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12:25 kados paul: you aroudn?
12:26 paul i'm around, but not aroudn. Is that OK ?
12:26 kados hehe
12:26 paul (hi)
12:26 paul which one ?
12:26 kados it's the french translation one
12:26 kados I'm invistigating some changes to en stuff
12:26 kados that may have slipped in by accident?
12:26 owen Hi folks
12:26 kados hiya owen
12:26 paul yep, for sure !
12:27 paul it's supposed to contain only fr/... datas
12:27 paul (hi owen)
12:27 kados /prog/en/modules/catalogue/moredetail.tmpl is the first line
12:27 kados and I _think_ it reverts something I did yesterday
12:27 paul it's a mistake, for sure.
12:28 kados also, all of the marc21 plugins are included
12:28 kados maybe they are improved, I don't know :-)
12:28 paul ???
12:28 paul I don't see that.
12:28 kados look for marc21_
12:29 paul it's the french version of those templates
12:29 kados ahh
12:29 paul (the translation being ugly)
12:29 kados ok, that makes sense
12:29 paul (as it will be useless for most us)
12:29 kados so how much can you rely on the translator?
12:29 kados and how much must be done manually?
12:29 paul 100% done by translator !
12:29 kados ahh, great
12:29 paul fortunatly !
12:30 kados so can't we just have a .po file, and generate the translation on installation?
12:30 kados (or anytime after installation)
12:30 paul we could. And I suggest it can be done anytime, in admin/, to let the library add/remove languages
12:30 paul (you won)
12:30 kados heh
12:32 kados ok, I've pushed up french translation patch
12:32 kados everybody rebase :-)
12:32 kados morning owen
12:32 paul (everybody: also note that it's already outdated by owen last changes...)
12:32 owen So kados, you not only want the toolbars to look good, you want them to work? ;)
12:33 kados paul: (that's why i think auto-generating will be easier for you)
12:33 kados owen: hehe
12:33 paul kados: ++
12:33 paul owen: kados always want more and more... it's a pity :-D
12:34 kados in this case, for my sake it's OK to have french translations in Git, but for you sake, it's a pain :-)
12:35 kados owen: I committed fixes to the status stuff last night, it worked just as it should on a fresh install
12:36 owen Speaking of fresh install, kados you said I needed to reinstall the other day, but I can't remember why
12:36 kados yea, it's not a bad idea
12:36 kados and pretty easy to accomplish
12:44 hdl kados : can you explain to me the callnumber management you sent us ?
12:46 kados hdl: which part, I believe I explained it last week
12:47 kados owen: for your list: the News edit page doesnt' have a calendar plugin for the expiry date
12:48 owen It does, but it doesn't pop up if you simply tab to that field
12:48 kados ahh
12:48 owen Not sure if there's a way around that
12:49 kados huh, also doesnt' seem to expire news
12:50 hdl kados : you speak of the comment you sent with the commit ?
12:50 kados hdl: yes
12:51 owen kados: Bug 1508
12:52 kados ahh
12:52 kados y'know, I don't think that the rank is saved either
12:52 hdl use of this feature is not explained.
12:52 hdl We donot know What we should do to index.
12:52 kados hdl: for call numbers?
12:53 hdl yes.
12:53 owen Rank was getting saved in my tests yesterday, but I'm not sure the rank value gets loaded when you go to edit
12:53 kados ahh, that must be it
12:53 hdl nor if we have to do some things to get it work.
12:53 hdl It seems there are new pages in admin.
12:54 kados the MARC framework doesn't seem to work to display the other 942 fields (other than itemtype)
12:54 kados and I'm not sure why that is
12:54 kados[…]guing/
12:54 kados admin / default
12:54 kados oops
12:54 kados admin / demo
12:54 kados add a new MARC record and look at tab 9
12:55 kados there should be several fields there
12:55 kados[…]42&frameworkcode=
12:55 kados hdl: until i can resolve that issue I'm afraid I don't have much news on the cn_* front as all of the cn_* fields are in 942 for my framework :-)
12:59 kados anyone else having a similar problem?
13:00 hdl what problem ?
13:00 owen kados, should the default framework show fields other than itemtype?
13:00 owen I'm only seeing 942c
13:03 kados owen: yea, me too, that's the problem I'm describing
13:03 kados if you look in the framework, there are a lot of 942 fields, but only itemtype shows up in the MARC editor
13:05 hdl maybe a problem with Template IF or javascript.
13:05 dbs where
13:05 dbs whoops :)
13:06 hdl kados : 5 js errors.
13:06 hdl when loading addbiblio page
13:07 hdl No.
13:07 hdl Problems on plugins
13:09 hdl js calls should have a closing )
13:15 kados hdl: I don't see any js errors ... where are you seeing those?
13:16 hdl when clicking on ... near 008
13:16 hdl or any ... on addbiblio page.
13:17 kados strange, no errors for me
13:20 atz is freenode down for everybody?
13:21 kados not for me
13:22 atz hrm...
13:23 atz i get: The connection to irc:// (irc:// was aborted with error (null): Component returned failure code: 0x804b000d [nsIBinaryOutputStream.writeBytes]
13:23 kados ouch, doesn't look healthy :-)
13:23 kados could be your local freenode hub is down or sth
13:25 atz actually, i'm betting it's DNS...
13:27 kados ahh, could be
13:27 kados morning guys
13:28 atz cya
13:30 owen hi northfox , gmcharlt , atz
13:31 gmcharlt hi owen
13:31 atz what's up, owen?
13:31 northfox hey owen
13:31 northfox how's ext coming along?
13:31 northfox did you manage to get the custom build working?
13:31 hdl owen :
13:32 owen No, and when Frederic came through with an improved version of the YUI toolbar I went with that
13:32 owen Yes, hdl?
13:32 hdl have you checked this :
13:32 hdl[…]3f277c2aa818f1989
13:33 hdl ?
13:33 hdl seems it brings funny plugin calls in js.
13:33 hdl Paul recoded for authorities.
13:34 hdl But plugins are also impacted.
13:34 owen I'm not sure I understand
13:34 owen It's not working properly?
13:38 hdl as far as I am concerned, no.
13:38 hdl And i dinf funny to have :
13:39 hdl Clictag_000_subfield_00_972254_20131​('tag_000_subfield_00_972254_20131'; return false; )
13:39 owen Right, that's not going to work.
13:43 owen Yeah, just a misplaced )
13:48 hdl Maybe. But even changing that was not enough on my copy to get plugins work.
13:49 hdl But this is not your fault.
13:49 hdl Changes in addbiblio are quite deep.
13:50 hdl And plugins HAVE to be adapted to them
15:24 paul kados : the Ecole des MInes de St Etienne is working on a OAI-PMH project for all "mines school". As paris & nantes already use koha, they are working on OAI-PMH on Koha. it should be available in the next weeks, as it's being tested (dev for Koha 3.0)
15:25 paul they will add a systempref to activate it & a oai-pmh script will be available under opac/
18:20 owen-away I see intranetreadinghistory and ReadingHistory in system preferences. Are they the same, or are they supposed to do different things?
19:39 hdl owen: seems to be French/English names of same variable
19:45 owen Okay, I wanted to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding
19:47 chris lol
19:49 chris pretty close :)
20:16 fbcit kados: Any reason I can't run two instances of koha on the same machine for dev purposes?
20:17 kados fbcit: nope, no reason
20:17 kados you can even run them off the same codebase
20:18 fbcit well, I want one running unmodified over mysql so that I can see what things should look like while I do mods on the other.
20:19 fbcit I took a dive into the installer today for a bit. It looks like things started off in a multi-db direction but did not get too far.
20:21 kados yea, that's absolutely true
20:21 kados time constraints --
20:21 kados hdl wrote most of the installer
20:22 kados so you can complain to him :-)
20:22 kados and if there is a way  to fix it and make it more universal, feel free to send in patches
20:26 kados fbcit: and btw: please send in your kohastructure for postgres :-)
20:28 fbcit kados: I'll get it in tomorrow. I'm headed out for the day.
20:28 kados cheers
20:28 fbcit Mondays are incredibly busy for me.. :-P
21:47 thd kados
21:47 thd kados: ping
21:47 kados thd: hi
21:47 thd hello
21:48 thd are you still in CT?
21:48 kados yep ... back to Columbus this evening, and then on to MD tomorrow afternoon :/
21:48 kados traveling--
21:48 thd kados: I have two questions but I may not be able to type them fast enough
21:49 kados :)
21:51 thd kados: how would an updating Perl script find a framework that is know where the framework lives without hard coding or reading the directory and forming a list to present??
21:52 kados I don't quite understand the question :-)
21:53 thd kados: it is about replacing the post installation update SQL scripts with a Perl script that drops and then recreates the framework tables then applies the framework SQL
21:54 kados thd: I'm here, no need to call me :-)
21:55 thd kados: I thought I could get an answer over phone that I would not get when you close your computer in a few seconds
21:55 kados I should get going
21:56 kados thd: I'll be back later this evening ... around 9pm or so for a few hours
21:56 thd OK thanks :)
01:16 thd kados: ping
01:17 kados hi thd
01:17 thd hello
01:17 thd Do you suffer jet lag between CT and Ohio?
01:19 thd kados: My earlier question was about replacing the post installation update SQL scripts with a Perl script that drops and then recreates the framework tables then applies the framework SQL.
01:19 kados I don't see the utility of that approach
01:20 thd kados: as opposed to a giant redundant post-installation SQL file?
01:20 kados ahh, you could make it non-redundant?
01:21 thd kados: exactly, because it need only drop and recreate the frameworks tables
01:23 thd kados: However, the script then needs to find the relevant updated frameworks SQL scripts.  How will it know where to find them?
01:24 thd does it use a relative path?
01:32 thd kados: maybe I should investigate adding a post installation installer to the web installer
01:33 thd kados: where is the nice description for how I can set up 3.0 if the installer is still broken?
01:33 kados my feeling is that if someone needs a post installation update SQL script, they will be competant enough to build their own
01:34 kados I don't think it makes sens to offer it
01:34 kados there are much more pressing issues at hand
01:34 kados like finishing the unimarc frameworks and finishing the simiple frameworks
01:34 kados thd: priorities, man! :-)
01:34 thd kados: well certainly, but that is trivial
01:34 thd I meant for after that
01:35 kados not really, it's been weeks and weeks ! :-)
01:35 kados after that we can discuss the next steps :-)
01:36 thd kados: not until yesterday did you comment about how UNIMARC frameworks could be installed :)
01:37 thd I just needed a stable model
01:38 kados ok
01:38 kados just a sec
01:39 kados thd: what if we did:
01:39 kados installer/data/en/frameworks/unimarc
01:39 kados installer/data/en/frameworks/marc21
01:39 kados then the frenchies could have
01:39 kados installer/data/en/frameworks/unimarc/
01:40 thd with mandatory and optional underneath each of those?
01:40 kados hmmm
01:40 atz probably installer/data/fr/frameworks/unimarc/ ?
01:40 kados atz: :-)
01:40 atz just a guess :)
01:41 kados heh
01:41 thd :)
01:41 kados basically we're just missing a 'choose your MARC flavour' step from the installer
01:41 thd yes
01:41 kados and based on that choice it should offer you a list of frameworks, some optional, some mandatory
01:42 kados thd: that's of secondary importance to actually having working unimarc en frameworks :-)
01:42 thd yes of course, mine are partly better than the French ones
01:43 kados I'd suggest committing them to optional and then I can move them around when I get around to refactoring the installer
01:43 kados (or whoever has time can do it then)
01:43 thd I took some time to correctly translate and map an up to date version of Recommendation 995
01:44 kados cool
01:44 thd however, I have a comment that says not safe for production because I did not have time to verify every line for free
01:45 kados *nod*
01:46 thd and I know that the person from whom you received them used out of date documentation and missed much that was in the documents which he did consult
01:47 thd I think he worked from the incomplete French frameworks and then looked at the English UNIMARC documentation
01:47 atz did you see the swedish linux users group that was going to hire 2 translators to translate koha into swedish?
01:47 atz (or was it norwegian?  i forget)
01:47 thd maybe Norwegian
01:48 thd kados: my other general question I will postpone but it addresses translation and framework proliferation
09:41 yesan i would like to know whether or not a dedicated ip address is required if we use web hosting agencies like to install koha on our website
09:42 yesan presently we are given a shared ip address from our domain name is
09:42 yesan is someone there to answer my query
09:45 yesan masonj, atleast you can help me to answer my query
09:46 yesan it looks taking time to get my query answered
09:48 yesan does any one there to help
09:50 masonj hiya yesan
09:50 masonj whats your query?
09:50 yesan i would like to know whether or not a dedicated ip address is required if we use web hosting agencies like to install koha on our website
09:51 yesan masonj, Did you get my query
09:52 masonj hmm..
09:52 yesan i hope you got it
09:53 yesan do you an answer, MasonJ
09:53 masonj u might be able to use a dynamic dns service, to handle your non-static ip address
09:53 masonj
09:54 masonj but the short answer is no, u dont need a dedicated ip address
09:55 yesan Thank u masonJ, I have another query. Please forgive me for my ignorance on these
09:55 masonj and i do recall other people sucessfully setting up koha's on too
09:56 yesan could you please let me know if there are some who have used bluehost for hosting koha
09:56 masonj but having said that...
09:57 yesan we need perl modules for Red Hat Linux version 4 (enterprise) for koha installation. has any one got.
09:57 masonj running koha without a static ip, will give you all the pain-in-the-ass issues that running *any* web app without a static ip will have
09:58 masonj lemme have a google thru the koha mailing-list archive...
09:59 yesan So you mean to say that is wiser to have static/dedicated ip. which takes away $35.00 annnually
09:59 masonj
10:01 masonj yeah, if u are using it for anything other than personal use, then go for a static ip
10:02 yesan It will be union catalogue of Joint Library Committtee, Bangalore (15 libraries will be participating in this)
10:02 masonj i dont think a dynamic dns setup is suitable for production boxes
10:03 masonj lol, ok, definitely pay the extra 35 bucks for the static ip :)
10:04 yesan does any one has perl modules for RH4
10:04 masonj add if you can , try to find a hosting company that offers debian boxes, rather than redhat
10:05 masonj all the developers (that i know) use debian,
10:06 yesan what is the advantage of debian over RH
10:06 masonj all the developers use it :)
10:06 masonj so you will get better help from them
10:07 masonj thats the one big reason
10:08 masonj i wont go into the technical differences between them right now :)
10:10 masonj so, perhaps set up a deb and redhat box, and see which one u find easier
10:11 yesan You are right, masonj
10:11 yesan You are right
10:11 yesan thank you masonj for being available to answer my queries.
10:11 masonj the perl modules u can get from too
10:12 masonj from either a redhat or debian box
10:13 masonj u dont need to look for the perl modules as  *.rpm files on the net
10:13 yesan that'
10:13 yesan that's wonderful
10:15 masonj so from a redhat box....
10:15 masonj perl -MCPAN -e shell
10:16 masonj cpan> install DBD::mysql
10:17 masonj from the cpan> prompt, you can grab your perl modules from that way
10:19 masonj ok yesan, ive gotta go....
10:19 masonj but, think about setting up a debian box too, your install will be *much* easier
10:20 masonj simply because we are all very familiar with debian, not so much redhat...
10:21 yesan Masonj thank for your help.
10:21 masonj cool, sing out if you get stuck and need a hand :)

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