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12:25 owen paul__: Good idea adding the IntranetNav pref back in, although my preference would be to put it below the More link
12:52 kados paul__: I don't see anything in the changelog for zebra 2.0.18 to suggest that the syntax has changed for authenticated access ... just wondering why you took out the passw and shadow lines?
13:18 owen Hi kados
14:29 hdl kados :
14:30 hdl maybe changelog say nothing.
14:31 hdl But when indexing or launching zebra with those lines, zebra crashed saying unexpected arguments.
14:31 hdl So I removed those lines.
16:09 tnb owen: THANKS! It looks great (league thing)
16:09 owen Good
16:22 hdl owen : Does someone port ccfls template for virtualshelves management to rel_3_0 ?
16:23 owen hdl: Not that I know of. Do they offer added functionality?
16:23 hdl It is more userfriendly.
16:24 hdl (two tabs : own shelves, other ones
16:24 hdl and provide a clear separation between free, public and private)
16:25 owen Yeah, that's how we have the dev_week opac in the NPL template.
16:25 owen Actually, I've been working on the virtual shelves page this morning, the intranet interface
16:28 hdl Are you doing the same facilities as in dev_week ?
16:29 owen I haven't looked at whether the tabs are doable. I've been trying to make things more user-friendly though.
16:29 owen Are there other features of the ccfls version that you like?
16:32 hdl ofr opac
16:32 hdl for opac
16:32 hdl seems ordering titles has some issues.
16:34 owen That's the NPL template
16:34 owen ...but I don't see any titles
16:35 hdl I searched Twain and asked for ordering titles A-Z
16:37 hdl Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is among
16:37 hdl The adventures of Huckleberry Finn... .
16:38 hdl realizes even
16:39 owen Oh, I thought you were still talking about virtual shelves
18:13 Brooke howdy
18:13 chris hi brooke
18:13 Brooke Still up?
18:13 chris up again
18:13 Brooke :)
18:13 chris its 7.13am
18:19 chris on the downward slide to the weekend :)
18:44 Brooke :)
19:10 owen Frederic: are you around for a YUI question?
19:27 Frederic OWen: Yes, almost...
19:27 owen Actually, I think I figured it out
19:28 Frederic You don't give up with YUI?
19:28 owen Nope, not yet :)
19:28 owen thanks to your help
19:28 owen I was trying to figure out how to pass use onclick: {fn: myfunction} and pass a parameter to the function
19:28 Frederic I've explored extjs today...
19:29 owen Then I saw an example that used onclick: {fn:function(){myfunction(parameter)}}
19:29 Frederic So it works for you?
19:29 owen Yes. I don't really know /why/ it has to work that way, but it does
19:32 Frederic[…]/koha/admin/
19:33 Frederic login;test, password:test
19:33 Frederic You can do inline editing, delete entries, and it's synchronsied with db
19:34 owen Very nice
19:35 owen It would be nice if there were still a way to filter by categories
19:35 Frederic[…]
19:36 Frederic This is a google gadget. You put it on your iGoogle.
19:37 Frederic Yes, a filter. You're right. I think that at this stage more web2.0 integration to Koha doesn't make sense...
19:39 owen I think the problem is that if you're going to introduce a feature like inline editing you need to be prepared to introduce it all over the interface, not just in a few places
19:40 Frederic Exactly. And this is strategic decision which will change the whole UI and will required time...
19:41 Frederic From my perspective, biblio data entry is the module to improve...
19:42 Frederic Send your code...
19:48 owen emailed.
20:12 owen Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try it
20:25 masonj morning #koha
20:45 rh hey i just installed koha and I am getting a "Welcome to Koha" then just a blank page when i hit any ideas?
20:48 rh and i think i just realized its like 5am there?
20:56 masonj rh: 'tail -f'  your koha-error_log file
20:57 masonj reload your page in yr browser and watch the log
21:33 rh masonj: thanks.. i screwed up with my koha.conf :D
21:33 rh working now
00:27 Grant Hey anyone on?
00:27 chris hi grant
00:27 Grant Hi Chris
00:28 Grant I banging my head on a wall:-)
00:29 Grant I am at home and can't remember the default admin login
00:29 Grant is there such a thing?
00:29 chris not really
00:29 chris its what you set on install
00:29 chris you can look at the /etc/koha.conf file
00:29 masonj grant, try /etc/koha.conf
00:30 masonj snap
00:30 Grant OK Thanks
00:30 Grant oh ha
00:30 Grant ah ha
00:31 Grant Now I remember what I made it. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
00:32 Grant nope
00:32 Grant That's something elde.
00:33 Grant Thanks - closer though.  I'll go through my notes tomorrow.
00:33 Grant Cheers
00:33 chris no worries
00:34 Grant my wife will be happy :-)
00:35 rh hey everyone
00:35 chris hey rh
00:36 rh chris: thanks for the help yesterday, i managed to convince the project manager to go with koha
00:37 chris sweet :)
00:37 masonj woo, nice work rh
00:38 masonj treat yourself with a muffin :)
00:38 rh haha.. im treating myself with working late reading
00:39 rh are most of you guys from new zealand?
00:39 chris mason and I are
00:39 chris but there are developers all over the world
00:40 rh I am in the US.. so you guys are about 12 hours ahead of here?
00:40 chris more than that :)
00:40 chris its 1.40pm friday
00:40 rh oh wow.. so 17 hours
00:41 chris yeah depending on where in the US you are :)
00:41 rh do you guys also do the work for liblime?  or are they totally different?
00:42 chris i work for liblime, as does mason .. since april this year
00:42 chris we worked for katipo before that
00:43 chris ryan, kados, atz are liblimers too
00:43 chris but they are in the US
00:43 chris hdl and paul are french
00:43 rh ah, yeah another part of using koha was that liblime is actually based in ohio
00:44 rh or at least the web site says its main office is ohio
00:44 chris yep
00:44 chris athens ohio
00:44 rh the company that I am doing this work for is based in Dayton, Ohio
00:45 rh I actually work in pennsylvania... so i havent been to dayton either
00:46 chris where in PA? my wife is from pittsburgh originally
00:46 rh harrisburg, not that far from pittsburgh
00:46 chris hmm harrisburg has the train thing eh?
00:47 rh yeah, its also the states capitol
00:47 chris right
00:49 chris im pretty sure i drove through harrisburg when we were driving to NYC
00:50 rh sounds reasonable... I actually just moved here a few months ago from about 2 hours north also in pennsylvania
00:51 rh so since i have just started looking at this library software i must say that idea of these marc records is pretty confusing
00:53 masonj confusion is one of marc's primary objectives :)
00:53 masonj fear and surprise are 2 others...
00:54 rh haha.. i'm glad that it is not just me
00:56 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> lol
00:56 rh I read that you can get marc records from book vendors.. or make your own.. there isn't an easier way like putting in a books name and generating it?  
00:58 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> you can query a Z39.50 server
00:58 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> and get results back
00:59 masonj yeah, theres a bunch of tools that do, rh
00:59 masonj ->[…]ces/software.html
01:00 rh oh wow nice
01:00 masonj koha uses yaz/zoom , some nice tools from indexdata...
01:01 masonj
01:02 rh yeah during install i found out yaz also seems to be a birth control pill
01:02 rh i thought i was typing yaz into google.. turns out it was my browsers address and it took me to yaz birth controls website -_-
01:04 masonj ah, are they offering trial dowloads?
01:04 masonj :)
01:05 rh heh, i didn't take enough time to check
01:06 rh also what about barcode readers.. can they create marc records?
01:10 masonj well, you can scan an item's isbn barcode
01:10 chris and then in koha use that isbn to search a z3950 server (like the library of congress)
01:10 chris and get a marc record that way
01:11 masonj into a z39 isbn search, which will fetch a marc record for you
01:11 masonj snap
01:11 rh ah
01:12 masonj so short answer is yes :)
01:13 rh very good to know.. I think they want to use some sort of reader
02:17 rh okay time to finally get off the computer.. thanks for the help again
04:26 masonj anyone lurking at the mo?
04:26 masonj ive got a nooby zebra question

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