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13:12 owen kados around?
13:53 owen Hi paul
13:53 paul hi owen
13:54 paul i've been disconnected from the internet during 4 hours :-\
13:54 paul (without any warning from my vendor)
13:54 owen That's never fun
14:18 paul owen: what's the status of template rewritting today ? do you think you're far from your objectives or close ?
14:19 owen We've made a lot of progress, but I still don't know how close we are to being done
14:19 paul :\
14:22 owen paul, in subscription-add, what is the difference between "First Issue ETA" and "Begins On" ?
14:23 paul Begins on : the date where the subscription stard
14:23 paul 1st ETA : the date the 1st issue is expected.
14:23 paul on a weekly serial, it does'nt matter
14:23 paul but on a quarterly or yearly, it is important
14:24 paul I see in :
14:24 paul <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="[…]ns/sam/button.css">
14:24 owen Because the subscription may have started in June, but the first issue isn't expected until October
14:24 paul yep
14:24 owen Gotcha
14:24 paul why do we have an external link in that page ?
14:25 owen For convenience, at the moment.
14:57 owen paul, what does "manual history" do in subscription-add?
14:57 paul hdl? an answer to this question?
14:57 paul (owen: hdl is the "serials guy")
14:58 hdl yes.
14:58 hdl It is used for NOT making automatic serial collection in subscription history.
14:58 owen hdl, I'm curious what "manual history" does in subscription-add
14:58 hdl It is useful for a daily or a weekly.
14:59 hdl You would have a GREAT amount of numbers if you stored any number that arrives.
15:01 owen So in those cases the library isn't keeping track of individual issues at all?
15:18 owen hdl: why are the Volume, Number, Issue, etc. fields pre-filled with a " / " when I pick a numbering pattern?
15:22 hdl owen for you previous question : no.
15:22 hdl for thoses cases, they enter first issue and then last one. but no individual tracking.
15:22 hdl (serial-collection is there for that)
16:20 kados hi everyone
16:20 owen Hi kados
16:21 kados hiya owen, what's up?
16:21 owen Nothing much. Working my way down my to-do list.
16:21 kados sweet
16:23 paul kados : i have some problems with our tuesday patches.
16:23 paul they still appear on my local branch, even after a fetch/rebase
16:23 kados hmmm
16:23 paul ('morning first. sorry ;-) )
16:23 kados a couple of them I wasn't able to apply
16:24 kados (also g'morning :-))
16:24 paul I mean more than 20 of them !
16:24 kados hmmm
16:24 paul and I see most of them in origin
16:24 paul I have asked #git
16:24 kados double hmmm
16:24 paul and it seems that rebase can be troubled if the timestamp/content/author is not the same.
16:24 paul did you do something special with those patches ?
16:25 kados nope
16:25 kados just save, git am and push
16:25 kados git am -3 -i -s -u patch
16:25 paul were they from mail or .tar.gz I sended to chris ? (dunno if it matter)
16:26 paul the 1st patch that troubles git it a unicode/french one. maybe that explains.
16:27 kados most were from mail
16:27 kados I spend the rest of today (about 14 hours or so) working on 3.0 :-)
16:27 kados so I can start by troubleshooting these patches
16:28 paul the problem from my side is that I don't know what to do with those patches : i see them applied on main repo, but still have them
16:28 kados *nod*
16:28 kados how about you tar.gz them up and send to me
16:28 paul if I sent-email without taking care, i'll re-send you a lot of things
16:28 paul & taking care is quite hard.
16:28 kados and I'll see if I can apply them
16:29 paul will do that immediatly (warning, there are some new ones)
16:30 kados paul: please send to
16:30 paul patch.tgz sent (1.5MB)
16:31 paul sent cancelled, at 60% ;-)
16:31 kados hehe
16:31 paul sending them again at rm
16:31 paul if you don't understand what happend, then i'll create a new branch & start with it ;-)
16:32 kados ok :-)
16:34 paul kados : there are almost no more blo bugs affected to us (hdl & me). Only 1443 & 1484, that hdl is dealing with.
16:35 paul i'll deal with 1485 tomorrow I think (issuing & fines rules) as suggested on koha-devel.
16:35 paul unless you object something
16:35 kados sounds great!
16:35 kados I will be testing all patches today
16:35 kados and hopefully working on some bugs
16:43 owen kados, how was OLC?
16:43 kados it was tiny as usual
16:43 kados very few people there
16:43 kados tina, sara and joe are there now, manning the exhibit
16:45 kados esp authorities ones
16:49 kados paul:  git am -3 -i -s -u /home/jmf/paul_patches/0001-IMPROVEMENT-f​or-1416-Available-items-marked-wait.patch
16:49 kados Patch is empty.  Was it split wrong?
16:51 kados paul: git am -3 -i -s -u /home/jmf/paul_patches/0003-french-templates.patch
16:51 kados paul: bunch of errors with that one too:
16:51 kados error: patch failed: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/fr/m​odules/z3950/searchresult.tmpl:1
16:52 kados error: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/fr/​modules/z3950/searchresult.tmpl: patch does not apply
16:52 kados fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/f​r/modules/labels/search.tmpl).
16:52 kados Repository lacks necessary blobs to fall back on 3-way merge.
17:03 kados paul_: you present?
17:24 paul kados : I suspect it's the main problem : it is empty because there is nothing to apply, but it's still here because it hasn't be identified as the same as the one you have validated.
17:24 paul very strange...
17:24 paul pls, don't apply 0028-1474-Bulkmarcimport-c​roaks-when-Log-is-ON.patch
17:24 paul I'll send it as usuall
17:24 paul to see if i'm right or not
17:25 paul patch 0028 sent to
17:25 paul we will se what happend with it
17:26 paul time for dinner in france (& internet connexion still unstable...)
17:26 kados I'm having prob with several patches
17:26 kados not just the ones you sent me to
17:26 kados :(
17:27 paul_away other ones from me or from someone else ?
17:27 kados the french template one
17:27 kados One can search on only one limit (for instance : Get ALL Documents from ONE branch)
17:27 kados Fix for Date calculation
17:28 paul_away mmm... very very strange...
17:28 paul_away ok, now really away.i'll try to come back when kids are sleeping
17:28 kados k
17:48 kados updatedatabase split doesn't work either it seems
18:19 kados paul_ one of your commits contained adding .dotest to the index
18:19 kados and I'm completely confused now about how to remove it :/
18:33 chris git rm .dotest not work?
18:34 kados it just comes back
18:34 chris into the index?
18:34 chris .dotest is created by git when you are applying patches
18:34 kados yea, it's been aded to the index
18:35 kados and I cant' figure out how to get rid of it
18:35 chris so when you git rm it, it doesnt remove it from the index?
18:36 kados it just comes back again :-)
18:37 chris weird its not in my index
18:37 kados have you done a fetch rebase lately? :-)
18:38 chris did you do a patch that didnt come through me?
18:38 kados don't think so
18:38 kados got a ton of duplicate patches though
18:38 kados and paul says some of the patches he did have been committed, but his git doesn't know that
18:39 kados ok, so here's a scenerio:
18:39 kados git clone git:// koha.testing
18:39 kados cd koha.testing
18:39 kados ls .dotest
18:39 kados 0001  binary  final-commit  info  keep  last  msg  msg-clean  next  patch  sign  utf8  whitespace
18:39 chris ok
18:39 chris your commit made it
18:39 kados[…]b2585f6365324c50f
18:40 kados IMPROVEMENT (for #1416 is the one that made it I think
18:40 chris ie i didnt have .dotest until commit b77e9c305fd7d2dc15c32eeb2beef466b4132a94
18:40 kados huh, that's strange, because 8d269c3dbc66294add3b665b2585f6365324c50f was signed off by you
18:40 chris hmm weird
18:41 kados wonder why I have it and you don't
18:41 kados weirdness
18:41 chris ill have a look
18:42 twiggle sorry to be a koha website nub... is there a place I can download some test data to import into a clean koha install?
18:42 kados twiggle: don't think there's much of that for 2.2
18:42 twiggle (because, you know, you need a fluff question to reboot your minds)
18:42 kados hehe
18:42 twiggle ah okie
18:43 owen No, twiggle, kados' answer shows that it's not a dumb question
18:43 kados 3.0 has a pretty good set of sample data
18:43 kados twiggle: yea, very reasonable question in fact :-)
18:43 chris sending a patch i hope will fix your repo joshua
18:44 kados k
18:45 kados chris:  git am -3 -i -s -u /home/jmf/patch_dotest
18:45 kados previous dotest directory .dotest still exists but mbox given.
18:45 chris yeah
18:45 chris you'll have to just rm that .dotest first
18:46 chris you cant apply a patch with it there
18:46 chris .dotest is created when applying patches, so its trying to create one, but it cant cos it thinks you are halfway thru applying a patch already
18:46 kados Applying Killing .dotest files, these shouldnt be committed
18:46 kados error: .dotest/0001: does not match index
18:46 kados error: .dotest/binary: does not match index
18:46 kados error: .dotest/final-commit: does not match index
18:46 kados Patch failed at 0001.
18:46 kados When you have resolved this problem run "git-am -i -3 --resolved".
18:46 kados If you would prefer to skip this patch, instead run "git-am -i -3 --skip".
18:47 chris ok
18:47 twiggle btw, whoever put the openBSD install guide on the wiki has my eternal thanks. <3
18:47 chris rm -r .dotest
18:47 kados yea, did that chris
18:47 chris git apply -r /home/jmf/patch_dotest
18:48 kados get a usage message
18:48 kados maybe -f ?
18:48 chris no not -f
18:48 chris 2 secs
18:49 chris git apply --reject /home/jmf/patch_dotest
18:49 kados bunch of:
18:49 kados Checking patch .dotest/utf8...
18:49 kados error: .dotest/utf8: No such file or directory
18:49 kados Checking patch .dotest/whitespace...
18:49 kados error: .dotest/whitespace: No such file or directory
18:49 chris cool
18:50 kados ok, now what?
18:50 chris git whatchanged
18:50 kados just shows my last commit
18:50 kados[…]b2beef466b4132a94
18:50 chris git status
18:51 kados # Changed but not updated:
18:51 kados #   (use "git add/rm <file>..." to update what will be committed)
18:51 kados #
18:51 kados #       deleted:    .dotest/0001
18:51 kados #       deleted:    .dotest/binary
18:51 kados etc.
18:51 kados git commit -a maybe?
18:51 chris hmm, your last commit was a modify
18:52 chris this one is a delete
18:52 kados ok, I'll try it
18:52 kados wnt me to email it to you?
18:52 chris naw its already applied on mine
18:53 kados so just apply it from koha-rm-repo?
18:53 chris    Killing .dotest files, these shouldnt be committed
18:53 chris :100644 000000 7e53566... 0000000... D  .dotest/0001
18:53 chris :100644 000000 8b13789... 0000000... D  .dotest/binary
18:53 chris :100644 000000 7668a10... 0000000... D  .dotest/final-commit
18:53 chris is is what my commit does
18:53 chris    removing .dotest, not sure how it got in here
18:53 chris    
18:53 chris    Signed-off-by: Joshua Ferraro <>
18:53 chris :100644 100644 946c51d... 7e53566... M  .dotest/0001
18:53 chris :100644 100644 dffa6ca... 7668a10... M  .dotest/final-commit
18:53 chris :100644 100644 5887ff1... 91882ab... M  .dotest/info
18:53 kados how do i get this to
18:53 chris yours does a modify
18:53 chris ok
18:54 chris can you try this
18:54 chris git add .dotest/0001
18:54 chris git commit -a
18:54 kados git add .dotest/0001
18:54 kados fatal: pathspec '.dotest/0001' did not match any files
18:54 chris hmmm
18:54 kados i did a git commit -a
18:54 kados and got a patch from it
18:55 chris what does git whatchanged say now
18:55 chris does it have D .dotest/stuff
18:55 kados yea
18:55 chris sweet
18:56 chris right well i gues you can apply that patch on your rm repo
18:56 kados git push?
18:56 chris or pust
18:56 chris push
18:56 kados git push
18:56 kados error: remote 'refs/heads/master' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/master'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?
18:56 kados error: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?
18:56 kados error: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/master' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/master'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?
18:56 kados error: failed to push to '/home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root.git/.git'
18:57 kados if I git pull
18:57 chris do you normally just push to the rm?
18:57 kados I bet .dotst shows up again :-)
18:57 kados from this repo, yes
18:57 chris and then push again?
18:57 kados this is my rmtest one
18:57 kados so i apply a patch from you
18:57 kados test it
18:57 chris from it to
18:57 chris ok do a git fetch
18:57 kados and push to koha-rm
18:57 chris git rebase orgiing
18:57 kados then from koha-rm I push to
18:58 chris instead of a pull
18:58 chris then try ur push again
18:58 kados Everthing up to date
18:58 chris but it still wont push?
18:59 kados now it just says everuthing up to date
18:59 chris heh
18:59 kados ok, the rm-repo is fixed
18:59 chris yay
18:59 chris cos i have 8 mins of battery left
18:59 kados hehe
19:00 chris bbiab
19:00 kados k
19:01 chris i must remember not to look at my laptop in the future :) easy to get sucked in
19:01 chris cya
19:01 kados hehe
19:01 kados chris: when you get back, there's a ton of patches I can't get to apply
19:02 kados could use some advice there
09:27 paul chris sleeping or can I send a last minute before you leave patch ?

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