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12:45 owen hdl?
13:16 hdl owen ?
13:17 owen Hi hdl. I posted a response to bug 1360. I'm still getting an error when I try an authorities search.
13:19 hdl oh. You searched on "No authority type." there is an @and that should be taken off... If i read and understand right.
13:21 owen The form says Search on: [Default] Main entry [contains][fish]
13:22 owen There's no choice for "No authority type"...unless that's what "Default" means
13:22 hdl this is how I call your default.
13:23 hdl you searched in ANY authority.
13:23 hdl This was not what I understood of that bug.
13:23 owen So "Default" means "search for any authority type" ?
13:23 hdl as such, yes.
13:24 hdl and the problem is that AuthoritySearch is thought to take in an authority.
13:26 owen Why is "Default" in the auth_types table?
13:27 owen If I'm adding an authority, can I choose "Default" as the type?
13:34 hdl Logically no.
13:35 hdl Since then, you add "an authority" without any type. This would be quite dangerous for your users and your thesaurii.
13:36 hdl That said, this should not be forbidden.
13:36 owen ?
13:36 hdl I will try and explain :
13:36 owen I'm just wondering if having "Default" in auth_types serves any purpose
13:37 hdl answer is "no".
13:37 hdl (it allows ppl to create other authtypes from default framework.)
13:38 hdl But they should find the framework they need in (Common nouns, proper names, corporate names, ...)
13:41 hdl I have a bugfix to propose.
13:42 hdl line 239 in
13:42 hdl change :
13:42 hdl $query= $and.$query.$q2
13:42 hdl into
13:43 hdl if ($query=~/\S+/){    
13:43 hdl          $query= $and.$query.$q2
13:43 hdl        } else {
13:43 hdl          $query=$q2;    
13:43 hdl        }        
13:43 hdl should work then.
13:46 owen Sorry, you'll have to explain: what does that do?
14:00 hdl In your query, you have @and @attr 1=Heading ... "fish"
14:01 hdl But @and is there to combine two parts of a query (supposedly : @and @attr 1=Authtype "NP" @attr 1=Heading Twain for instance)
14:01 hdl The problem is that @attr 1=Authtype NP is NULL
14:02 hdl So that query boils down to heading contains fish and
14:03 hdl but there is nothing behind and.
14:03 hdl my part of code I shall submit removes and if there is noting to combine with.
14:03 owen Wouldn't it be a better long-term solution to take out the "Default" for the search form, and replace with "Any Authority Type" or "Choose an Authority Type" ?
14:04 hdl Any Auhtority type would be the same as the solution I gave you.
14:05 owen Right, but it still says Default, which is ambiguous
14:05 hdl Choose one would be too restrictive for some users who would like to get all authorities no matter its type.
14:06 owen Agreed. But "Default" doesn't mean anything unless you already know what the default search does
14:07 hdl Over the terms you want to choose, i won't argue. (since a) english is not my native tongue, b) it is rather the way it works or doesnot work that matters for me)
14:22 hdl owen:  what would you use as div classes for filters : http://i19.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]a/circ/
14:26 owen I'm not sure... If you want to stick with the vertical format you can use the formatting that's used in memberentry.tmpl.
14:27 owen fieldset, legend, ordered list for each "line," labels + inputs.
14:28 owen <label for =""> instead of <div class="label">
14:46 hdl I would have rather horizontal format.
14:47 hdl owen an advice ?
14:47 owen yes?
14:48 hdl i would like to have filters horizontal.
14:48 hdl What can I do to achieve this.
14:48 hdl Is there a yui way to do this ?
14:49 owen I don't have any particular solution for that layout, other than to use a table.
15:27 [K] <atz@FreeNode> anybody on channel still?
15:27 [K] <atz@FreeNode> I had a question for paul or maybe hdl
15:27 hdl yes ?
15:28 [K] <atz@FreeNode> in, there's a function GetBorrowersWhoHaveNotBorrowedSince
15:28 [K] <atz@FreeNode> it requires a date argument... but doesn't do anything with it
15:28 [K] <atz@FreeNode> I think it was never fully implemented
15:31 owen Hi kados
15:38 [K] <atz@FreeNode> I'm not sure how to code the SQL it needs to work... but at present I'm pretty sure it doesn't work.
15:39 [K] <atz@FreeNode> Not a big deal if nobody is using it, I guess.
16:03 Frederic hi,
16:03 Frederic I've played today with YUI and Koha.
16:03 Frederic On this page:
16:03 Frederic[…]rc/
16:03 Frederic test / test
16:03 Frederic I've embeded a AutoComplete control.
16:03 Frederic In 'Enter patron card number or partial name:', type 'a' for example. Borrowers' names appear.
16:03 Frederic Are the persons integrating YUI to Koha interested in such an interface?
16:14 owen Looks nice, Frederic. I wonder if it would be too slow on a system with 1000's of patrons?
16:16 kados Frederic: I'd be interested in that feature, could you wrap it in a system preference called PatronAutoComplete ?
16:17 kados hi everyone
16:17 kados Frederic: also, I think that could also belong in the 'Patron Search' module
16:18 tim Anyone have a good way to list items that are currently circulating?
16:18 kados hiya tim
16:18 tim I'm not finding it in reports
16:18 tim Hi kados
16:18 kados tim: probably need to create a little one-off report
16:18 kados or query mysql directly
16:18 tim Yeah.  I'm working on it, but I'm not sure how to figure out if an item's on loan.
16:19 kados yea, you need to do a left-join on the issues table
16:19 tim I have some ideas, but I'm not sure about the accuracy.
16:19 tim Yup.  I'm doing the left join thing.
16:20 kados and if you want title,author, etc., you'll want to do biblio table too
16:20 kados tim: paste in your sql and Ill take a look
16:21 tim select returndate from issues where itemnumber=\"".$row["itemnumber"]."\" and returndate is not null order by timestamp desc limit 1
16:21 tim That's php
16:21 kados *nod*
16:22 tim I figured you'd notice it right away
16:22 kados so that will give you the ones that have been returned
16:22 kados only issues that have returns have returndates
16:22 tim That should be the ones that are still out if returndate is still null.
16:23 tim I had datedue in there before, but wasn't really using it.
16:24 kados select count(*) from issues where returndate is null;
16:24 kados that'll give you the total count of issues that are still out
16:25 kados you're looking for items still on loan right?
16:25 tim Yup
16:26 tim I should've known I'd be making it harder than it needs to be.
16:26 tim Thanks!
16:26 kados :-)
16:26 kados np
16:33 kados Frederic: you there?
17:31 Frederic I was out for a while...
17:31 Frederic Owen: I'm sure YUI autocomplete control is scalable. You can specify the minimum query length (3 characters for example)...
17:31 Frederic You can specify delay between queries, LIMIT for SQL statement. Etc.
17:31 Frederic Kados: I'm afraid to break everything if I integrate this feature myself.
17:31 Frederic I don't know well enough Koha templating system.
17:31 Frederic I've added code in I've copied all YUI library in /lib/yui/. I may be wrong, break something...
17:31 Frederic The person who's implemented jquery & yui into Koha must review my code and integrate it if necessary.
17:32 owen Ha, I guess that's me. Except my YUI skills are rudimentary at best
17:32 Frederic Another YUI control, Table:
17:32 Frederic[…]/admin/
17:33 Frederic You can select a column to sort data.
17:33 Frederic It would be possible to do inline editing.
17:34 Frederic Maybe not very interesting in a marginal function like syspref... but useful elsewhere.
17:34 Frederic Owen: Give me you email and I will send you my code?
17:35 owen Thanks:
17:36 Frederic Thanks. It's evening for me. I'll send you that a little bit later.
17:47 ryan Frederic: very nice !
17:48 ryan autocomplete will work well with some other modules in Koha as well
17:48 ryan eg supplier search
17:48 ryan in acq & serials
18:05 thd kados: ping
18:06 owen thd: kados is speaking at a conference today, I don't know if you'll be able to catch him
18:06 thd owen: where is the conference
18:06 thd ?
18:06 owen Columbus, OH:
18:08 thd ryan: are you there?
08:36 paul chris around ?

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