weeks
21:27 fbcit argghhh...
21:28 kados fbcit: sup?
21:28 kados huh, weird
21:28 kados what error are you getting?
21:29 kados jesus, there are like 40 patches today
21:29 fbcit Makefile.PL warns 'prerequisite MARC::File::XML 0.86 not found'
21:30 fbcit it also cannot find ParserDetails.ini....
21:30 kados ahh, you must be missing the SAX parser
21:30 kados you'll want to do :
21:30 fbcit I CPAN'd XML::SAX...
21:31 kados you'll want to delete your cpan one and do:
21:31 kados apt-get install libxml-simple-perl
21:31 kados you're probably missing libxml2
21:31 kados the C library
21:35 fbcit kados: I have to head out. I think on monday I'll start over with a fresh install of debian.
21:35 kados k
21:35 kados sorry, hopefully your pain will lead to a more sane installation procedure
21:35 kados :-)
21:36 fbcit me 2.
21:36 fbcit I'll try the script first after a clean install.
21:37 kados actually, Id' recommend agains that now that I think about it
21:37 kados esp XML::Simple should be installed by your debian package
21:37 fbcit ?
21:37 kados because it has dependencies
21:37 kados C-library ones
21:37 kados like libxml2
21:37 kados that CPAN can't install for you
21:37 fbcit apt blows chunks on it right now.
21:37 kados yea, it will, because you've already got it installed
21:38 kados there's an easy solution
21:38 fbcit libxml-libxml-perl is not configured...
21:38 kados lemme give you this script ... just a sec
21:38 kados fbcit: email address?
21:39 fbcit
21:39 kados sent
21:40 kados fbcit:[…]org/msg01006.html
21:40 kados fbcit: there's a bit of background there, I'd take some time to read that if you have a moment
21:40 kados fbcit: pint #4 especially
21:40 kados Using incompatible version of XML::SAX::LibXML and libxml2  ...
21:40 fbcit got it...
21:43 fbcit kados: will having three flavors of MARC::File::XML installed be an issue?
21:43 kados I wouldn't recommend it
21:43 kados easy to uninstall them though
21:43 kados with that script I sent you
21:44 fbcit I installed the last two from the command line...
21:44 fbcit ie perl && make && make install...
21:45 kados that's fine, that's all cpan does anyway
21:45 fbcit ahh..
21:46 fbcit then on monday I'll pick up here.
21:47 fbcit ttyl
04:48 Brooke anyone around?
04:49 chris sorta
04:49 chris im feeding Kahurangi dinner
04:49 chris so one handed typing
04:50 Brooke *nod*

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