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12:06 kados hey hdl
12:07 kados hdl: I've received paul's email, unfortunately, I've got a day-long meeting today
12:07 kados I will think about a response and hope to reply tongiht
12:07 kados tonight I mean :-)
12:08 hdl So tomorrow morning, we will receive your answer.
12:08 kados one point, the installer is not finished
12:08 kados as soon as it is I would be satisfied doing a 'developers' release
12:08 kados even with the templates a bit in flux
12:09 hdl what do you mean by installer not finished ? Is there any hard problem to solve ?
12:10 kados really, I think adding the toolbars and views (just a bunch of <li>s) would solve 90% of template changes
12:10 kados hdl: have you tried to install Koha 3.0 using the installer?
12:10 hdl In France, we have problems with CGI::Session and accent management.
12:10 hdl Not yet
12:10 kados accent?
12:10 hdl éèà
12:11 kados related to CGI::Session?
12:11 kados perhaps you're not storing as utf8?
12:11 hdl yes. It seems that table is truncated.
12:11 hdl yes. It seems that table data is truncated.
12:11 hdl No, we are.
12:11 kados so it's a bug of CGI::Session?
12:12 hdl I think so. But cannot tell precisely.
12:13 kados it affects people's names with accents?
12:14 kados hdl: so my initial answer is that when the installer is finished and working I will release a developers version
12:14 kados but it's impossible to release if you can't install Koha!
12:14 kados IMO we also need to reach a concensus in the community about how to update the database
12:15 hdl yes it affects people or data with accents.
12:16 hdl For instance : Bib. des Sociétés chrétiennes.
12:16 hdl And we cannot release if session problem is not definitely understood and fixed.
12:17 kados I agree
12:17 kados so we have :
12:17 kados 1. fix installer
12:17 kados 2. decide on how to update the database
12:17 kados 3. fix encoding probs with sessions
12:17 hdl But anyway, basically we think that time has come NOT to fuzzy templates or design any longer.
12:17 kados I don't see how improving the templates affects anything
12:18 kados issues 1-3 need to be solved
12:19 kados there was a good post from a koha community member
12:19 kados I'll try to find it
12:22 kados slef has responded to paul's questions re: installer
12:28 kados morning owen
12:28 owen Hi kados
12:28 kados owen: looking at your example
12:28 kados I like it!
14:32 hdl owen ?
14:32 dewey i think owen is hardly ever in direct contact with kados. We communicate here.
14:32 owen Hi hdl
14:32 paul hi owen
14:32 hdl hi how are you ?
14:32 owen I am well, thank you
14:32 hdl I was wondering if you use
14:33 hdl with New Zealand stuff for numbering pattern.
14:33 owen I have tested it
14:34 hdl Did you like it ?
14:34 owen It seemed to work well. Since I've never used it in actual practice I'm not a good judge
15:26 paul owen : about the reserves.
15:27 paul use case = I reserve a book that is available at my branch and I "reserve this item"
15:27 paul after placing the reserve, what should appear in ?
15:27 paul actually it's "document waiting at ..."
15:28 paul which is partially correct & partially uncorrect
15:28 paul the librarians have not picked it up in the shelves, but it's available if the patron goes to the library
15:28 paul (i've added a systempref that seems to work well, except for this.
15:28 paul if you want to test :
15:28 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/
15:29 paul (abel / abel)
15:29 owen More accurate would be "Waiting to be pulled" or "Waiting to be retrieved"
15:29 paul search "chaos" in catalogue & request one of the book at the end of the list
15:29 paul (search for "test" patron)
15:29 paul place a request on a given item.
15:29 paul look in "transferts to do", it appear
15:30 paul (the "transfers to do" has to be renamed to "hold to pick up in shelves")
15:30 paul (because it's sometimes a transfer, sometimes a local reserve now)
15:30 paul then check in the book, and that's it
16:32 paul owen : patch sent to chris, you can check http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/
16:33 paul (systempreferences >> tab circulation >> set ReservesNeedReturns to 1 and check behaviour)
16:48 paul ttl...
20:27 chris cool 5 new ones
22:33 masonj morning koha
22:35 rach     morning
22:35 masonj heya rach
22:35 rach how are you this fine morning mason?
22:36 masonj caffeinated ;)
22:36 masonj pretty good really
22:36 rach excellent
22:37 masonj saw a great thing on heli-skiing on tv a cupla days ago in sth island
22:37 masonj thought of u :)
22:37 rach we tried to get a day heli in but the weather didn't play ball :-(
05:41 hdl owen: chris ?
05:41 dewey chris is probably now too
05:42 hdl chris if you are awaken, have you had time to peer into my CGI::Session problem.
05:42 hdl ?
05:43 hdl I realized that there were 3 different serialize engines in CGI::Session Storage, Default (Data::Dumper) and FreezeThaw.
05:43 hdl I wonder if ot could come from that.
05:53 rach is 5.55pm here so I suspect he might be off finding beer or dinner or both
05:53 rach (friday night)
05:56 chris that sounds quite plausible HDL
05:56 chris i had a look but i couldnt figure out what was different but htat might be it
05:59 chris now im going to find some food, ill will bbl

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