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14:39 kyle hey all.
14:39 owen Hi kyle
14:39 kyle does anyone know who wrote Reserves2 ?
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14:43 kyle I'd like to make a few simple changes to it, but I'm almost tempted to just write Reserves3. As the doc for most of the methods consists of #XXX - PIOD
14:55 owen kyle, I'm sorry kados and/or chris aren't here to respond, because I've heard talk before of doing drastic rewrites of Reserves
14:56 owen For a long time at NPL we've wanted to be able to do "bulk" reserves from the bookbag, and apparently that's pretty difficult to accomplish with the current reserves system
14:58 kyle Interesting, so a patron would put everything they want in the bookbag, and when looking at the bookbag, there would be a 'reserve all' button or something?
14:58 owen Yeah, I'd love that. Just like clicking "check out" in a shopping cart
14:58 owen We turned off the book bag because our patrons couldn't figure out what good it was
14:59 kyle heh ; )
14:59 owen I think if we completed the shopping cart metaphor with a reserve all feature we could bring it back
15:00 kyle I just can't believe how little documentation there is. I think that POD is just so verbose that nobody wants to bother writing POD doc. I've been thinking about writing a javadoc style documentor for perl. I use one for my php work and it's great.
15:00 owen Anyway, the point of all that is to encourage you to take it up with kados and chris :)
15:00 kyle I will definitely take it up with those two.
15:02 kyle later. Thanks for the info, owen.
16:05 Frederic Salut Francis !
16:05 francis salut fred
18:00 owen ryan around?
18:35 ryan owen:  reverted to previous state .
18:36 owen Thanks
21:27 ryan hi owen
21:28 owen Hi ryan, it looks like the guggenheim install isn't linked to the templates in my home directory anymore
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23:00 chris man, that was fast darci
00:39 Djmaster hello, I am new in koha and I am installing it in debian
00:41 jaron great!
00:41 kados hi Djmaster
00:41 kados hi jaron :-)
00:42 jaron hey, kados
00:43 Djmaster good the idea is to be able to work with mysql 5.o that so reliable is koha 2.2.9?
00:43 Djmaster wait ,I return immediately
00:44 kados rel_2_2 in CVS works with mysql 5.0
00:44 kados but 2.2.9 doesn't include a lot of those fixes
00:52 Djmaster return
00:52 Djmaster ok
00:53 Djmaster as it is the stable version???
00:53 Djmaster I do not speak very well English
00:54 Djmaster but I understand what they say to me, not if you they understand to me
00:55 jaron I think what kados the current stable 2.2.9 does NOT have
00:55 jaron daughter got to the keyboard
00:55 jaron let me try again
00:56 jaron I think what kados is trying to say: 2.2.9 is stable and does NOT have some of the mysql 5 fixes.
00:56 Djmaster good, it will work with the stable version of koha
00:56 jaron To get the latest mysql 5 fixes you would need to check out the CVS version
00:57 Djmaster ok
01:03 Djmaster thanks for everything, I am going to risk to me and will prove version 2.2.9, by the way visitsre in the channel regularly
02:05 Djmaster how to install koha in debian lenny??...
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09:41 JCATS hello

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