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12:32 hdl owen ?
12:32 dewey owen is hardly ever in direct contact with kados. We communicate here.
12:32 hdl kados ?
12:32 dewey i guess kados is champion alligator-wrestler in 7 counties
12:37 owen Hi hdl
12:40 hdl hi owen
12:40 hdl hi paul_
12:40 hdl hi paul__
12:41 hdl owen : I would like to redesign Members pages.
12:41 hdl But I would like to talk about that either with you or kados.
12:42 hdl Do you know who I should get in touch with ?
12:44 owen kados and I have been discussing strategies for redesigning Koha's interface, so either one or both of us
12:44 owen What do you have in mind?
12:45 hdl owen :
12:46 hdl well, member entry have different kind of information
12:46 hdl - personnal data
12:46 hdl (addresses and guarantor or relatives)
12:47 hdl - library management information (categorie and branch and cardnumber....)
12:49 hdl - notes and userids
12:49 hdl My idea would be to be able to manage information by "kind"
12:50 hdl I am on Member page.
12:50 hdl I want to edit personal data. I edit personnal data only rather than going through the three steps.
12:51 owen I certainly agree with not having to go through three steps. That might be useful when first adding a patron, but it's annoying when editing one
15:25 owen var text = new Array(_('Number'),_('Volume'),_('Issue'),
15:26 owen What is the purpose of the underscores and the nested parentheses?
17:33 hdl owen : which page ?
17:33 hdl subscription ?
17:33 owen yes
17:34 hdl But it is katipo Code.
17:35 hdl maybe to allow some reference to strings.
17:35 owen Strange. The javascript doesn't work with the _( stuff in. It works when I take it out, but the page gives me an error when I submit, so I don't know what's going on.
17:36 owen (500 error, not js error)
17:36 hdl Is that subscription-add ?
17:37 hdl worked for me.
17:44 hdl owen : are you under Windows or Mac ?
18:01 owen Windows, at the moment.
19:45 owen kados or chris: do you know how to "revert" an individual file in git?
19:45 owen Not something that has been committed, just something that has been modified
19:48 kados hmmm
19:48 kados good question
19:48 kados git checkout filename maybe?
19:48 kados try that
19:49 kados ahh, looks like the -f flag throws away local changes
19:49 kados git checkout -f filename
19:49 kados maybe need branch name too
19:49 kados git checkout -f filename branchname
19:52 owen that didn't work, but just plain git checkout filename did. Seems to have worked as expected.
19:52 kados cool
20:03 owen kados: git creates a separate patch file for each commit I've made since I last submitted a patch?
20:09 kados yes
20:09 kados seems like a pain but it's a good thing(tm)
20:10 kados there might be a way to have git-send-email find all the patches automatically
20:11 kados owen++
20:11 owen I hope it all works this time :)
20:11 kados me too :-)
20:12 owen Have a good flight kados, I'm hittin' the road.
20:12 kados cool, talk to you tomorrow
04:52 CGI984 hi all
04:53 CGI984 i had install Koha 2.8
04:53 CGI984 but i not able to understand much can u peaple help me out this
04:54 CGI984 hello any one pls help me
04:55 CGI984 pplease
07:04 hdl hi
07:40 chris hi hdl
07:40 hdl hi chris
07:43 chris i accepted your bug fix patch this morning and pushed it up, so it should appear at soon
07:46 CGI572 hi all
07:46 CGI572 i need help
07:47 hdl hi CGI572
07:47 CGI572 i want to translate koha in bulgarian
07:47 CGI572 which files must i modify?
07:47 hdl Good.
07:47 hdl Have you read wiki for translations ?
07:48 CGI572 no
07:48 CGI572 just a moment
07:48 hdl[…]ork&s=translation
07:48 CGI572 10x
07:49 hdl[…]/translation.html
07:50 chris also
07:52 hdl (thx chris... was linked in my 1st link)
07:52 chris ahhh cool
07:53 CGI572 thank you very much guys
07:53 CGI572 i think is a great project
07:55 CGI572 i begin with the translations today
07:55 CGI572 what next?
07:55 CGI572 after i finish
07:57 chris you could write documentation in bulgarian too :)
07:57 hdl :P
08:12 CGI572 ;)

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