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12:05 Brooke howdy
13:26 kados morning pecisk, owen, Brook
13:26 owen Hi kados
13:34 kados slef++ for all the responses on the lists
13:36 paul kados : 'morning to you.
13:37 paul do you have a minut to speak of template modifs ?
13:40 paul (owen : if you're around, you can answer my questions as well I suppose)
13:41 owen Sure
13:48 paul g'morning owen
13:49 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/ (login abel / abel)
13:49 paul is the uptodate git repo afaik
13:49 paul I have some questions about what is done and what is not done.
13:49 paul the left menu sometimes appear (like in, sometimes not (like in http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/
13:49 paul what is correct ?
13:50 paul on, there is a koha logo, with a form (Search patrons / Check out)
13:50 owen Our new design has the left-hand menu space changing based on the context of the page
13:50 paul sometimes there is no form (http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]alogue/
13:50 owen I'm in the process of adding the form to almost all pages
13:51 paul sometimes the form contains other values (http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]c/
13:51 owen The primary form action will change based on the context of the page
13:51 paul so there should usually be one ?
13:52 paul mmm... let's speak of things one after each other... so, the left menu...
13:52 paul on catalogue/, there is none
13:52 paul on circ/, there is a small one
13:53 paul on http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]qui/ there is a small one PLUS the previous complete one.
13:53 owen We haven't finished sorting that out
13:53 owen Almost none of the left-hand menus are correct at the moment
13:54 paul OK, so there should be no "old" menu on the left once done, right ?
13:54 owen Yes, that's the plan
13:54 paul sounds OK.
13:54 paul about the primary form, what will it contain ?
13:55 paul why, for example, is there Check out and Search the catalog on http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]rc/
13:56 paul and Search Patrons / Check out and Search the catalog at http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]s/
13:56 kados hi paul
13:56 paul is it unfinished, or there's something i'm missing ?
13:56 kados the global search is contextual
13:56 owen the idea is that the primary search action changes based on the primary purpose of the module
13:56 kados the options will change depending on the module you're in
13:57 kados we're supporing 'habitability' for users that will always go to the same  place to do a search
13:57 kados even if the search is fr a different thing
13:57 paul habitability ? (I understand the word, it's the same in gfrench, but not what you mean)
13:58 kados users form habits
13:58 kados we want to support those habits in the design
13:58 kados to make it easier for users to perform a given function
13:58 paul it's like usability ?
14:00 kados it's one part of usability
14:00 kados w00t
14:00 kados paul++
14:00 kados has hdl made progress on member entry?
14:00 paul today & friday, hdl is demo-ing Koha to a MAJOR library : BSG
14:01 kados cool
14:01 paul (Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève)
14:01 paul (more than 1 million documents...)
14:01 kados that's great, paul
14:01 paul yes, he did a lot of progress on member entry, but on previous templates.
14:01 paul so we can't commit it for instance.
14:02 kados it should be simple to convert, only about 15 lines or so
14:02 paul I think we will wait until you've stabilised the stuff.
14:02 kados header, and footer
14:02 kados sure
14:02 paul probably, but if we try to cherry-pick, it fails miserabily. iirc I had to do port manually 5 of the 13 commits
14:03 paul (but that was easy, I agree. Easier than solving failed automatic merges ;-) )
14:03 kados hehe
14:04 paul http://coupe-du-monde-de-rugby[…]s-tonga-live.html
14:04 kados hehe
14:04 paul (15-25 vs tonga)
14:04 kados wow
14:04 kados go tonga
14:05 paul kados & owen : do you have a timeline to finish the template stuff ?
14:07 kados I think those items will take longer than the template modifs
14:07 kados esp since the template modifs are fairly incremental
14:07 kados (once we get the global elements done)
14:08 kados (and they are nearly done I think, maybe 2-3 modules left?)
14:11 kados paul: did you see MJ's comments on koha-dev about updating?
14:12 paul nope I go now to read them
14:15 paul kados : you speak of the aug,31 mail, isn't it ?
14:16 kados yes
14:31 paul answered
14:35 paul kados : about the release = OK, but the timeline for the template stuff is important for us, as the memberentry will be after.
14:35 paul so is it a question of a few days or a few weeks ?
14:36 paul (not sure it's not a frenchism...)
14:38 paul hello slef
14:38 slef So who wants to answer that dual-database question from koha.lists.katipo?
14:38 slef hi paul
14:43 kados slef: the Jon Bek one?
14:51 kados sent
14:52 kados sorry in advance for top posting
14:52 kados I didn't have time to convert his html email into text and reformat :-)
15:07 paul kados / owen, about memberentry (rewritted)
15:07 paul I could deal with hdl commit & new structure
15:07 paul Here is the result :
15:07 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]d&category_type=A
15:07 paul BUT :
15:08 paul Personal Information / Contacts / Library management are javascript, that is supposed to show & hide part of the template
15:08 paul (like the main form)
15:08 paul Can I use the main form we spoke with owen previously for this ?
15:08 paul and how do I do exactly ?
15:09 kados paul: could we make the 'three tabs' feature an option?
15:09 paul ???
15:09 kados I know several libraries in the US don't like to have to fill out more than one page
15:09 kados (even if it's just one page really)
15:10 owen That could be handled with custom CSS+custom js
15:10 kados (they don't want it split into 3 pages)
15:10 slef kados: thanks.
15:10 paul owen : custom means specific CSS, or there is already something somewhere ?
15:10 slef and +1 to simplifying forms and stripping out js ;-)
15:11 owen slef: progressive enhancement
15:11 owen paul: I'm using a jquery plugin to manage tabs (including the resident search form)
15:13 owen
15:16 owen Paul, do you want to send me what you have and I'll finish the process of setting up the tabs?
15:18 paul owen send by mail or through git ?
15:19 paul OK, done
15:19 paul can kados accept patch immediatly or do we need to wait for chris ?
15:20 paul (he should be sleeping now, was looking at the rugby match with Laurel, so should be consolating her)
15:20 kados paul: send it directly to me
15:21 kados or you can send it to owen actually
15:21 paul owen, what is your preferred mail ?
15:21 owen
15:21 paul oleonard at ?
15:22 paul ok, sent
15:27 owen Thanks paul
15:55 CGI860 Hi there,  I am looking for web-based OSS that can help me organize my eBook collection.  I am hoping to be able to browse by subject or author and search by title, etc.  Does Koha fit that bill?
16:12 owen CGI860: How big is your collection?
16:25 CGI860 10000+
16:25 owen Wow, you really could use a system for help!
16:25 CGI860 I need storage of the files, and the ability to download them from the interface.
16:26 owen One question to ask is whether Koha comes with more stuff than you really need--acquisitons, reports, patron management, etc.
16:26 CGI860 I don't need "checkout/checkin" or physical inventory.
16:26 CGI860 Yeah, I am sure it does.
16:26 owen Yeah... And Koha right now doesn't have a system for storing electronic resources.
16:26 CGI860 But I can ignore stuff I dont need, as long as it does do the stuff I do need.  :-)
16:27 owen ...Although I think Katipo has a product for that? I'm not sure if it's been released.
16:27 CGI860 Oh.  Well that pretty much wraps up that discussion.
16:27 CGI860 Oh?
16:27 CGI860 What is that?
16:27 owen I don't see it on their site, so I could be making that up:
16:28 CGI860 Hmmm... oh well.
16:28 owen Catch chris or rach when New Zealand wakes up and ask one of them
16:28 CGI860 Any other pointers of possible products that you know of that I might check out?
16:28 owen Nothing I know of, but my library doesn't manage electronic resources in that way so I'm out of the loop
16:29 CGI860 Ah well.  Thanks anyway for trying.
17:08 slef erm, oops
17:08 slef I think I just went in a bit hard on Rick.
17:16 slef kados++ for the dual-db answer, it seems
17:16 slef /names
17:16 [K] *** #koha@FreeNode names: [K] rangi ru55el
02:36 masonj nice

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