IRC log for #koha, 2007-10-06

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12:02 hpassini hi all
12:16 owen Looks like I missed a big big bug party
12:51 kados hi all
12:51 paul hi kados.
12:52 paul good morning to you.
12:52 kados hi paul
12:52 kados how did the kohala meeting go?
12:52 paul quite well, thx.
12:52 kados great!
12:52 paul all candidates to the CA were accepted, MJ included.
12:52 kados cool
12:53 kados (I guess I can apply later if I want :-))
12:53 paul hdl has setup a mailing list for the CA, we will have our first discussion here.
12:53 kados excellent
12:53 paul we were around 30 ppl at the meeting.
12:54 kados that's really great paul!
12:54 paul only SAN-OP as public library & only a few ppl not coming from Paris or near paris.
12:54 paul we were in the same room as for the KohaCon !
12:55 kados hehe
12:55 paul I've commited a bunch of fixes made in the TGV. So I think I can say it was a good day ;-)
12:55 kados :)
12:55 kados TGV++
12:55 paul (in 1st class, there is power supply : ++++)
13:00 kados paul: for me, plugins are still broken in the MARC editor
13:00 kados paul: maybe I haven't applied a patch from you, I'll check today
13:00 kados paul: has your plugins patch made it into mainline?
13:02 paul it was called #1450 (marc21 plugins), and I see it in remotes/origin/master so I would say yes, it's here
13:08 owen Hi paul, kados, foxnorth, everybody
13:08 paul hi owen
13:10 foxnorth hi all
13:29 kados paul: ok, so it's still broken for me it seems
13:29 kados paul: the leader plugin works, but none of the others
13:30 kados foxnorth: g'morning!
13:30 paul can you explain where it fails ?
13:30 kados I can show you
13:30 kados just a sec
13:40 paul sorry, ctrl-F4 on a wrong window ;-)
14:45 kados owen++
14:49 owen There's some new weirdness in the display of returned items. I'm going to have to test and file a new bug report
14:55 owen kados, do we want to port the dev_week opac straight to 3.0?
14:58 paul owen : where can I see the dev_week opac ?
14:58 paul isn't it the ccfls one ?
14:59 paul (at least graphically, HEAD is equivalent atm)
15:06 owen
15:07 owen There are some nice visual enhancements in the 3.0 opac, but I think many good usability changes in the dev_week version
15:20 hdl owen : what is "rentaldiscount" ?
15:20 owen I don't know. Where do you see it?
15:20 hdl in
15:21 hdl Nobody documented this on this page and it is displayed allong with issuingrules.
15:21 hdl kados : do you have some answer ?
15:22 owen I don't see it...I wonder if it depends on another system pref?
15:23 hdl it is in the script : you see 3 figures where 2 are expected.
15:24 owen Sounds like maybe a New Zealand thing
15:24 hdl (I did set no new sysprefs for rentaldiscount and none are used in code.)
15:30 owen hdl: I know that there used to be stuff for managing rental charges. Rentaldiscount is probably related to that--providing rules for discounting rental charges based on patron type
15:32 hdl It is new, unguided in templates.
16:01 paul kados around (with some time to chat) ?
16:17 paul note that my bug queue is almost empty (except for ENH). And I need more info to solve the 4-5 remaining bugs
16:20 kados hdl: rentaldiscount wasn't added by liblimers that I know of
16:24 hdl added by rangi on Jun 7
16:29 kados heh
16:29 kados well /me doesn't know what it's for, I'll ask chris today
16:33 owen Is there not a place anymore to enter a rental charge for certain checkouts? Didn't Koha have that before?
16:33 kados there should be!
16:34 owen I guess that's it in admin/
16:37 paul 8 more patches in chris mailbox. time to quit for me. see you on monday !
16:37 owen have a good weekend paul
16:38 paul (& remember either chris or me will be unhappy ;-) )
16:38 paul owen : the problem is that, if my we is good, then chris one is not...
16:38 paul (but don't worry, even if France looses, i'll be ready on monday to code & bugfix again !)
16:39 kados heh
16:39 paul_away world rugby cup : france <> New zealand on saturday/sunday
16:41 owen I don't think the US media would cover the World Rugby Cup even if Bin Laden was goalie.
16:41 paul_away but US had a team !!!
16:41 paul_away mmm...okay...
16:42 paul_away 4 matches, 4 losses ...
16:42 paul_away the medias were right not to speak of that :-D
16:42 paul_away[…]ndings/index.html
16:42 paul_away (poule A)
17:41 thd kados: you should have something to test in your box
18:11 ryan paul: is there a /win 2
18:12 ryan oops
19:13 kados hehe

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