IRC log for #koha, 2007-07-26

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13:54 Brooke Howdy :)
14:21 jaron hi, Brooke
14:22 Brooke how's it going
15:42 Brooke Hi foxnorth
15:51 foxnorth hi brooke -- sorry to run off but i'll be back in a bit
15:52 Brooke okie
17:53 Brooke I'm heading for lunch :)
20:50 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
21:57 chris morning all
02:48 owen kados?
02:48 dewey kados is, like, just a bit tied up
09:05 Fallor hello
09:05 dewey bonjour, Fallor
09:05 chris hi fallor
09:05 Fallor hi chris
09:06 Fallor are you very busy?
09:06 chris just about to go have a shower and go to bed :)
09:06 chris but i have 20 mins or so to spare
09:07 Fallor ah it's evening there of course
09:07 Fallor it's midday here
09:08 chris 9pm here
09:09 Fallor you're going to bed early :)
09:09 chris 8 month old son, you learn to get sleep when u can
09:10 Fallor ok :D
09:11 Fallor congratulations to a new dad
09:11 chris thanks :)
09:11 Fallor i was wondering if you could help me solve a z39.50 problem we ran into
09:12 chris i can try
09:12 Fallor great :)
09:12 Fallor the problem is that when we initiate a z39.50 search, all we get is a blank page
09:12 Fallor there is nothing in z39.50 logs
09:13 chris hhh
09:13 chris hmmm even
09:13 Fallor lots of stuff in koha-error_log though
09:13 chris this is 2.2.9?
09:13 Fallor yep
09:14 chris what templates? default or npl?
09:14 Fallor npl
09:14 chris i wonder, does it work if you switch to default?
09:14 Fallor i'll try
09:14 Fallor the line that got my attention (with npl templates) is like this:
09:14 Fallor [Tue Jul 24 14:43:44 2007] [error] [client] 0 error @attr 1=7 "/": Unsupported search (3) Missconfigured search, malformed at opac, referer:[…]tolainen,%20leena
09:14 chris hmmm
09:15 Fallor that's in koha-error_log
09:15 chris right
09:15 chris thats the server replying that we are handing it a malformed search request
09:16 Fallor oh, it works with default templates
09:16 chris right so there is a bug in the npl template
09:16 chris passing the wrong thing thru to the script
09:17 Fallor so it seems
09:17 chris which in turn passes the wrong thing through to the server
09:17 chris now its just to figure out what is different between default and npl
09:17 Fallor yep
09:18 Fallor they run the same scripts don't they?
09:18 chris yep
09:18 chris it will be the form in the template
09:19 Fallor hmm...?
09:20 chris missing an input or something like that
09:21 Fallor ok, i'll try to look into it
09:22 Fallor thanks for your help again :)
09:22 chris cool, if you get stuck, file a bug at (actually filing one and a patch to solve it would be great :))
09:22 chris no problem
09:22 Fallor the last patch i sent got lost somewhere ;)
09:22 Fallor it's to do with reports module
09:22 chris hmm cant remember seeing that one
09:23 Fallor there is a problem with calendar buttons that i found and fixed for version 2.5
09:23 chris ahh
09:23 Fallor it's back in 2.2.9
09:23 Fallor (2.2.5 of course)
09:23 chris darn
09:23 Fallor so i fixed it again, but i haven't yet sent the patch for that
09:26 JCATS hello
09:27 JCATS i get an error on ./ on koha-2.2.9 on server debian3.1r5
09:27 JCATS the 2 last lines are
09:27 JCATS Warning: line 132: Probably missing whitespace before or mi         ssing quotation mark near: class="submenu parameters" onMouseOver="CancelTimeOut(TI         D)" onMouseOut="TID=setTimeout('SetOff(7)',Mduration)"
09:27 JCATS Create FAILED.
09:28 JCATS I have set KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB
09:28 JCATS any idea why this happens?
09:33 JCATS hello
09:34 Fallor hello :D
09:34 Fallor i don't think there's anyone here that knows koha internals very throughly
09:34 chris bug in the template
09:34 Fallor at the moment
09:34 Fallor ah, i thought you'd already gone chris
09:35 chris just about to :)
09:35 chris has some badly formed html
09:35 JCATS the solution?
09:35 dewey i think the solution is that you have to create a ridiculously large heading for a table of contents
09:35 chris will need to be edited to fix it
09:36 chris but don't ask me about html :)
09:36 JCATS lol
09:36 chris ive spent 11 years not learning it :-)
09:36 JCATS very clever
09:36 JCATS :)
09:36 Fallor that's an achievement :D
09:37 chris from the error message it sounds like either a missing space .. or a missing " or '
09:37 chris ill take a quick look
09:37 chris 2 secs
09:37 JCATS 2 secs are gone :)
09:38 chris <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/admin/" title="Servers to query for MARC data"class="submenu parameters"
09:39 chris on line 132
09:39 chris of
09:39 chris /intranet-tmpl/default/en/includes/
09:39 chris needs to be
09:39 chris <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/admin/" title="Servers to query for MARC data" class="submenu parameters"
09:40 JCATS ok chris thnx
09:41 JCATS I'll try to edit them then I'll be back again
09:41 chris cool
09:41 JCATS :P
09:41 chris ok, im off to shower, i might be back :)
09:42 JCATS ok, talk to you later, or tomorrow :)

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