IRC log for #koha, 2007-10-10

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13:10 owen paul, how does the uppercasesurnames syspref get added to one's system? It's not in mine. Was it added in the last few days?
13:10 paul not mine either. hdl, was it your ?
13:10 paul (hi owen)
13:11 paul commit from rangi, july, 7
13:11 hdl was it a San's syspref. btoumi ?
13:11 owen Your comment on Bug 1483 implies that we should all have it
13:11 paul (fix for bug 1296)
13:12 paul it's in updatedatabase, and I got it through here
13:14 paul (seems it's not in installer default systemprefs however...)
13:55 owen I take it from the log that kados is travelling?
13:58 hdl he should, if he got to an airport.
13:58 owen And nobody does that just for fun, least of all Americans :)
13:59 paul lol
14:02 hdl :D
14:24 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: atz
15:16 [K] <atz@FreeNode> anybody alive today?
15:16 owen Some of us, yes
15:24 [K] <atz@FreeNode> owen: are you on #liblime?  (can you get me in?)
15:24 owen I am not
15:24 owen I'm not sure what you mean by "get you in"
15:24 [K] <atz@FreeNode> :m\
15:25 paul slash join #liblime should be enough
15:25 [K] <atz@FreeNode> it's odd... you have to be invited by somebody already on in order to join
15:25 [K] <atz@FreeNode> they have a bot that is supposed to do it
15:25 [K] <atz@FreeNode> but it seems to be down
15:25 paul you mean #liblime on this server ( ?
15:25 paul or a private chanel ?
15:26 [K] <atz@FreeNode> i'm on freenode.... but maybe it is different on it directly
15:27 [K] <atz@FreeNode> I get this: [INFO]This channel is invite-only. You must have an invite from an existing member of the channel to join.
15:27 owen Maybe it's just for Liblimers
15:29 [K] <atz@FreeNode> ah well... i'll check back later
15:55 paul owen around ?
15:56 owen Yes
15:56 paul catalogue/, Edit links don't work
15:56 owen Yes, working on it now
15:56 paul ok, thx
16:00 paul owen : have amazon picture be removed from ?
16:01 paul I have them on (result list)
16:01 paul but no more on
16:01 owen The current version may be broken at the moment. I think 3.0 is missing a function that exists in dev_week for formatting ISBNs so that they can be passed successfully to Amazon
16:18 paul owen : still in, the datas are in 2 row (yui-u), with a large empty space between them
16:18 paul the subjectts being on 2 lines if they are long.
16:19 paul how to have a smallest space between the 2 columns ?
16:20 owen I'm in the middle of many changes to that page, so I wouldn't worry about how it looks at the moment.
16:20 paul ok, i wanted to understand mainly, i'll continue ignoring ;-)
16:53 paul owen ?
16:53 owen yes
16:53 paul should we say "editionreponsibility" or "editionresponsability" ?
16:54 paul i or a ?
16:54 owen i
16:54 paul ok, thanks
17:04 paul 25  patches sent to chris...
19:07 liz an interested lurker
19:07 chris cool :)
19:08 rach woo another girl how exciting :-)
19:15 owen Hi kiwis
19:34 chris back
19:34 chris heya owen, heya rach
19:36 slef sitting in the lugog, waiting for a usb key
19:36 chris lugog?
19:37 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: rangi
19:37 owen Linux User Group of Glastonbury?
19:37 slef that's it
19:38 slef sorry, was my turn on the key
19:50 slef tum tee tum
19:50 slef now they're explaining stow-like distributions
19:54 CGI904 is anyone there on chat
19:58 CGI904 is anyone there on chat
19:58 CGI904 is anyone there on chat
19:59 slef nope
20:08 rach hi owen
20:22 slef home
20:41 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi
20:47 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: atz

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