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12:52 owen paul?
12:52 dewey i think paul is 4 times' DADDY
12:52 paul hi owen
12:52 owen Hi Paul, I'm just now looking over the new member entry template
12:52 paul our stupid bot is right... quite unusual...
12:53 paul yep. Note that it's probably buggy. I haven't tested it yet.
12:53 owen paul, are you familiar with it, or should I be asking hdl?
12:53 paul you should ask hdl.
12:53 paul but he's back on monday only
12:53 owen Okay. I'll either figure it out or I'll wait :)
12:54 paul owen, a quick question : there are zillions of intranetstylesheet => C4::Context ...
12:54 paul (almost one in each script)
12:54 paul they are useless, as loads this pref everytime.
12:54 paul + with actual templates, the intranetstylesheet is no more supported.
12:55 paul <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="themelang" -->/css/staff-global.css" />
12:55 paul but :
12:55 paul <!-- TMPL_IF name="intranetstylesheet" -->
12:55 owen I think the intranetstylsheet => C4::Context in the script is a relic of an earlier version, before was modified
12:56 paul <link rel=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="intranetstylesheet" -->...>
12:56 paul <!-- TMPL_ELSE -->
12:56 paul <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="themelang" -->/css/staff-global.css" />
12:56 paul <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
12:56 paul if there is an intranetstylesheet defined, use it instead of staff-global.css
12:56 paul do you agree ?
12:57 owen Yes: we're still trying to sort out how to handle alternate style sheets. Right now we're working just with staff-global for the sake of simplicity. Ultimately we'll have the intranetstylesheet option as well as options for setting an alternate color stylesheet like the NPL templates in rel_2_2
12:57 paul owen will probably lighten my darkness ;-)
12:58 owen intranetstylesheet allowed you to drop in a completely new stylesheet, right? A full URL to an an external stylesheet?
12:58 owen The color stylesheet pref allows you to point to a stylsheet that changes color info only. That lets the user set a color scheme while leaving the layout unchanged
12:59 paul ok, but the colorstylesheet is a css isn't it ?
12:59 owen Yes
13:16 paul owen ? a few minuts for another question ?
13:16 owen yes
13:16 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]rc/
13:17 paul (abel/abel)
13:17 paul the check in / transfer /set library /Holds to pull ...
13:17 paul is <div class="yiu-b">
13:17 paul shouln't it have an id ?
13:18 paul <div class="yui-b" id="toolbar"> or something like that
13:18 paul ?
13:18 owen It can, if we find it's necessary for CSS and/or javascript.
13:18 owen It's just a first draft
13:18 paul OK
13:19 paul playing with something you don't know well & that is not finished is sometimes a hard job ;-)
13:19 paul (what is unfinished & what is unknown ?)
13:20 owen If you're playing with CSS and feel you need an id or class somewhere, feel free to add it. I want the markup to be as flexible as possible
13:20 paul (to change the submenu layout without changing all yui-b)
13:21 paul OK, i'll try.
13:24 paul owen : do you think it would be better to have a <div id="toolbar"> in, or update circulation.tmpl to write : <div class="yui-b toolbar" > ?
13:25 paul (or <div class="yui-b" id="toolbar">)
13:27 owen Probably better to add the extra div to, because, for instance, we sometimes have two includes in the left-hand sidebar.
13:27 owen circulation.tmpl loads too, to display patron links if there is a patron loaded
13:29 paul OK
13:29 paul mmm...
13:29 paul so we can't use a id="toolbar", but a class="toolbar".
13:30 paul (or a id="toolbar-members" and a id="toolbar-circ".
13:30 paul but I think that would result in too many "toolbar-XXX" and be confusing.
13:30 owen Or a toolbar class plus an id for each if you want circ menu items to be different from patron menu items
13:31 paul owen: ++
13:31 paul (although the stylesheet will be very tricky to manipulate ;-) )
13:32 paul mmm... owen : there is are xxx-menu and some menu-xxx. Is it a bug ?
13:32 paul or a feature ?
13:32 dewey a feature is broken in the script
13:34 owen To me, it's a feature :). I changed the naming convention when I started re-writing the templates. I wanted related files to be grouped, like and
13:34 owen I'm willing to be convinced that's not any more efficient, however. It's just how I did it.
13:36 paul so, at the end, all menus should be ?
13:37 owen That's the way I planned it. The files are going to go away, because those menus are going to be broken down into and
13:38 owen will include toolbar-like actions like Add, Edit, Delete. The toolbar inc will be embedded at the top of the main page content
13:39 owen I haven't had a chance to start on the toolbar files yet
13:42 kados hey gang
13:42 kados owen: I like the naming convention
13:48 paul hey kados.
13:48 paul (the naming convention : you're speaking of our previous discussion or something else ?)
13:49 kados your previous discussion :-)
13:49 kados MODULE-menu and MODULE-toolbar
13:49 kados it might also be
13:49 kados PAGE-toolbar
13:49 kados in some cases
13:50 owen Yes
13:51 paul page-toolbar,like in :
13:51 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
13:51 paul for Admin / acquisition /Authorities/catalogue/... /staff client/ ... others
13:51 paul ?
13:54 kados yep
13:54 paul consider it done ;-)
13:55 paul owen : will you work on the templates today ?
13:55 owen All day!
13:55 paul OK, so I do nothing ;-)
13:55 owen Let 'em come
13:55 kados owen's been a template trooper lately :-)
13:55 paul hired by LibLime ?
13:55 owen I'm not afraid of a little conflict
13:56 kados hehe
13:56 owen No, strictly in the interests of NPL
13:56 paul I have other things to do, I can wait...
13:56 kados NPL++
13:56 owen ...although my boss wonders sometimes... ;)
13:58 paul lol
14:01 owen admin/charges.tmpl no longer used?
14:07 paul grep -R "charges.tmpl" * shows nothing, so I think you're right
14:13 slef paul: pq parles-tu de Koha 3.0 NoZebra?  Existe-il déjà?
14:13 paul slef : of cours, NoZebra exists & works quite correctly.
14:13 paul (although a little bit under-documented)
14:13 slef paul: is it a syspref or what?
14:13 paul it's a syspref, yes. 2 in fact ;-)
14:14 slef Will you patch README.txt with the details, please?
14:14 paul look at misc/migration_tools/ script, that should be useful
14:16 slef paul: does that get run by the web installer?
14:16 paul not yet.
14:16 slef it will?
14:17 paul in fact, I could answer "yes" to your question...
14:17 slef ok... have you 5 mins to explain kohala AG to me?
14:17 paul because we just need to add a sql file to load during step3, that set NoZebra=1 and NoZebraIndexes=...
14:18 paul yes, of course, what is your question exactly ?
14:18 slef Can me and other UK users appoint people to represent us at the AG?
14:19 paul I don't know why you couldn't
14:19 slef How do we choose who to appoint?
14:19 paul I don't see why you couldn't
14:20 paul you can choose randomly ;-)
14:20 slef As in, do we know the votes to be held and do we know people's positions on them?
14:20 paul (except that, iirc, there is a limit to how many ppl someone can represent)
14:20 slef s/As in/C'est à dire/
14:20 paul We will choose President, Trésorier and Secrétaire
14:21 paul the only 3 mandatory positions.
14:21 paul we may have a vice-president as well, but not mandatory.
14:21 slef Can we tell representatives how to vote?  (That is what happens in proxy votes in England, IME.)
14:21 paul atm, the 4 founders have one position each.
14:21 paul of course you can. but to vote you must be a member of the association.
14:22 paul and to be a member of the association, you must have paid your yearly ticket.
14:22 slef ok, how do people join?
14:22 slef (I don't think koha.lists.katipo... has ever been told)
14:22 paul p nalon is preparing a paper for ppl wanting to join
14:22 paul (in fact, we haven't imagined we could have non french members ;-) )
14:23 slef erm, there are a lot of non-french koha users...
14:23 slef not sure whether you remember that ;-)
14:23 paul yep, but it's a french association.
14:24 paul at dev week, last year, we spoke of this question : it's too hard to have a world wide association/NPO
14:24 slef so?  Seems little point having an association in each country, at least in Euro-zone
14:24 paul so, we begin with "local" ones.
14:24 paul "little point" ?
14:24 slef there is a cost and not much benefit
14:25 slef I don't remember the dev week discussion (what a surprise). Is there a record?
14:26 slef Actually, is dev week the bit in the south of FR I wasn't at?
14:37 paul slef : right.
14:38 slef cool - so who's our worldwide NPO expert?
14:38 paul owen : i've played with global-staff.css, feel free to look at it at http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/
14:39 owen Looking good, paul
14:39 paul owen : already quite nice, without any template change. Just one thing that seems not correct : the white area that encloses the left menu
14:39 owen That's definitely more what I have in mind for the final version, but I'm leaving that until I'm further along.
14:39 paul I would like to have it just for the "work area", but it's not possible atm, because there is no "workingarea" unless i've missed something
14:40 paul no prob
14:40 paul i'm already happy with that.
14:40 owen Do you mean like what "mainbloc" was before?
14:41 paul yep
14:49 owen paul: we may need to add something, an extra div
14:49 paul That's what I think too
14:59 kados[…]7/agendapage.html
14:59 kados hopefully they'll have wireless so I can be on chat at the same time :-)
15:00 owen I hope you're there already, because I don't think you can make it from Athens in 30 min.
15:00 kados hehe
15:00 kados yea, I'm in champaign already
15:00 kados drove up last night
15:01 kados ok, I'm signing off, bbiab
15:03 paul owen : where is Champaign located ?
15:04 owen Illinois
15:04 paul thanks, (
15:07 paul owen : "I drove up last night" means he reached champaign by car ? seems a medium trip (300miles ?)
15:08 owen Yes. Google says 6 hours
15:16 owen admin/ & admin/ both not used anymore? Replaced by categorie.tmpl/pl ?
15:18 paul iirc, yes.
15:18 paul we spoke of that recently on koha-devel
15:19 paul (I started the thread : database structure : some cleaning)
15:19 paul aug, 8
15:20 owen Ah, database structure. I didn't pay very close attention to that :)
19:37 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: rangi n=nnchris@
22:17 [K] * ru55el@FreeNode clocks on for Koha Project Day - it has been a while
22:17 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> Chris and I are working on a user contributed help feature
07:45 btoumi hi all
07:45 btoumi chris are u around?
07:46 btoumi kados are u around?

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