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13:01 owen kados around?
13:01 kados hey owen
14:54 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi
15:00 kados
15:31 owen hdl around, by any chance?
15:32 kados I think those guys are at the kohala thingy
15:34 hpassini join #koha-fr
16:01 thd` kados: items.stack, items.binding, items.multivolume, and items.multivolumepart have not been used since version 1 and chris said that a new holdings design, when it comes, would make them unneeded before could be reimplemented
16:02 kados thd`: agreed
16:02 kados you can ommit them
16:03 thd kados: items.timestamp for when the item was last updated by MySQL would serve little to no purpose for indexing in Zebra
16:05 thd kados: tumer must no longer be using items.cutterextra because he does not store any bibliographic elements in SQL any longer
16:07 kados thd: ryan tells me we don't need an index for cutterextra
16:07 kados the sort is done at the bib level
16:07 kados so you can ommit that one too
16:08 thd ryan: do you have LC call number sorting working?
16:08 kados thd: we will in 3.0, it's on the list
16:08 kados and yes, we've got it going
16:09 thd kados: I have looked at the issue since ryan last asked me about it and found that it needs more padding than I had used in my earliest experiments
16:11 thd more padding or more potential sort points
16:14 thd I found some very long LC classifications for some technological subdivisions of the classification
16:28 kados thd: how is the items mapping list coming?
16:30 thd kados: I think I will get back to that tonight, after coming back from Westchester
16:30 kados sure
20:02 owen exit
22:08 kados hi paul
22:08 kados paul_: bugzilla is nearly cleaned up :-)
22:09 kados and moved the relevant ones to HEAD
22:32 kados thd`: you around?
22:33 thd` kados: yes, I am here now
22:33 kados thd`: hi there
22:33 kados thd`: how did the trip to westchester go?
22:34 thd kados: it was aborted when I discovered I was unlikely to have an effect
22:35 kados ahh
22:37 thd kados: so I am here for the moment, though and back again in hour
22:37 kados great
22:37 thd kados: what was your query
22:37 thd ?
22:38 kados I was wondering if you had time to work on the items mapping this evening
22:38 thd kados: yes I will
22:39 kados :-)
01:07 tnb kados: ?
01:31 ryan thd: you said you were making some changes to tumer's lcsort function ?
01:32 thd ryan: no, I did not mean to imply that, only looking at his code
01:34 thd ryan: what I meant to say that I recently found that I recently found that my own efforts at padding LCC for sorting from years ago was insufficient
01:36 thd ryan: I do not have a real example in front of me but I have found a second group of characters starting with a letter in the classification part of an LCC
01:41 ryan ah, ok -- one that tumer's function doesn't handle ?
01:42 thd ryan: I fell asleep before I found his sorting function.  I was exploring other parts of the code
01:51 thd ryan: make sure you can accommodate something like this 050 $a Z695.Z8.L5 $b bla bla
01:52 thd ryan: note two letter with numbers groups in the classification part
01:53 thd well 3 groups counting the first one
02:11 thd ryan: ([A-Z]{1,2}\d{1,4})(\.?\d{0,4})(\.?​[(A-Z]?\d{0,3})(\.?[(A-Z]?\d{0,3}) matches every LCC classification part (without the cutter etc.) that I have seen recently but I expect even that is insufficient to match all
02:13 thd ryan: after fixing the parenthesis [A-Z]{1,2}\d{1,4})(\.?\d{0,4})(\.​?[A-Z]?\d{0,3})(\.?[A-Z]?\d{0,3})
02:14 thd s/^/(/ # aarg
02:23 ryan =~ /^([A-Z]+)(\d+(?:\.\d+)?)\s*\.?\s*([​A-Z]*)(\d*)\.?([A-Z]*)\s*(\d*)\s*(?: (\d{4}))?/)
02:24 ryan thd: this is what i have been using
02:24 ryan allows for some sloppiness
02:24 ryan but maybe too much so
02:27 thd ryan: my regex stopped at the classification part and presumed know spaces.  Presuming no spaces does not work in the real world
02:27 thd s/know/no/
02:30 thd ryan: I have seen cases of some libraries with a space between the initial letters and the initial numbers
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04:27 thd kados: are you there?
04:49 thd chris: when is items.paidfor filled?
05:07 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
06:07 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ru55el
07:25 paul chris around ?
07:26 chris hi paul
07:26 paul hi chris.
07:26 paul some patches coming in a few minuts.
07:26 chris cool
07:26 paul (I call them "TGV patches" ;-) )
07:27 chris TGV?
07:28 paul "Train à Grande Vitesse"
07:28 paul (patches done in the tgv yesterday, while going to Paris & coming back)
07:28 chris ahh the fast train
07:28 chris cool
07:29 paul yep
07:36 paul chris : 25 patches sent. 0001 & 0002 will probably have encoding problems, but i've updated git, so maybe they will be OK.
07:36 paul patch 24 is 900KB large (french .po file)
07:36 chris ah right
07:37 paul patch 25 is 3MB large (french templates), tell me if you recieve it
07:39 chris yep it arrived
07:41 chris hmm yep, 1 and 2 say corrupt patch
07:41 paul do you know how I can remove a commit ?
07:41 hdl hi chris
07:42 chris you can revert one
07:42 paul git-revert revert it, but he will still appear (& be on git-format-patch ?)
07:42 chris yes i think so
07:43 chris hi hdl
07:44 chris paul, some of these have already been applied so git is ignoring them im apply all the rest though
07:44 paul already been applied ? oups, yes, I forgot to git fetch & rebase !
07:44 paul sorry.
07:45 hdl paul :
07:45 hdl you can revert one commit with :
07:45 hdl git reset HEAD^
07:50 chris sending them on to joshua
07:50 chris you probably will get emaisl
07:50 chris emails
07:50 hdl
07:51 hdl undoing commits
07:51 chris and when its been applied, if you rebase and resend any that didnt make it through
07:53 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
07:56 paul chris: i've got the mails. Are they automatic now, when you sign off them ?
07:57 chris yep, joshua still has to check them, but now ive got it to send mails whhen i sign them off
07:57 lloyd ru55el - here?
07:58 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> hi lloyd
08:29 paul chris : could you warn me before you go to bed, i'll submit some more patches
08:29 chris probably 1 hour
08:30 chris must get sleep tonight and tomorrow night
08:30 chris so i can be awake on sunday morning :)
08:30 paul lol
08:30 paul to see our victory ? thanks to be here
08:30 chris hehe
08:30 russel tell him he's dreaming
08:31 chris :)
08:31 paul will you look the match with a hand on your keyboard ? if yes, i'll do it as well & we can comment it & drink some virtual drinks
08:32 chris maybe :) i might go out and eat breakfast at a bar and watch it with friends but if not, ill be on irc :)
08:35 thd chris: are you still there>
08:35 thd ?
08:35 chris yep
08:36 thd chris: when is items.paidfor filled ?
08:36 chris when its paid for
08:36 chris :-)
08:36 thd chris: by whom?
08:36 chris its after an item is marked lost
08:37 chris and the borrower is charge the replacment cost
08:37 chris when they pay for it, that is filled
08:37 chris they need to know in case its ever returned
08:37 chris they can refund the person
08:37 thd chris: so why is it a mediumtext field?
08:38 chris because its stores a text string
08:38 thd not a boolean?
08:38 chris its like a specialised note
08:38 chris no, they want to know when it was paid for, by whom ... any other stuff
08:41 thd chiris: are items.renewals and items.reserves only current values rather than perpetually cumulative like issues?
08:42 chris no those should be cumulative also
08:42 chris just counts, total number of renewals ever, total number of reserves ever
08:43 thd chris: how would you know how many current renewals have been made and how many reserves are pending?
08:44 chris current renewals, there is a count on the row in the issues table
08:45 chris current reserves you just have do an sql query on the reserves table
08:45 thd ok, I forgot to think that there is a separate table :)
08:46 chris :)
08:48 thd chris: are renewals a subset of issues or completely different such that issues are not incremented on renewal
08:48 thd ?
08:48 chris the latter
08:48 thd thanks chris, now I can label things correctly
08:50 paul chris : about bugzilla, can we add a resolution entry ?
08:51 paul I would like to have somethink like "patch sent".
08:51 paul now, I have let all bugs open, and have to manually search the ones that i've patched & the patch is in the main tree
08:51 chris ahhh
08:52 paul If I could have a "PATCH" status, It would be interesting.
08:52 chris yeah thats a good idea
08:52 paul (NEW => ASSIGNED => PATCH => FIXED)
08:54 thd I missed one.  What is items.interim?
08:54 chris no idea :)
08:55 paul code grepped, it's totally unused (except in kohastructure.sql)
08:55 thd paul: could that have been introduced by tumer>
08:55 thd ?
08:56 chris could have been
09:04 thd Is items.bulk also unused?
09:05 chris i think so
09:05 chris i cant think of what its for
09:24 paul chris : do you have a validated a patch for #1468 from kados ?
09:24 chris let me check
09:25 chris yep
09:25 chris fix for bug 1468, but not sure if this is the best
09:25 chris    
09:25 chris    Signed-off-by: Chris Cormack <>
09:26 chris he might not have pushed it live yet tho
09:26 paul probably, as I haven't it ;-)
09:27 paul chris : what about the "PATCH" idea ? is it possible to do ?
09:27 chris yes it sure is
09:27 paul & is it easy ? something you can do now before going to bed ?
09:28 chris let me try, i think i can do it without having to get in the database
09:29 paul chris : 3 more patches in your mailbox
09:29 chris cool
09:35 chris[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1360
09:35 chris i managed to add it to the priority
09:36 chris so you can change the priority to PATCH-sent
09:36 chris will that work ok?
09:41 paul chris : great ! in the list, I see, in column 3 'PAT', which is exactly what I was expecting.
09:42 chris cool
09:42 paul you should send a mail to koha-devel to point the new feature
09:43 chris yep ill write one in the morning :)

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