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12:34 kados mornin owen
12:35 owen Hi
12:35 hdl hi
12:35 dewey niihau, hdl
12:35 kados hi hdl
12:41 kados heh
14:18 kados mornin foxnorth
14:18 foxnorth hey kados: Just going over your list of ideas
14:19 foxnorth i think you've hit most of them, and some I hadn't thought of, too
14:19 kados sweet
14:19 kados yea, nice to be at a point where we can actually contain the ideas to one page :-)
14:19 foxnorth hehe
14:53 owen kados: you up for a git question?
14:53 kados sure
14:53 kados we pushed up all your patches
14:54 owen I made a bunch of changes this morning, trying out a jquery tabs plugin. Now I'm having second thoughts about how it looks, wanting to compare it to the previous version
14:54 kados ahh
14:54 owen Can I commit these changes, create a new branch, and see the "original" ?
14:54 kados yep
14:54 kados that'd be the way to go
14:54 kados make sure you comit all changes
14:55 owen When I switch branches, git is actually changing the files on the server?
14:55 kados you have to checkout that new branch
14:55 kados sec
14:56 kados git checkout -b newbranch origin
14:56 kados that should update the working copy
14:56 kados then, make your comparison, and if you make changes commit
14:56 kados then switch back to the other one
14:56 kados git branch newbranch
14:56 kados git checkout -f newbranch (I think)
14:57 kados oops
14:57 kados git checkout -f oldbranch
14:57 kados will switch to the othe rone
14:57 kados other one I mean
14:58 owen I see--the checkout process updates the actual files to reflect that branch
15:00 kados *nod*
15:01 kados that's generally called the 'working copy' ... at least in CVS
15:01 kados not sure whether the nominclature's different in git
15:06 owen I'm not sure I understand what the -f and -b flags do. The -f checks out a "fresh" copy from the master repository?
15:06 kados[…]git-checkout.html
15:07 owen Yeah, that's what's confusing me :)
15:07 kados ahh
15:07 kados ok, so -b makes the new branch if it doesn't exist
15:07 kados -f throws away local changes
15:07 owen What does it mean, "Create a new branch named <new_branch> and start it at <branch>"
15:08 kados git-checkout [-q] [-f] [[--track | --no-track] -b <new_branch> [-l]] [-m] [<branch>]
15:08 kados so
15:08 kados git checkout -b newbranch origin
15:08 kados means
15:08 owen You can add <branch> to start your new branch based on a preexisting one?
15:08 kados yea
15:08 kados you got it
15:09 owen Okay, so I've checked out newbranch, tested, and not made any changes. I wan to switch back to oldbranch
15:09 owen git checkout -f oldbranch ?
15:09 kados yea
15:09 kados the thing yo have to remember
15:09 kados -f will discard changes in the working branch
15:09 kados sorry
15:09 kados working copy
15:09 kados ie, the actual files
15:09 kados so you'll lose uncommitted changes
15:10 kados in the branch you're moving from
15:10 owen Okay, I think it's starting to gel
15:12 jaron owen: I thought this git tutorial was a really good start:[…]ocs/tutorial.html
15:13 jaron owen: there're also a few others that go more in depth but I haven't even needed most of what I read in those
15:14 owen Thanks jaron. I'm actually really starting to enjoy the way git works
15:15 jaron yeah, I'm mainly dealing with svn repos and I still use git through git-svn because branching and merging is so much easier.  
15:17 jaron owen: if you do experimental branches--for like your in house templates then you might want to look at the git-rebase command as well to keep up with recent developments.
09:51 toogreen hello?
09:51 dewey hello are you online ?
09:52 toogreen me?
09:53 paul toogreen : dewey is a stupid bot ;-)
09:54 toogreen hi paul
09:54 toogreen I just have a question about koha
09:54 toogreen I'm looking at using it for the school i work at
09:55 toogreen u think u can help?
09:55 toogreen just a question about the database
09:55 paul yep, I should be able to help
09:56 toogreen ok well the school already has an old library software all in Chinese
09:56 toogreen the database i believe is a MS SQL one
09:56 toogreen where the data is stored
09:56 toogreen Now I haven't looked at it yet
09:56 toogreen but Is it possible to import that into Koha?
09:57 paul of course, but it will require some hacking for sure.
09:57 toogreen I read the docs, the whole Linux install part seems fairly easy
09:57 paul even if your soft is old, can you export your catalogue in "iso2709" format ?
09:57 toogreen good question! I'm not sure about that
09:58 toogreen I'm more familiar with MySQL than MS SQL
09:58 toogreen I will probably need some external help for the export
09:58 toogreen do you know if MS SQL lets you export as iso2709?
09:59 paul it's a typical ILS feature
09:59 toogreen God i hate windows. :(
09:59 toogreen so how do you think I can hack this up?
10:00 toogreen :/
10:00 toogreen hold on my gf wants to use her Macbook
10:00 toogreen i,ll switch to my PC
10:01 toogreen brb
10:10 toogreen hi there, I'm back
10:11 toogreen So anyone has any idea how to convert a MS SQL database to iso-2*** (what is it again?)
10:13 toogreen Looks like it's gonna be complicated huh :|
10:27 paul toogreen: iso2709
10:27 paul it's not a pure SQL thing.
10:28 paul an iso2709 is a ILS oriented file. If you don't have tools to write it, you'll never succeed (as it's a binary format)
10:28 paul let me show you a sample of iso2709 file :
10:29 chris[…]tml/features.html
10:29 paul 5759999999:40929479001001aSDC 12 21389101587cjm  22003493  450 00100210000000900470002102100520006807100430012007​30018001631000041001811010008002221020007002301260​02500237200015800262210006800420215008100488225002​80056930500740059730600360067150000310070760800370​07386080029007756080035008046200053008396860070008​92700004600962702004401008702005101052702005101103​801003901154930004401193FRBNF409294830000001
10:29 paul 5759999999:40929483001001a​FRbDLS-20061027-978301bEMI classicsa0946 3 77365 2 4cboîte 0a0094637736524  a20061027d2006    u  y0frey0103    ba  aita  aXX  aaguxhxx||||||bdbbex1 aIl trovatorebEnregistrement sonorefVerdi, comp.gMaria Callas, S (Leonora)gGiuseppe di Stefano, T (Manrico)... [et al.]gHerbert von Karajan, dir.  a[Europe]cEMIa[France]c[distrib. EMI music France]d[DL 2006]  a2 disques compacts (1 h 07 min 45 s, 1 h 01 min 33 s)cADD, monoe1
10:29 paul brochure1 aEMI classics historical  aEnregistrement : (Italie) Milan, Teatro alla Scala, 19560803-19560809  aProd. : EMI music Italy, P 200411313920590aIl trovatore  amusique dramatique vocale2frTAV  amusique classique2frTAV  aédition phonographique2frTAV31aitdMilaneTeatro alla Scalaf19560803f19560809  a1042Cadre de classement de la Bibliographie nationale française |313900805aVerdibGiuseppef1813-19014230 |313892080aCallasbMariaf1923-19774721
10:29 paul |312359619aDi StefanobGiuseppef1921-....4721 |313895852aKarajanbHerbert vonf1908-19894250 0aFRbBNFc20061027gAFNOR2intermrc  
10:29 paul hi chris ;-)
10:29 chris you could use marcedit to make a iso2709 file
10:29 chris but you would have to understand MARC
10:30 chris what i would do, is get a sample of your data out, and ask on the koha list if anyone can help you map it to MARC
10:30 chris there are some librarians who know a lot about cataloguing and might be able to help you out
10:30 chris hi paul :)
10:31 paul chris a quick git question...
10:31 chris yep
10:31 paul i'm trying to merge all the recent updates owen did
10:32 chris right
10:32 paul I'm on my branch (BibLibre)
10:32 chris yep
10:32 paul and does a git merge origin
10:32 chris if you want all the changes
10:32 chris i would do
10:32 chris git fetch
10:32 chris git rebase origin
10:33 paul what's the diff between both ?
10:33 chris merge takes your current repo and tries to merge the changes
10:33 chris git rebase origin
10:34 chris takes the repo back to the point it was at the branch, applies all the changes that happened in the origin since then
10:34 chris then applies all your changes after
10:34 paul ok, that's right. (I knew that... but things are still sometimes merged in my brain as well ;-) )
10:34 chris :-)
10:35 chris young children make brain merges :-)
10:35 paul LEt me explain what I want to do at the end...
10:35 chris ok
10:35 paul on my branch BibLibre, there is something like 50 commits.
10:35 chris yep
10:35 paul some of them (10-15) where just some tests hdl & me did.
10:35 chris right
10:35 paul I don't want to submit them.
10:36 paul (they are sometime Add a line / remove the line / add it again / remove it again)
10:36 chris ok
10:36 paul how to "discard" those commits ?
10:36 chris that i dont know sorry
10:37 paul I was thinking to create a BibLibre2 branch, from origin. Then cherry pick the commits I want from BibLibre
10:37 paul then submit them to you.
10:37 chris ahh that might be the best way to do it
10:37 paul another question :
10:38 paul commits I did have been submitted & applied to main branch.
10:38 chris yep
10:38 paul however, they still look separate on qgit or git-gui
10:38 chris ahh probably as you havent done a rebase origin
10:39 paul nope, of course, as it would result in many conflicts (with my tests)
10:39 chris so you might want to switch to master
10:39 chris do a rebase origin
10:39 chris branch a new branch
10:39 chris switch to that (that will be now up to date with main)
10:39 chris and cherry pick from biblibre to that
10:39 chris does that make sense ?
10:40 paul yes, probably.
10:40 paul I'll try after lunch
10:40 chris cool
10:40 paul (almost 1PM in france)
10:40 paul have a good night
10:40 chris i have converted laurel to watching rugby, so she wants to see USA play .. so late night for us :-)
10:41 paul Matthieu (6months) still cries at 3AM every night...
10:41 chris kahu cries at 6am
10:41 paul and if Sandrine wakes up, he want some breast-food, so I do...
10:41 paul :-(
10:41 paul ok, going to lunch. Have a nice Rugby time with Laurel
10:42 chris :) have a nice lunch
11:07 toogreen sorry guys I ran out for a while... thanks for the help earlier

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