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12:37 thd slef, hdl: Which file is used to create the SQL tables on installation?
12:39 thd s/tables/tables for Koha 3.0/
12:42 slef thd: that's hdl's field, but I think it's ones under misc/sql-datas at present
12:44 thd slef: I have been looking for where a new column has been added but I have failed to find the creation column in the source.
12:45 zsh slef: at least now, its generating pdfs, but they only have the name of the author at the top and nothing else
12:46 owen kados around?
12:47 thd s/creation column/column creation/
12:49 zsh slef: its working now
12:49 zsh slef, masonj: Thanks for all the help!
12:50 masonj np :)
12:53 thd slef: the file seems to be /misc/koha.mysql and the new column is not there
12:57 hdl thd: it in installer
12:57 hdl thd: it is in installer
12:57 hdl kohatructure.sql
12:58 hdl this create database strcuture.
12:58 hdl this create database structure.
13:01 thd hdl: kados asked me to add a column to the MARC 21 data file for default value but the file you identified has no such column
13:01 thd and the UNIMARC data files have no such column
13:02 kados hey owen
13:02 kados hi all
13:02 hdl hi
13:02 kados thd: the file is kohastructure.sql, I sent you the link yesterday
13:02 hdl thd: did you manage to use kohastructure.sql ?
13:03 hdl (import.)
13:03 hdl into mysql ?
13:03 hdl Is there no default field in marc_subfield_structure ?
13:04 thd hdl: no there is not
13:05 thd kados: updating the data file was trivial as I said but I do not find that the column is being created
13:05 hdl there should.
13:06 thd kados: did you want me to add the column to kohastructure.sql?
13:08 kados thd: it shoudl be there ...
13:08 thd kados hdl: it is in head but not in 3.0
13:08 kados thd: rel_3_0 is deprecated, use head please
13:09 thd kados: OK
13:15 thd hdl: I find there is no data column for defaultvalue in HEAD in /misc/sql-datas/fr/mandatory/framework_DEFAULT.sql
13:23 kados thd: look at the english one
13:23 kados thd:[…]oot=koha&view=log
13:24 kados[…]oot=koha&view=log
13:27 thd kados hdl: should CREATE TABLE `marc_subfield_structure` have a default value for the defaultvalue column as (... `defaultvalue` text NOT NULL default '', ...) ?
13:27 kados hdl could answer that better than I
13:28 thd kados: I changed the English one locally last night but I started questioning whether I should commit when I did not see something similar in the French one
13:29 kados hdl: does the french one not have defaultvalue?
13:29 thd kados: and I had remembered to use HEAD but I became lost in my checkout directories just now
13:29 kados maybe paul/hdl haven't committed the latest framework for french
13:30 kados thd: thanks for working on this !
13:30 thd kados: like I said this took only 2 regexes
13:35 kyle_ hey all
13:35 kyle_ Kados: you around?
13:35 thd hello kyle_
13:36 thd kyle: try lowercase kados
13:37 thd kyle_: try lowercase kados
13:38 kados hey kyle_
13:38 kados kyle_: sup?
13:42 kados kyle_: ?
13:47 kyle_ hey kados, I was wondering if it would be possible to put that vmware image of koha I made somewhere on savannah for users to download.
13:47 kados right
13:47 kados good question
13:47 kados I'll check into it
13:47 kyle_ We just don't have the bandwidth to spare here, and bittorrent is a bit shaky.
13:47 kados *nod*
13:47 kados I'd like to add a more prominent link from the download page too
13:47 kados to the vmware images
13:47 kyle_ I left my bittorrent client off and someone needed it this weekend, and couldn't download it.
13:48 kyle_ are there more vmware images?
13:48 kados yea, there's another one
13:49 kados floating out there somewhere
13:49 kyle_ cool. Who is in charge of creating the official releases that are downloaded from savannah?
13:50 kados the RM
13:50 kados OK, I can add it to here:
13:50 kados http://download.savannah.nongn[…]rg/releases/koha/
13:50 kados so long as savannah don't have a size limit
13:50 kados how big is the file?
13:51 kyle_ 407.6 MB
13:51 kados and it's a vmware of 2.2.9?
13:52 kyle_ yes
13:52 kados cool
13:52 kyle_ fresh install, ready to tweak
13:52 kados ok, and where's the bittorent?
13:52 hdl sorry... back
13:52 kados I'll download it and attempt to upload to savannah
13:53 kyle_ You could even take that image, tweak it up, and release it as a more friendly way for techs to demo it to the high ups.
13:53 kados I use parallels :-)
13:53 kyle_ sounds good.
13:53 kyle_ You could always have both?
13:53 kados yea, but it's a time thing, ya know?
13:53 kados so much to do already :-)
13:54 kados y'know
13:54 kyle_ I know. Just a suggestion ; ) Maybe paul or someone else will do it.
13:54 kados kyle_: you can probably upload it yourself:
13:54 kados
13:54 kados give that shot
13:54 kyle_ That sounds good.
13:54 kados you've got cvs write, so shouldn't be a prob
13:55 kados isn't working for me
13:55 kados anyway, I need to get some coffee
13:55 kados bbiab
13:55 kyle_ the image I put on That one I've never been able to download.
13:55 kyle_ Later.
13:58 slef kados: which modules is only used in the integrated Z39.50 client?  Net::Z3950 or Net::Z3950::ZOOM?
13:59 slef Are vmware images distributable via GNU services?
14:02 hdl thd : certainly not "NOT NULL" (default value can be null)
14:02 kados slef: Net::Z3950 is no longer used
14:02 kados slef: Net::Z3950::ZOOM is the only module needed
14:02 hdl CREATE TABLE `marc_subfield_structure` ( ... `defaultvalue` text, ...)
14:02 hdl à
14:02 hdl CREATE TABLE `marc_subfield_structure` ( ... `defaultvalue` text NOT NULL default '', ...)
14:02 hdl ou
14:02 hdl CREATE TABLE `marc_subfield_structure` ( ... `defaultvalue` text default NULL, ...)
14:04 kados slef: good question actually, I'm not sure
14:04 kados kyle_: we should make sure it's OK to post vmware from gnu serices
14:04 kados services even
14:05 hdl thd `defaultvalue` text NULL
14:05 thd hdl: why do the French sql-datas not have a value for defaultvalue?
14:06 hdl you donot have always default values for instance for title, you cannot have default values.
14:07 thd hdl: I mean why do the INSERT statements not include any value even NULL for the UNIMARC SQL data?
14:08 thd s/value/value for defaultvalue/
14:09 hdl because french data are really outdated...
14:09 hdl We wanted to correct some things before committing and now everybody is on holiday
14:09 thd hdl: do you use a file which you have not committed for your customers?
14:12 hdl we only migrate from 2.2 to 3.0 at the moment.
14:12 thd hdl: kados had error messages on installation and when editing the bibliographic framework because a value had not been defined as even NULL for data in the defaultvalue column
14:12 hdl Err. Yes.
14:14 hdl I was working on that when I had to reinstall mysql (damn innodb) and didnot export my kohastructure.
14:14 hdl but updating database with updater should have done the job.
14:14 hdl line 999 in updatedatabase
14:26 owen What is this doing in z3950/searchresult.tmpl? var GB_ROOT_DIR = ""
14:30 hdl good question owen
14:31 hdl rel30 ?
14:31 owen rel_2_2
14:35 owen Looks like it's only in npl
14:35 hdl kados : with zoom do you use wild characters for research ?
14:36 hdl if yes, how
14:36 hdl wild characters such as _ * or ?
14:36 hdl maybe you can anwer owen
14:36 hdl answer even
14:43 owen hdl, I /should/ know the answer to that, but I don't.
14:45 hdl kados ?
14:45 dewey rumour has it kados is just a bit tied up
14:46 hdl dewey: botsnack
14:46 dewey :)
14:48 kados hdl: what's up?
14:48 kados hdl: good question
14:48 kados hdl: check the docs in bib1.att
14:48 hdl when I asked on zebra
14:48 hdl I was said to use att 5
14:49 hdl But it is regex
14:49 hdl and i don't think it is really user friendly
14:49 kados hdl: check the english record.abs
14:49 hdl some of our user were not at ease with the mouse.
14:49 kados hdl: it has instructions for how to deal with that
14:50 kados wait, not record.abs
14:50 kados sec
14:50 kados I think
14:50 kados right
14:50 kados
14:50 dewey i think is about 1000 lines of config and documentation
14:51 kados right-Truncation 5=1
14:51 kados rt right-Truncation
14:51 kados so you can add rt to a query and it will right-trucate
14:52 hdl OK.
14:52 hdl So we have to parse user entry and say : * is on the right, or on the left.... add rt or lt
14:52 kados yep, makes sense to me
14:53 hdl if I want to have T*n to match twain and tolkien
14:53 hdl then it is regex.
14:53 kados right
14:53 kados you should also be able to set the char for regex
14:53 hdl regex is really MUCH time consuming....
14:54 hdl Much more than lt or rt
14:54 hdl we should create a parsing function for zebra input
14:55 hdl pb : how does it work with wrdl (wordlists) ?
14:55 kados what's pb again?
14:56 hdl the problem is
14:56 hdl I have
14:56 hdl I want to get
14:56 hdl the house and the garden
14:57 hdl for instance.
14:57 kados ahh, just found what I was looking for
14:57 kados # Truncation characters (it seems to take multiple arguments)
14:57 kados @truncation ? *
14:57 kados it's in
14:57 hdl and i entry the h* and the garden
14:57 kados around line 980 or so
14:58 kados # Tokens for CCL operators (it seems you can assign multiple tokens per operator which is nice)
14:58 kados @and and +
14:58 kados @or or |
14:59 kados so you could also remove 'and' as an operator if you wished, but we'd probably have to adjust he search functions
14:59 hdl Good.
14:59 hdl But truncation seems not to work at the moment.
14:59 kados no?
15:01 kados http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]arch?q=ccl=africa
15:01 kados http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]rch?q=ccl=africa*
15:01 kados second one picks up african too
15:01 kados ccl= means you do a direct query of zebra, without the field weighting and relevance added
15:03 hdl Ok.
15:04 hdl but if you type ccl=kw:africa*
15:04 hdl then it fails
15:05 kados ZOOM error 10014 "CCL parsing error" (addinfo: "Right truncation not supported")
15:05 kados that's because kw doesn't have a definition for handling right truncation
15:06 kados Any 1=1016
15:06 kados kw Any
15:06 kados from
15:06 kados if we add support for truncation it will work
15:07 kados so if we made:
15:07 kados Any 1=1016 5=1
15:07 kados it should work
15:07 kados but I don't want to do that because it will change my api design for dev_week
15:07 hdl Strange :
15:08 hdl ccl=kw,wrdl:"afr* South" returns One Book
15:09 kados that is strange
15:09 kados because wordl is 4=6
15:09 kados structure, which shouldn't use *
15:13 hdl there is also word.chr that maps * with space.
15:13 hdl Wo which is taken into account
15:14 hdl s/Wo/So/
15:14 hdl ?
15:19 kados good question
15:19 kados we should remove that mapping I think
15:19 kados just to make it clear that * is a reserved word
15:19 kados if you change word.chr you have to re-index
16:00 slef my brain has now melted
16:00 slef I think that was obvious from koha.lists.katipo already
16:00 slef It's been a bad day, please don't take my picture.
16:11 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: jeff i=jeff@unaffiliated/jeff
16:17 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: zsh n=miano@
16:17 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: zsh n=miano@
16:18 slef [K]: who
16:18 slef [K]: names
16:21 slef /names
16:21 [K] *** #koha@FreeNode names: jeff ru55el [K] rangi
16:22 slef http://relay-bot.cvs.sourcefor[…]n=1.5&view=markup
16:22 slef if anyone else wants its command list
17:47 kados slef:[…]late-Pro-0.65/FAQ
17:47 kados slef: I didn't switch to HTML::Template::Pro ... I believe that decision was made on the French side
17:47 kados slef: and I'm not entirely clear on the motivation there
17:48 kados hdl: do you know?
18:04 owen "I don't know if you 've noticed this great feature embedded in HTML::Template::Pro.
18:04 owen HTML::Template::Pro is written from HTML::Template AND HTML::Template::Expr ([…]Expr-0.07/ ).
18:04 owen So all the features from HTML::TEMPLATE::Expr are enabled for us.
18:04 owen Briefly, this module allows expressions in the template syntax.
18:04 owen Expressions includes comparisons, math operations, string operations and others... " -- Antoine Farnault, 11/17/2006
18:14 kados yea, that's neat, we need to be careful not to get too much logic in the template though
18:14 kados but useful for sure
18:15 owen I don't even know if any of that functionality is but to use in any of the new templates
18:16 jaron kados: I'm trying to get my script to insert records directly into koha using Any ideas on how to do this without messing with typing in a password each time?
18:16 kados jaron: the kohaadmin password?
18:16 kados is that the password you mean?
18:17 kados and is this a perl script, I can't recall
18:17 jaron well the script is run as a specific user and I was just trying to use a backticks system call to run
18:17 kados right
18:17 kados well you could use C4::Context
18:17 jaron not perl but I could call a perl script instead if that'd be better.
18:17 kados for the database connection
18:18 kados then so long as KOHA_CONF was defined you wouldn't need to use the user/pass
18:18 jaron and KOHA_CONF points to /etc/koha.conf?
18:18 kados yep
18:18 kados so you'd go:
18:18 owen Hi Apple
18:18 owen kyle: are you there?
18:18 kados $ export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha.conf
18:18 jaron ok let me give that a try
18:19 jaron thanks, kados
18:19 kados $ perl -I /path/to/koha /path/to/
18:19 kados hi jablko
18:19 jaron I see what you mean now.
18:22 jaron and /path/to/koha would be something like /usr/local/koha and that's it?
18:24 kados it's wherever your modules dir is that has C4 in it
18:24 kados so probably more like
18:24 kados /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules if you are running a default installation
18:25 jaron yeah, that's where they are. cool.
18:42 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: Presently42
18:45 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> I'm having some trouble setting up the koha-httpd.conf file. The server running koha is connocted to a router. I also have a domain-name associated with the server. However, when I go to this address, I get the router setup page and not koha. It seems like the router isn't routing the data to the server. Is help available some where? I'm using Debian unstable. Thanks.
18:46 kados hi Presently42
18:47 kados what kind of router do you have?
18:47 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Tis a siemens slipstream something or other.
18:48 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> SpeedStream 6520 Series
18:50 kados hmmm
18:50 kados sounds like you might need to do some network troubleshooting
18:52 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> I see. How shall I begin?
18:52 kados can you poing the domain name associated with your server?
18:52 kados ping I mean
18:53 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Interesting. Apparently I can't.
18:53 kados I'd say that's the first thing to fix :-)
18:54 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Good idea! But, how might I go about such a feat?
18:54 kados hehe
18:54 kados sounds like you need a network admin :-)
18:55 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Pfui! :) I will learn and manage.
18:55 kados :-)
18:56 kados Presently42: what library do you work at?
18:56 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Me own. This library is my collection.
18:56 kados ahh, cool
18:56 kados have you seen librarything? might be easier than running your own
18:57 kados ILSes are pretty complex :-)
18:57 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Librarything? Can't say as I have.
18:57 kados
18:57 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> This I know!
18:57 kados it's pretty cool, especially for personal collections
18:58 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> I have volunteered at a library and I know how complexe they are. But, I like complexity. ;)
18:58 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> I will look.
18:59 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> "Enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life)." I have far more than 200.
18:59 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> That's one of the reasons that I went with a full ILS.
18:59 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> But, I do thank you for the suggestion.
19:01 owen $25 for life seems pretty cheap to me, especially when I consider the time it would take me to set up Koha on my own :)
19:02 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Aye, but why pay if I can do it for free? And, I did have every thing working. I used those lovely howtos on the wiki.
19:03 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> In fact, this all started when I changed the way the server connects to the internet. In lieu of having it connect directly, I made it call dhcp and get on internal ip fron the router. THough this make it easior to find it's ip (if it changes, I can't ssh in to it and I don't have a monitor or key-board attached) if it should change.
19:04 kados sounds like you need to set up NAT in your router to do IP translation
19:04 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> , it means that I broke the system.
19:04 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Aha
19:04 kados :-)
19:05 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Let me see if I can figure that out.
19:06 jaron kados: even with exporting the environment variables I keep getting a "read_config_file(/etc/koha.conf) returned undef at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 229." error and then failed access for the user running the script
19:06 kados sounds like maybe /etc/koha.conf isn't there?
19:06 jaron it's there
19:07 kados what permissions does it have?
19:07 kados ls -la /etc/koha.conf
19:07 jaron www-data
19:07 kados and the permissions?
19:07 jaron read by user and group
19:08 kados and are you in the group?
19:09 jaron probably not. I'll change that and see.
19:10 kados or if the box is secured you could just chmod 644 /etc/koha.conf
19:13 jaron ok, adding user to group did nothing, but making it readable by everyone worked.
19:13 thd I had to do that for Koha to run the first time
19:14 thd kados: what changes did you make to the 1.3 CVS version of[…]oot=koha&view=log
19:14 jaron ok
19:15 thd kados: the diff seems to be having trouble and that file is based on an out of date version of the framework
19:15 kados hmmm
19:16 thd kados: that file is missing several corrections which I had made in August and September
19:16 kados the change was just to validate the POD to fix the make utility
19:16 kados thd: I'd say use yours and I can re-apply the validation to the POD
19:16 kados it only took about 2-3 minutes
19:17 thd kados: I see the note but what did that file have to do with POD as it is an SQL file
19:17 kados don't remember :-)
19:17 kados maybe it was done be accident
19:17 kados s/be/by/
19:18 thd I suspect you saved it with a new date but has no actual differences to the previous CVS version
19:24 thd kados: thanks to my internal versioning header to keep various forms of the framework in sync I caught the fact that it was based on internal version 0.1.5 from August while I had last updated to internal version 0.2.1 in September
19:24 thd s/0.1.4/
19:24 thd s/0.1.5/0.1.4/
21:10 masonj morning #koha
21:10 kados morning masonj
21:12 masonj hiya joshua
21:21 chris morning
21:23 kados hey chris
21:44 hdl kados :
21:45 hdl H:T:Pro was chosen to fix some utf8 encoding problems.
21:45 hdl This is the Main reason.
21:45 hdl Logic is a bonus.
21:45 hdl But to be used carefully.
21:45 chris still awake hdl? :)
21:46 hdl for a little while.
21:46 hdl Passing by
21:47 chris :)
21:47 hdl used carfuly becaus for instance, if you use <TMPL_IF EXPR="this and that"> both this AND that have to be defined (passed to the template)
21:47 hdl nite all
21:47 chris night hdl
21:54 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: Presently42
22:06 ryan thd: around ?
22:06 thd yes ryan
22:06 ryan are you well versed in lc call numbers ?
22:06 thd yes
22:07 ryan quick q, then :)
22:09 ryan the class number must be an integer, right ?
22:10 ryan BF449 G36   and  BF449. G36  are improperly formatted versions of  BF449 .G36  
22:10 ryan correct ?
22:11 thd not necessarily
22:15 ryan ok, so you can have decimal in class number...
22:16 thd ryan: yes but I found 050 00 $aBF449$b.G36 1999
22:17 thd ryan: In 245 10 $aApollo root cause analysis : $ba new way of thinking / $cDean L. Gano.
22:17 ryan i am having a sorting problem
22:18 thd ryan: so in this case the decimal is preceding the cutter number for Gano
22:18 ryan the regexp i'm using is having a tough time with the decimal in the wrong place.
22:20 thd ryan: you might also have a number where there is a decimal in the classification part in 050 $a including with letters
22:20 ryan it doesn't handle white space well
22:20 ryan right
22:20 thd ryan: is it the white space or the decimal which is causing the problem?
22:21 thd ryan: are you using the LC number sorting code which tumer wrote?
22:22 ryan no
22:22 ryan maybe i'll have a look at that instead.
22:22 thd ryan: I would look at that, he invested much time in padding everything so that sorting worked
22:23 thd ryan: normalisation and padding is essential for sorting LCC numbers
22:23 ryan cool, thx for the help, thd
22:24 thd ryan: given the nature of his collection, I suspect that his sorting routine works well
22:25 ryan well, hopefully his catalogers are sloppy with formatting
22:26 thd ryan: I think he is using many records directly from LC with the call number as assigned by LC
22:27 ryan yeah, i seem to have any combination of whitespace or decimals acting as delimiters
22:27 ryan easy to correct by eye :)
01:34 jablko how do i create a new holding using bibliographic information from amazon?
01:38 chris umm, apart from cut and paste? :)
01:39 chris can you get a marc record from amazon?
01:50 kados i think they started doing that recently actually
01:50 chris in that case, you can use that, load it into the reservior and add it from there
01:50 kados in any case, you could certainly convert the xml from web services into marc pretty easily
02:09 jablko kados: chris: thanks
02:09 jablko i read somewhere amazon integration was a feature of koha 3?
02:13 jablko what the librarians i'm supporting want is, when a new book arrives
02:13 jablko scan the isbn and most of the koha fields are populated by data from amazon or congress library...
02:14 chris you can do that now
02:14 chris with the library of  congress
02:14 chris or any library that offers a Z3950 server
02:14 jablko ah, thanks chris
02:14 chris you just set up your servers you want to search in the koha administration section, go to cataloging
02:15 chris enter your isbn in the appropriate marc tag 020 off the top of my head
02:15 chris and the hit z3950 search
02:15 chris and it will attempt to find all th marc records it can that match that
02:15 chris (works with title too)
02:16 chris then you can pick the one you want, and ur marc fields will then be prefilled with that info
02:16 jablko awesome, that's what i want!
02:16 jablko not seeing the options yet
02:16 jablko guess doesn't come with a z3950 server configured
02:17 jablko i'm working on a patch to support configuring the intranet / opac, cgi / html base urls
02:17 chris cool
02:17 jablko sent a message to koha-devel
02:18 jablko who is the right person to provide feedback if the patch is acceptable?
02:18 jablko if i'm doing it right...
02:18 chris if you do it against a cvs checkout as well, then it will be able to be used for 3.0 too
02:18 jablko so far it's working for us here at the university
02:18 chris if its for 3.0 .. then kados is the release manager and im QA manager so either of us
02:18 jablko i thought koha was developed with git?
02:19 jablko great!
02:19 chris it will be eventually :)
02:19 jablko ah
02:19 chris still using cvs at savannah
02:19 jablko i was reading the developer wiki
02:19 jablko k
02:19 chris rel_2_2 is the 2.2.x branch in cvs
02:19 chris HEAD = 3.0
02:20 jablko is head installable?
02:20 chris mostly :)
02:20 jablko (i understand it will be unstable)
02:20 jablko k
02:20 chris it takes some effort but we are working on it, we should have an unstable release out soon
02:21 jablko you or kados have any feedback on my approach to configuring base urls?
02:21 chris lemme go look at the email
02:21 jablko i'm almost done fixing it for 2.2
02:22 jablko if you think it's good, i'll checkout cvs head
02:22 jablko[…]ries.koha.devel/1
02:23 chris looks good to me
02:23 jablko
02:23 kados chris: looks like we got some good patches submitted by devin
02:23 kados and jack bates too
02:23 chris thats who we are talking too :)
02:24 kados ahh, cool
02:24 kados hi jablko
02:24 jablko hi kados
02:24 kados jablko: very excited about those patches
02:24 jablko thanks
02:24 chris i need to get devin to patch against not 2.2.8 tho
02:24 kados yea, or else give him commit access
02:24 chris ive had to edit patches before applying them
02:24 kados ahh
02:24 chris just patching against cvs, guarantees its the latest version
02:25 kados *nod*
02:25 kados man, I've really had a long day, my eyes are actually sore :(
02:25 chris applying patches is easy, i dont mind doing that
02:25 kados I should rest them a bit
02:25 chris as long as i dont have to edit them :)
02:25 kados jablko: very excited about your participation!
02:26 kados tata for now
02:26 chris yep that all looks good, as long as the variables are passed through to the templates should work just fine
02:27 jablko thanks kados
02:28 jablko chris: the cvs module is "koha"?
02:28 jablko i assume
02:28 chris thats the one
02:31 chris sfu is in BC ?
02:32 chris Koha has a long history in BC
02:32 chris the second library to use it after the one who it was developed for, was in BC Canada
02:32 chris and afaik they are still using it
02:32 jablko where is that?
02:32 dewey it has been said that that is the only case though
02:33 jablko which library?
02:33 chris coastal mountain school district
02:33 chris a bunch of school libraries
02:33 jablko awesome
02:34 jablko the bc plsb recently went with evergreen i think
02:34 chris Steve Tonnessen from there, did a bunch of work on Koha
02:34 chris yep, i think they are in progress of getting it up and going
02:34 jablko we tried it but was quite difficult to install
02:37 chris *nod*
02:38 chris if you can get ur patch going against head ... i think kados has a tarball that makes installing it easier (ill ask him tomorrow)
02:38 chris that would be fantastic, and ill apply it and commit it
02:38 chris then when 3.0 is out and you upgrade, it will all be waitng for ya :)
02:42 chris and if you ever want an nz koha developer to come give a talk at SFU .. im always keen for another excuse to visit canada :-)
02:42 jablko wow
02:43 jablko awesome!
02:43 jablko thanks : )
02:43 jablko how is the tarball built?
02:43 jablko is it something i could do from my cvs working copy?
02:47 chris that im not sure, i think its something kados put together with some instructions too
02:48 jablko ok, thanks
02:48 chris he'll probably read back :)
02:48 jablko : )
03:16 chris he'll probably read back :)
03:16 chris doh
03:24 jablko chris: ping
03:25 jablko according to the wiki:
03:25 jablko
03:25 jablko koha should come with the loc z3950 server configured
03:25 jablko but with 2.2.9 i guess this is not the case
03:25 jablko unfortunately the wiki doesn't describe how to set it up
03:25 jablko i found the loc info:
03:26 jablko
03:26 jablko but i'm not sure about all the koha add z3950 options
03:26 chris ok, if you go to system admin/koha admin
03:27 chris right
03:27 jablko e.g. syntax: marc21 or unimarc
03:27 chris you want marc21 for LOC
03:27 chris unimarc is mostly used in europe
03:30 jablko ah
03:30 jablko i think i found the values in:
03:30 jablko scripts/updater/updatedatabase
03:30 chris ah ha
03:30 jablko but they're not in koha.mysql
03:31 jablko so they're not installed with 2.2.9
03:31 chris yep updatedatabase should be run as part of the install
03:31 jablko shoot
03:32 chris maybe it didnt get run right
03:32 chris hmm ill hve to check that out
03:32 chris[…]1s02.html#d0e1047
03:32 chris might or might not be helpful :)
03:34 jablko thanks chris
03:34 jablko trying to run updatedatabase manually now
03:34 chris make sure you back up ur db first :)
03:34 jablko thanks
03:46 jablko chris: i guess the problem is updatedatabase:1582
03:46 jablko unless ( $existingtables{'z3950servers'} ) {
03:46 jablko z3950servers is in koha.mysql
03:47 jablko so the loc row doesn't get added
03:47 chris ah ha, yeah that would do it
05:40 jablko chris: ping
05:40 jablko making progress on the loc / z3950 front
05:40 jablko now i'm getting an error about
05:40 jablko where is this file supposed to come from?
05:42 masonj hiya, try a 'cpan Net::Z3950::ZOOM' , that might do it
05:51 jablko masonj: thanks!
05:52 masonj always a pleasure...
07:32 hdl hi
07:32 dewey salut, hdl
11:06 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: zsh n=miano@
11:11 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: zsh n=miano@

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