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13:59 owen kados?
13:59 dewey kados are u around?
13:59 owen dewey, are you looking for him too?
13:59 dewey owen: wish i knew
13:59 paul hi owen.
14:00 owen Hi paul
14:00 paul 11 bugfixes to commit in my bag ;-)
14:01 owen Yeah, you found the fix for the single-digit member number search?
14:01 paul yep, 1 line bugfix ;-)
14:01 paul (1 digit = "search by clicking on a alphabet letter => search only on surname")
14:02 paul now, it also search on barcode ;-)
14:27 owen paul, do you know of some good documentation for html::template::pro ?
14:27 owen I guess I'd even settle for mediocre documentation
14:27 paul owen, nope sorry. I thought it was like HTML::Template
14:27 paul & I never saw any diff, so H:T doc should apply
14:28 owen It has more features, which I'd like to explore
14:28 paul It includes HTML::Template::Expr features iirc
14:28 owen Perhaps those are all the new features it brings, and otherwise the Pro version is just improved performance?
14:29 paul afaik, the main goal was to increase speed
14:33 owen <!-- TMPL_IF EXPR="totaldue eq 0.00" -->
14:33 owen        <p>Total due: <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="totaldue" --></p>
14:33 owen    <!-- TMPL_ELSE -->
14:33 owen        <p>No outstanding charges</p>
14:33 owen    <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
14:33 owen I like being able to do that
14:34 paul it should work if I don't mind
14:38 paul right (hi kados)
14:38 kados hiya paul
14:39 owen I assumed that was just how Koha worked, since that's what it outputs with a clean accountlines table
14:39 kados owen: i think there's a syspref for the number of decimal points, or maybe it's in the currency table or sth
14:49 hdl paul : H::T::Pro was also chosen for utf8 display.
14:49 paul yep. in fact, it was choosen ONLY because Tumer had problems with utf8 with H::T
14:50 paul otherwise, we would still be with H::T I think
14:50 hdl and had solved them with H::T::Pro.
14:50 hdl this is the main reason.
15:20 thd kados: are you at the office yet?
15:25 owen Why do we have streetnumber + raddetails + address for primary address and not alternate address?
15:25 owen (raddetails -> roaddetails )
15:27 paul owen : the san-op goal is to be able to have geographic analysis of their patrons
15:27 paul and main address is what they need
15:27 paul so, roaddetails & streetnumber are only useful for that
15:29 paul (but before, I'll send 12 patches :-D )
15:29 kados paul++
15:30 libtux hi..i am trying to install koha on ubuntu6.06 and when i am trying to install mysql4.2 on that i got the error like Package mysql-server-4.1 is a virtual package provided by:
15:30 libtux  mysql-server-5.0 5.0.22-0ubuntu6.06.3
15:30 libtux You should explicitly select one to install.
15:30 libtux E: Package mysql-server-4.1 has no installation candidate
15:31 libtux so can i know how to solve this error???
15:31 kados cool
15:37 paul libtux: i'm afraid you can't, except by compiling mySQL4 yourself
15:54 thd msg kados kados: as a point of information Karen Coyle is only working on Open Library part time and not on the code directly.  She may be unaware of how great the wiki limitations are such as preventing the use of relator terms to distinguish editor, translator, etc.
15:56 thd oops
19:35 owen kados, what's the best way to see the history of a file with git?
19:37 kados hmmm, probably on gitweb
19:37 kados -> tree -> file -> history
19:38 kados git doesn't store history by file like cvs does
19:38 kados it stores the history of the repository
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