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12:03 kados morning hdl
12:03 kados (or maybe afternoon for you :-))
12:07 hdl morning kados... Yes afternoon
12:32 kados hdl: so I am trying out the installer with the changes
12:32 kados no more errors!
12:32 kados except one:
12:32 kados marc21_simple_bib_frameworks.sql
12:32 kados ERROR 1136 (21S01) at line 129: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
12:32 kados I think it's because of defaultvalue
12:32 kados marc21_simple_bib_frameworks.sql doesn't have that yet
12:33 kados I'll try to add it soon
12:33 hdl hehe
12:33 hdl OK.
12:33 hdl Good.
12:33 hdl (I had a hard time debugging... since it was some mods I was not aware of)
12:34 kados *nod*
12:35 kados hdl: do you and paul have any instructions for how to enable mod_perl?
12:36 hdl yes... See practical mod_perl.
12:36 hdl toins... can you detail ?
12:36 hdl
12:37 kados well, that's to turn on mod_perl for apache
12:37 kados but that doesn't actually activate it for koha IIRC
12:37 kados need a startup script that points to the modules in Koha, right?
12:37 kados and pre-compiles them?
12:38 hdl + there is some recommandations about the way to configure it.
12:38 hdl yes
12:38 dewey is not included
12:38 kados and that link is not for apache2
12:38 hdl I can send it to you
12:38 kados it's for apache 1.x I think
12:38 kados ahh, great, that would be great
12:40 hdl I think taht apache::Registry could lead to bugs.
12:45 kados i thought that san-op discovered and fixed those?
12:45 kados or were those other bugs?
12:46 hdl I cannot precisely remember.
12:46 hdl toins and paul worked on that.
12:46 hdl I asked toins to tell you.
12:47 toins hi kados
12:47 kados hiya toins
12:47 kados toins == our resident mod_perl expert :-)
12:47 toins hehe
12:49 toins kados: here is one of my apache vhost for mod_perl :
12:51 toins here is my file ( here)
12:52 toins the <Directory> bloc is not mandatory....
12:52 kados ok
12:52 kados anything else required?
12:52 toins nope
12:53 toins just be sure apache-mod_perl is installed and enabled...
12:53 kados I thought SetEnv was for non-mod_perl
12:53 toins yes : SetEnv PERL5LIB /home/toins/dev/head must be commented !
12:54 kados hmmm
12:54 kados not sure I follow
12:54 kados       PerlRequire /home/toins/dev/conf/mod_perl/
12:54 kados what is in
12:55 kados ahh, I understand
12:55 kados that's startup
12:55 toins yep !
12:55 toins here is the minimum required :
12:55 kados I thought mod_perl required PerlSetEnv
12:55 kados otherwise, I don't think apache is using mod_perl with for Koha modules
12:56 kados[…]tml#C_PerlSetEnv_
12:57 toins kados: i think mod_perl don't require PerlSetEnv if containts 'use lib....'
12:57 kados ahh, could be
12:57 kados hmmm, I used to have a larger
12:59 kados toins: thanks
12:59 toins your welcome !
15:57 thd kados: is there a developer's meeting this week
15:57 thd ?
15:58 kados thd: I didn't schedule one for this week, but I want to do one for next week
15:58 thd OK
17:49 aindilis I'm writing some scripts for Koha and I just want to check that they haven't been done before.
17:50 aindilis They are to make it easy to load books from a csv data file.
17:50 aindilis So for instance if you have the ISBN, it queries it using ZOOM and then writes to a file and uses to load.
17:50 aindilis
17:51 kados hi aindilis
17:51 aindilis I'm now trying to get it to create items for each biblio but so far am failing.
17:51 aindilis hi kados
17:51 kados that sounds like a great tool
17:51 kados you should be able to use to create items too
17:51 kados just make sure you construct the MARC records with item-level fields that are mapped in your frameworks
17:52 aindilis okay, thanks, that's what I needed to know
17:52 aindilis which fields are necessary, just barcode?
17:52 kados homebranch
17:52 kados I'd recommend also
17:52 kados itemcallnumber
17:52 dewey somebody said itemcallnumber was supposed to be 852 $k $h $i $m combined
17:52 kados hehe
17:52 kados no dewey
17:52 jaron aindilis: I do basically the same thing with a ruby script I've written
17:53 aindilis jaron: may I have a copy of that script
17:53 aindilis ?
17:53 jaron
17:53 aindilis thanks
17:53 jaron the only thing I don't do it automatically use bulkmarcimport
17:54 jaron but I'm thinking of adding it to the next release as an option
17:54 aindilis cool
17:54 aindilis also, btw I can roll debian packages, does Koha need any?
17:55 jaron aindilis: uh, yeah! I think someone else was looking into that too.
17:55 jaron kados: who was looking at debian packaging? slef?
17:55 kados yea, slef began that process I think
17:55 kados aindilis: that'd be great!
17:55 jaron aindilis: and I know he was looking for help.
17:56 kados yea, we could really use some installer help
17:56 kados aindilis: I'd like to roll out a developers' release for the next version (3.0)
17:56 kados later this month
17:56 kados one of the sticking points is actually the installer
17:56 aindilis well, I think it required a bunch of perl modules?
17:56 aindilis so just make depends on those
17:57 aindilis does anyone need apt-rpm or is that a separate issue?
17:57 kados that'd be nice, but most of us work in a debian environment
17:57 aindilis nice
17:57 kados aindilis: you want to give the 3.0 stuff a shot, see where it's at currently?
17:58 aindilis sure
17:58 kados[…]rerelease_0.4.tgz
17:58 aindilis great, I'll give that a shot. it will take me longer than usual as I have to re-setup my packaging environment.
17:59 kados MJ's looking for feedback on his make build system too
17:59 kados which won't be included in that package
17:59 kados but it's in CVS
17:59 kados (mention of it isn't included that is)
19:16 hdl kados: next week. both paul and I will be away for vacation.
19:24 kados hdl: right ... when do you both get back?
19:25 hdl paul is back on the 29th.
19:25 hdl I will be the week after
19:26 kados ok
19:26 kados will paul be OK with a meeting on the 30th?
19:26 kados koha developers meeting?
20:05 hdl kados :I think  so.
20:06 hdl is there any problem with installer again?
20:38 kados hdl: are you having a prob with the installer?
20:38 hdl No. I was asking if YOU had problems with it ?
20:38 kados ahh, don't think so
20:38 kados just need to modify the marc21 framework file
20:39 hdl Great.
21:33 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
02:51 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> hiyas
02:51 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> ok i am still having some problems
02:51 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> ur in #koha ok
02:51 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> yep and #liblimelobby
02:51 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> but not #liblime
02:51 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> yeah cos you parted it
02:52 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> so part #liblimelobby
02:52 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> and rejoin it
02:52 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> and youll get an invite
02:52 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> then you can join #liblime
07:31 toins hiya all !
09:01 chris hey toins
09:02 toins hello chris
09:06 chris looks like we are slowly getting all the bugs out for 3.0
11:58 kados mornin jaron
11:58 jaron good morning
11:58 kados how's your MARC editor coming along?
11:59 jaron well, I'm in the middle of rewriting it. For being Ruby it wasn't as object oriented as I would have liked it.
11:59 jaron so it'll be much improved soon
11:59 jaron and have better objects for more than just this single script

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