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12:45 kados morning #koha
12:53 hdl hi
12:54 kados hi hdl
12:54 kados hdl: can you confirm that in  the '_koha_add_biblioitem' sub uses the 'old' way to update a table?
12:54 kados if I'm correct, I'll update it to the new way
12:57 hdl what do you call old way to update ?
12:57 kados I don't know anymore :-)
12:57 kados there are many ways it seems
12:58 hdl But yes, it is a dangerous way
12:58 kados look above at _koha_modify_biblioitem
12:58 kados I think it's perhaps a bit better
12:58 hdl a) no quote
12:59 kados _koha_modify_biblio / _koha_modify_biblioitem don't have quotes either :/
12:59 hdl but automatically quoted by DBD::mysql
12:59 kados ahh
13:00 kados do() doesn't do the quote?
13:00 hdl _koha_modify_biblioitem has quotes.
13:00 hdl you do $value=$dbh->quote($value)
13:00 kados ahh, I see it now
13:00 hdl no, do doesnot quote.
13:01 hdl But execute does.
13:05 paul kados, news from our accountant :
13:05 paul Longue vie à la SARL BIBLIBRE qui existe à présent et est immatriculée au
13:05 paul Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Marseille sous le numéro 500 369 574
13:05 paul ( = SIREN / SIRET en cours).
13:06 kados what does it mean? :-)
13:12 paul it's mean BibLibre exist !
13:12 paul (number 500 369 574)
13:12 kados w00t
13:12 paul an american can't probably imagine what it means to create a company in france ;-)
13:12 kados hehe
13:12 kados it takes about 10 minutes here :-)
13:13 paul 4 months for us.
13:13 paul 1- decide to do it
13:13 paul 2- write "statuts" (= what the company will do). 10 pages
13:13 paul 3- decide how the assets will be done
13:13 paul 4- go to a bank and open an account
13:14 paul 5- deposit the amount you have decided
13:14 paul 6- the bank deliver a reciept (after 1 week, to check the money is "true")
13:14 paul 7- go to "Tribunal de Commerce" & show everything
13:14 kados wow
13:14 paul 8- next week, get the RCS (what we have) => the company exist but can't do anything yet
13:15 paul 9- wait for some papers (should arrive next week)
13:15 paul 10- show them to the bank => the bank account can now be used
13:15 paul 11- wait for all other papers (urssaf, assedic, impots...), that arrive in the next 2-3 months
13:16 paul (but you can start your business at #8 and deal with money at #10)
13:16 kados :)
13:31 owen Good morning? Good afternoon?
13:32 paul good afternoon for me ;-)
13:34 owen Then that one is for you :)
13:36 paul g'morning to you owen
13:43 owen paul, on the marc_subfields_structure edit page, there is a tab for each of the subfields, and then there is a blank tab...for adding a new subfield?
13:43 paul right
13:45 owen As it is now that tab has no text
13:45 paul should be exactly the same as the other one, except the code, that can be entered
13:46 owen Yes, but the tab itself has no text
13:46 paul ah, ok
13:46 paul yes, the tab has no text.
13:46 paul in 2.2 there were no tabs, the empty field was just the last one
13:46 paul with tabs, it should be better probably to have "add subfield" or sometihng like that
13:47 owen Hmmm... maybe it just takes a TMPL_IF. I'll try it
13:49 owen Yes. Good.
14:22 kados paul: did you write the 'itemcalculator' sub?
14:23 paul nope
14:23 kados do you use it?
14:23 kados ahh, ok
14:23 kados but you do use the syspref for itemcallnumber, right?
14:23 paul yep
14:24 kados itemcalculator is used to generate cutterextra
14:24 kados I think it's a feature from tumer
14:24 kados but I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to be for
14:29 owen I can submit a new authority now, but I'm getting this error: ZOOM error 10013 "CCL configuration error" (addinfo: "no 'cclqual' or 'cclfile' specified") from diag-set 'ZOOM'
14:33 kados right
14:33 kados that's a prob with the config, I don't think we ever set that up for you
14:33 kados I can take a look
14:35 owen Even if it's a config problem, it wasn't handled very gracefully by Koha. I was prompted to download
14:42 kados owen: can you Ctrl-C your zebra and restart it?
14:43 owen Okay, done
14:43 kados try now
14:43 kados (adding an authority I mean)
14:44 kados hehe
14:44 owen Got an error: Can't call method "tag" without a package or object reference at /home/oleonard/koha/production/intr​anet/cgi-bin/authorities/ line 379.
14:44 paul don't forget the speed limits. you should be back just on time
14:44 kados ooh, that's a MARC error
14:45 kados paul: you can save authorities fine?
14:46 kados I guess you won't be able to without owen's latest fix
14:47 paul right, I can't
14:47 paul (playing with issuingrules, I need to stay concentrated, can't test now)
14:48 owen When you get a moment: authorities.tmpl, line 47, document.f.submit => document.f.submit()
14:49 owen kados: regarding bug 1480...
14:49 kados owen: yep
14:49 thd kados: copy of latest default bib framework sent
14:50 owen Right now the link to passes the biblioitemnumber and the itemnumber along with the biblionumber. It seems to work with just the biblionumber, but is that a peculiarity of my data? Or just a remnant of Koha 1.x stuff
14:50 kados thd: thanks
14:50 owen If you want a link to in the "views" menu, it would have to work with just the biblionumber
14:50 kados owen: i think the idea was that the biblio would get you to the page, and the itemnumber would get you to the section of the page using internal nav # style
14:51 kados yea, my thinking was that 'items' is really a view
14:51 kados at least as currently implemented
14:51 owen Sure, I agree
14:51 kados but I'd leave in the item-specific links, especially if that internal nav stuff still works
14:52 owen But why does itemnumber and biblioitemnumber get passed to the script? Does it need them? That doesn't have anything to do with the # links
14:52 owen /
14:52 kados ahh, good question
14:53 kados that must be just a koha 1.x thing
14:58 owen Are we still waiting to get the BiblioDefaultView preference back?
15:03 owen I wonder if it's necessary to have the biblio data in a loop in The biblio-level stuff is all one-shot anyway.
15:03 owen With biblionumber buried in the BIBITEM_DATA loop, the views navigation doesn't work
15:05 kados ahh, right
15:05 kados add that to the bug report and I'll take a look when I have a chance
15:06 paul this BIBITEM_DATA is a koha 1.x thing as well
15:06 paul (1st templates move iirc)
15:30 kados paul: got a sec? or still working on issuingrules?
15:30 paul working on finesrules now ;-)
15:31 kados :-)
15:31 kados in a few bugs you have listed a patch hash
15:31 kados but I can't find that patch hash in the commit histories
15:31 kados for instance:
15:31 kados[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1459
15:31 kados patch 2103a8aa5f7e2afcbd4eeb80242deacf0d24590d
16:01 paul kados: i'm afraid it's related to the problem we have had yesterday with git :-\
16:31 kados ahh, ok
16:32 kados so there's no way to trace those patches ... that's unfortunate
16:34 thd does git have problems?
16:34 kados thd: no
16:35 thd kados: paul had problems but git is perfect?
16:35 paul kados & thd : in misc, there are 5 marc21 sql files, that are very large (10MB !) can we delete it ?
16:36 thd :)
16:36 kados paul: yes
16:36 paul you take care of that ?
16:36 kados yep
16:36 thd kados: I thought that you were going to move them
16:36 kados we only need one version of each file
16:37 paul ok, too tired to work efficiently. i will leave now (but send my patches first, of course)
16:37 thd those are post-installation frameworks
16:37 paul this week end, only 1 baby at home ! (the 3 first boys are with my mother ;-) )
16:37 paul next week will be a koha 3.0 week again (except friday)
16:37 kados paul: ok, great
16:38 kados paul: enjoy the weekend
16:38 paul fines & issuingrules are fixed.
16:38 thd kados: how does the user update to a corrected or improved framework without any of those 5 files?
16:38 paul still to update (it's badly broken...)
16:38 kados thd: by uncommenting one or two lines
16:39 kados thd: to conserve space we should remove the duplicates
16:39 kados ok, I also need to go now
16:39 kados have a great day all
16:39 thd kados: so the headers for those should be included as comments
16:40 thd kados: when will you be around again?
16:43 paul 9 patches sent
16:43 thd good evening paul_away
18:33 owen kados around?
18:34 kados owen: yup
18:34 kados owen: sup?
18:35 owen When I pull up for an item, my 'Damaged Status' dropdown is empty. Since I see authorised values for 'BINDING,' I'm guessing this is a problem in my configuration? Koha to MARC mapping?
20:06 kados owen: after two hours ...
20:06 kados owen: you're just missing an auth value that I had neglected to add
20:06 kados owen: next week I'd recommend re-installing
20:07 kados there will be a few db changes as well as some new sample data to work with
20:07 owen Okay
20:07 kados (my laptop lost power suddently and I just found a plug :-)_)
21:31 rex hello all. I'm a professor at a university in the US and we are thinking of using koha for our department library. I'll be lurking the next couple of days in case I have any questions -- just fyi.
21:43 kados cool rex
21:43 kados welcome to the community :-)
21:43 rex thanks!
21:44 chris hi rex
21:45 rex hey Chris
21:46 rex are most of you in NZ?
21:46 chris i am :)
21:47 chris kados is in athens ohio
21:47 rex ah. The typical IRC spread :)
21:48 rex we have a graduate reading room and a new OSX box and we are 'evaluating solutions' for a new catalog, and Koha came up.
21:49 kados cool
21:50 rex I've been reading the docs -- looks like OS X is not the worst platform to work with, eh?
21:50 rex if you have the developer tools installed
21:58 twiggle there are definitely worse platforms to work with than OSX
21:58 twiggle ^.^
21:58 rex heh -- that's not much of an endorsement!
22:00 chris you will have to do some playing around with macports or fink etc
22:00 chris but its not too bad
22:01 rex I should be able to handle that
22:01 chris cool
22:02 rex I just installed eprints on ubuntu -- I should be able to manage koha on OS X, eh?
22:02 chris i have a koha running on my macbook, well i have 2
22:02 chris one under os x, and one under debian using parallels
22:03 chris yeah, it shouldnt be to hard, getting the z3950 bit going is the hardest bit if i remember right
22:03 rex right
22:04 rex that is what I read. We are going to need that to pull down records to build our catalog.
22:13 chris cool
22:19 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi
22:19 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
05:33 thd kados: I am back
05:33 thd kados: are you still awake

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