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12:23 hdl hi jaron
12:24 jaron good day hdl
12:25 jaron hdl: you're taking vacation soon? Are you going away?
12:25 hdl next week.
12:26 hdl for 2 weeks.
12:26 hdl going in the alps take some rest and care about my wife and little daughter.
12:27 jaron sounds great!
13:20 hdl hi owen.
13:21 hdl kados around?
13:21 owen hi hdl
13:25 kados hdl: yep
13:25 hdl hi kados
13:25 kados hdl: did you just disable the 'facets' 'refine search' for nozebra?
13:26 hdl *I* didn't nothing with nozebra.
13:26 kados ahh
13:26 hdl maybe toins did.
13:26 hdl I donot have nozebra.
13:26 kados oops, you're right
13:26 hdl yet
13:27 toins kados: yes i did it
13:27 kados toins: what's the reason nozebra shouldn't have refine option?
13:27 hdl kados : I had a question about datedue onloan tag in
13:28 hdl It refers to 9952 attrubute.
13:28 kados right
13:28 hdl I cannot see it in bib1.att
13:28 toins kados: paul told me it could be impossible to do iirc
13:28 toins and paul has coded NZgetRecords as this => return (undef,NZorder($result,@$sort_by_ref[‚Äč0],$results_per_page,$offset),undef);
13:28 kados toins: ? it shouldn't be, just pull out the MARC from biblioitems.marc IIRC
13:28 kados toins: ahh
13:28 toins the last undef is the $facets attributs
13:29 kados hdl: strange
13:30 kados hdl: it's probably 9522
13:30 hdl facets are generated via scan zebra feature iirc.
13:30 kados hdl: typo I think
13:30 kados facets are generated from zebra's 'present' feature
13:30 kados which just pulls out binary MARC
13:30 kados we could do the same with mysql if we wanted
13:31 kados hdl: I think it's a typo
13:31 kados hdl: 9522 is onloan for NPL
13:31 hdl it is I that made a type.
13:31 hdl it is I that made a typo
13:31 hdl But I donot have 9522 in bib1
13:32 kados bib1 and record.abs are, in some ways, going to be customized per library I think
13:33 kados every library that changes their frameworks to use different holdings fields will also need to change record.abs
13:33 hdl Are you kidding ?
13:33 kados to index those holdings
13:35 toins kados: but biblioitems.marc is already used in koha3.0 ?
13:36 hdl toins : marc is used. I think so
13:37 toins ah...
13:37 hdl look at ModBiblio
13:39 kados toins: ? does Koha 3.0 use biblioitems.marc or biblioitems.marcxml?
13:39 toins biblioitems.marcxml
13:40 kados so we should remove biblioitems.marc then
13:40 kados to avoid confusion
13:42 toins hdl: currently yes but i think paul told to remove it for the future
13:42 hdl yes. it is forecast.
17:04 hdl kados :
17:05 hdl next time you want to factorize list creation (such as order lists in opac or in intranet)
17:05 hdl I urge you, i implore you, i beg you
17:05 hdl to use TMPL_INCLUDE rather than a perl script.
17:05 hdl Pls Pls Pls.
17:09 kados list creation?
17:09 kados you are referring to the lists in the OPAC for language, etc.?
17:09 kados because my intent is to store those in the databse, not in a template
17:09 kados because every library will want a different set
17:09 kados and I want local modifs to survive an upgrade
19:05 thd kados: are you there?
19:14 thd ryan: are you there?
19:37 ryan hi thd
19:37 thd ryan: hello
19:38 thd ryan: I asked Mike Taylor off list how much fixing Unicode support for Zebra would cost
19:39 ryan uh-oh :)
19:39 ryan big number ?
19:39 thd ryan: his answer today was $11,000 if they could get a commitment in a week or two for the funds payable at some later time
19:40 thd ryan: they already have a large commitment which is about to expire soon
19:41 thd ryan: I know you do not need this for your existing customers and maybe for no prospective customers at the moment
19:42 thd ryan: however, I know someone who might be able to contribute something to that if opencataloger would be ready soon
19:43 thd ryan: what is the prospect for a more functional demo of opencataloger than the one I saw
19:43 thd ?
19:43 ryan afaik, there will be a fully functional cataloging client ready at the end of August
19:43 ryan when did you look at the demo ?
19:44 thd ryan: the end of August is not a week or so which Mike Taylor had stipulated
19:44 thd ryan: how functional might a demo be in a week?
19:46 ryan i'm not sure what you looked at...
19:46 ryan the new google gears stuff ?
19:46 ryan or the previous interface ?
19:47 thd ryan: definitely the previous interface on which toins was working when foxnorth was just getting started
19:48 thd ryan: do you have a URL to the current status?
19:49 ryan i'm not sure if it's public facing.
19:49 ryan send an email to josh; he can get you access
19:50 ryan functionally, it's probably at a similar place as what you saw
19:50 thd ryan: I was preparing an email
19:50 ryan the interface is quite nice
19:51 ryan it's looking really sharp imo
19:51 thd ryan: do you have any prospective Asian language customers expressing an interest in Koha?
21:04 chris thd: you about?
21:04 thd chris: yes
21:04 chris
21:05 chris
21:06 chris anthony mao in taiwan has done lots of work with Koha and Chinese
21:06 thd chris: presumably they are not using Zebra
21:06 chris im not sure, but im guessing not
21:07 thd chris: they could have romanised access to the major access points in 256 characters with Zebra currently
21:08 chris they might be good to talk though, because they will have a vested interest in zebra and utf8
21:08 thd chris: yes, exactly
21:08 chris even nz does
21:09 chris to search maori correctly
21:09 thd chris: Is that an issue for your libraries currently?
21:09 chris so we need to get an nz client who wants 3.0
21:09 chris not currently
21:09 chris but before they upgrade yep
21:09 chris none of the nz ones are using zebra at the moment
21:10 chris though they would like too
21:10 chris mind you, romanised search would be at least as good as they other ILS's do for maori
21:10 chris but we dont want to just be as good, we want to be better :)
21:11 thd koha should always be better when it can be
21:12 thd chris: Mike Taylor has told me that there is an advantage to obtaining a commitment within a week or so for the remaining $11,000
21:12 chris right
21:13 chris i dont think we will be able to do much about that unfortunately
21:14 thd chris: I am preparing a private message to CC to Koha developers to see if there is any interest in making any commitment towards that at the present time
21:14 chris cool
21:15 jaron thd++
21:15 thd chris: Mike said that it would take six months work which they could start now
21:16 chris k
21:18 masonj morning #koha
21:22 thd chris: would messages from Anthony Mao be found in the koha-devel list?
21:24 chris yeah probably in the main list too
05:09 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ru55el
06:32 shakirlkhan hello ne help me koha installation
06:34 shakirlkhan ne body can help in koha
06:34 shakirlkhan it mean one is here
06:34 shakirlkhan its mean no one is here
06:34 shakirlkhan ok thanks
06:35 shakirlkhan bye

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