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12:29 owen Hi #koha
12:30 paul hi owen
12:30 paul sweet night ?
12:45 owen My 8-month old son was up every hour, so not such a good night
12:47 paul so you have 2 childrens ?
12:48 owen Yes, my daughter is 4 now, and my son was born in January
12:49 paul wow... I ignored that ! congratulations. What's the name of the baby ? what's the exact birthday ?
12:50 paul (a question that can sound strange : were does woman go to have their baby, when they live in Athens or Nelsonville ? Where is the closest hospital for that ?)
12:51 paul (france is so "small" that, except in a few places, you're always less than 30mn from an hospital)
12:52 owen There are hospitals in Nelsonville and Athens. We went to Athens. Some people may even travel farther if their hospital doesn't have the right kind of birthing center for them.
14:01 owen Hi foxnorth
14:01 foxnorth hey owen
14:16 dbs paul: there's always the option of a birth at home - although you still want to be close to a hospital, just in case
14:17 paul dbs : it's a very very uncommon thing in France.
14:17 paul although my wife is a mid-wife and could have done it for our boys.
14:18 owen Yeah, dbs, my co-worker is planning a home birth with a midwife
14:18 owen Paul, I have a question about acquisitions if you have a moment
14:18 paul throw it
14:18 owen When creating a new basket...
14:18 owen There are some lines of information about the basket details: basket number, managed by, open on, etc.
14:19 owen Those are all blank. Is this expected for a new basket?
14:19 paul yes : the basket header is created in fact only when the 1st line is entered
14:19 paul (and the basket header contains those fields)
14:20 owen So we could hide that list of information if <!-- TMPL VAR NAME="basketno" --> is not present?
14:21 paul yep
14:27 paul owen : what's the status of the members stuff ?
14:27 owen I sent you an email yesterday... The patches you sent wouldn't apply for me.
14:27 paul (because I see no link to add a new patron, which is a little problematic ;-) )
14:28 owen Did you submit them to chris?
14:28 paul i've seen it. I have commited everything & chris/kados applied it to main trunck
14:28 owen good, I wasn't sure from the list of git reports
14:29 owen The link to add new patron will be in the patrons toolbar, which hasn't been built yet
14:29 paul (adding error management for memberentry, from hdl, +fixing error on duplicate entry process+fixing previous fix
14:29 paul )
14:59 paul owen : what do you think of : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]s/
15:00 paul (the "add patron" on the left). it's in
15:00 paul (login abel/abel as usual)
15:01 paul + how can I add a "tab" like the search patrons / Check out / Search the catalog that is on the top of this screen)
15:01 paul (to "tab" Personal Information / Contacts / Library management)
15:02 owen Joshua and I are talking about building an almost application-like toolbar for most pages which would include common actions like add, edit, delete, etc.
15:02 owen This is one example we liked:
15:02 owen We might have that toolbar extending across the top of "main" content area, below the breadcrumb navigation
15:03 paul add and edit/delete are not on the same level
15:03 paul you want to add without anything selected, while you have to be on a "detail" page to edit or delete
15:03 paul (or at least on a list of details)
15:04 owen Sure. So on pages where the 'delete' button doesn't make sense, it is disabled.
15:07 paul owen : and what about the "tab" feature ? how to use it ?
15:13 paul owen : can you explain how the "tab" works ?
15:14 owen sorry paul, I was on the phone
15:14 paul no probl.
15:15 owen This is the page for the jquery plugin:
15:16 owen The content for each tab is wrapped in a div with an id. The tabs are an unordered list
15:16 owen Each item in the unordered list links to an anchor that is the id for the div.
15:17 paul and the <div id="header_search"> is managing everything (with the #header_search.tabs() that is in staff-global.js
15:18 paul so, If I want another tab, I have to add it in staff-global.js, right ?
15:18 owen Yes, the content divs and the unordered list are wrapped in another div that the jquery plugin references
15:18 owen No, not to staff-global, unless you're adding another truly global element
15:18 owen Just embed the <script> in the <head> of the page you need tabs on
15:18 paul ah, ok.
15:19 paul <script>$('#my_tab').tabs();</script>
15:19 paul let me try...
15:21 owen $(document).ready(function() {
15:21 owen $('#header_search').tabs();
15:21 owen });
15:22 owen the "$(document).ready(function(){ " part ensures that the script is run when the DOM is ready
16:14 CGI849 Hello?
16:14 dewey Hello are you online ?
16:14 owen Hi CGI849
16:14 CGI849 Hi there :)
16:14 CGI849 Got a quick question
16:14 CGI849 I'm trying to install koha...I'm pretty new at this.
16:15 CGI849 When I run the, the script uses the wrong user name and password to authenticate to mysql.
16:16 CGI849 It tries to use the kohaadmin rather than root.
16:16 CGI849 Does anyone know where I should look to fix this problem?
16:16 CGI849 Or am I in the wrong place alltogether :)
16:17 CGI849 Koha 2.2.9
16:17 owen You're in the right place, but the right people may not be online right now
16:17 owen I'm not familiar with the installer
16:34 paul owen : i'm sorry to bug you again, but why are there various "search_form" on the top, depending on the context. I think it's more troubleshooting than helpful. Can't we define a common & useful search_form ?
16:34 paul something like Search catalogue / Search patron / Check out (and maybe another)
16:35 paul the default one depending on the context.
16:36 owen Our idea is to tie the search form very closely to the page contents. For instance the main "check out" page might not have anything on it except the "check out" form at the top
16:36 owen On other pages, that form will be the default search for that content
16:37 owen on the Road Types admin page
16:37 owen Instead of having the search down in the main content area, it's part of the default search choices
16:38 owen That's what we're trying to do, at least. I'm not entirely convinced it's going to work in all cases. But we need to get further along in the interface design before we can really evaluate
11:55 kados morning all
11:55 kados slef, you around?
11:59 hdl hi kados

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