IRC log for #koha, 2007-09-15

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Time S Nick Message
13:50 kados hi all
15:03 thd ryan: ping
16:42 owen Anyone around that knows anything about label generation in 3.0?
18:59 ryan hi owen
19:00 ryan possibly not all of the db changes are there?
19:00 owen Hi ryan
19:01 owen What happens is I fill out the form on, submit, and I'm taken back to label-home
19:03 owen ryan, what should I look for in the db to check?
19:05 ryan labels_templates table.
19:06 owen I see labels and labels_conf
19:07 ryan yep - you need to update.
19:07 ryan i can send you sql to drop and add needed tables.
19:08 owen Thanks
19:09 ryan actually, it's up to date in kohastructure.sql
19:10 ryan but i'll send you two files, structure, and some default layouts

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