IRC log for #koha, 2007-08-30

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12:40 owen Good morning #koha
12:40 hdl hi owen
12:48 lloyd any liblimers around :)
12:52 hdl owen chris tnb ?
12:57 kados hey lloyd
13:17 lloyd ahh hey
13:18 lloyd I'm sure you're going to ask me to email russ, but i'm inpatient :)  -  any progress on my work? Money guys are asking what's happening
13:26 kados hehe
13:26 kados lets not talk about this in the koha channel
13:26 kados as it's not just liblimers here ;-)
17:53 libtux hi, I'm installing Koha on Ubuntu 6.06 server .. and I'm getting stuck at "sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Event"'
17:54 kados libtux: don't need Event anymore
18:04 libtux kados: but when I moved along I will get error again at sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Class::Accessor"'
18:05 libtux the error is "Writing Makefile for Class::Accessor"  
18:06 libtux looks like my CSPAN is not installed properly is that the case?
18:07 kados hmmm
18:07 kados maybe Class Accessor has some dependencies?
18:07 kados that aren't installed/
18:07 kados check for other errors
18:08 libtux is there a way I can paste the output after I run the "install "Class:Accessor"
18:09 libtux Checking if your kit is complete...
18:09 libtux Looks good
18:09 libtux Writing Makefile for Class::Accessor
18:09 libtux    -- NOT OK
18:09 libtux Running make test
18:09 libtux  Can't test without successful make
18:09 libtux Running make install
18:09 libtux  make had returned bad status, install seems impossible
18:09 kados huh
18:10 kados not very useful output from Class::Accessor
18:10 libtux there are a lot more before that
18:10 kados yea
18:10 kados but that error is the problem
18:10 libtux should I paste it here?
18:10 kados no
18:10 libtux ok
18:11 kados the NOT OK is where there should be better error reporting
18:11 kados hmmm
18:11 kados maybe google for similar probs?
18:11 libtux yeah.. that's exactly the same error I was getting when I ran "sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Event"'
18:12 kados weird
18:12 kados I'd recommend asking people who are more familiar with your distro
18:13 libtux oh I'm using ubuntu.. what are u using
18:14 kados debian
18:15 libtux okay.. mabye I shoudl switch to debian  :)
18:22 Brooke Howdy
18:22 dewey bonjour, Brooke
18:22 kados hey Brooke
18:22 Brooke bonjour dewey ca va?
18:23 kados dewey: botsnack
18:23 dewey :)
18:23 Brooke I had a friend that programmed a delightful chatbot :)
18:23 kados heh
18:25 Brooke so how are things?
18:26 kados not bad
18:27 kados busy, but not bad
20:05 Brooke karate time!

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