IRC log for #koha, 2007-10-22

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16:54 thd` kados: ping
19:27 thd kados: are you here now?
19:27 kados_ thd: yes
19:29 thd kados: presently MARC 21can be the only option for an English 3,0 and UNIMARC the only option for a French installation
19:30 thd kados: how do you propose to fix that?
19:31 thd s/3.0/3.0 installation/
19:31 kados thd: add a choice before getting to that step to define the type of MARC to use
19:33 thd kados: so I can just add UNIMARC frameworks to /installer/data/en/mandatory with no problem?
19:34 kados thd: no, please add them to optional for now
19:34 kados thd: I need to change the structure of the installation directories
19:34 kados thd: if you add them to optional it will be trivial for me to move them into the appropriate directory when the time is right
19:35 thd kados: that was my real question but they certainly will not work on optional with a conflicting framework already present :)
19:35 kados thd: yes, that's understood
19:59 thd Now I remember the other important questions
19:59 thd kados: are you still there?
21:32 irma G'day all
21:32 irma Looking for Russel
21:34 irma OK. I will call him
21:34 irma Cheers
08:03 paul chris: are you around ?
08:03 chris for a little while
08:03 chris hi paul
08:03 paul I've sent some patches that I don't see in the repo. did you recieve them ?
08:03 paul hello chris
08:03 paul (i've sent them on friday)
08:04 chris there was one with systempreferences in french ... that wouldnt apply, for those ones i think we have to gzip them
08:04 chris otherwise the mailing software breaks the utf8
08:04 paul ok, I send them in gz immediatly to you
08:04 chris but that was the only one i saw that wouldnt apply
08:04 paul the other ones are in kados queue then ?
08:05 chris hmm, not sure, resend them again in the gzip
08:05 paul ok
08:05 chris git wont apply them if they have already been applied
08:06 paul I sent to ?
08:06 chris cool
08:07 paul sent
08:20 chris all in joshua's queue now

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