IRC log for #koha, 2007-07-16

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14:05 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: epsas
14:05 [K] <epsas@FreeNode> hello
14:06 [K] <epsas@FreeNode> is this the channel for doha
14:06 [K] <epsas@FreeNode> err, koha?
14:10 jaron epsas: yes and no.
14:10 jaron You're on the freenode channel which has a bot which relays to the channel koha folks usually use.
14:11 jaron
14:12 jaron ^^ That links to info for configuring your irc client to get on the regular koha channel, though if you just want to use the freenode channel that's fine too :)
15:01 [K] <epsas@FreeNode> merci beaucoup
15:01 epsas aloha
15:01 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: epsas
15:01 jaron hello
15:01 dewey que tal, jaron
15:05 jaron dewey: botsnack
15:05 dewey :)
21:16 chris morning
21:16 masonj morning
21:17 masonj chris , could u give e an invite to #ll pls
21:18 masonj ta
22:22 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ru55el
22:31 chris thats 3 bugs down must be time for some coffee
22:31 kados hehe
23:46 masonj does anyone experience a problem where getting a cvs checkout fails on savannah?
23:47 masonj i have 3 diff boxes, with 3 diff ssh keys, that all fail a cvs co from savannah :(
23:47 masonj its just happened in the last week , or so
23:48 masonj yet cvs commits and updates still work from by previously checked out repos
23:49 masonj and all of the 3 keys have been registered, and unchanged, at savannah for months.
23:51 chris what is the command you are using to check out a new one
23:54 masonj well, previously ive have fantastic success , setting my CVSROOT varible like this
23:54 masonj export CVSROOT=""
23:55 masonj then , a 'cvs co koha', did the trick...
23:55 chris have you tried just doing cvs -z3 co koha
23:56 masonj ps: weve had a go at sorting this last week chris :)
23:56 chris after doing a export CVS_RSH=ssh
23:56 chris yeah but im not sure if you tried just doing it that way
23:56 masonj yep, that too
23:56 masonj oooh, which way?
23:57 chris without exporting the cvsroot
23:57 chris just doing a
23:57 chris cvs -z3 co koha
23:57 masonj hmm, whats the longhand 'cvs co' ?
23:57 masonj ah there u go
23:58 masonj well, that worked :)
23:58 masonj thanks for the brain slap there chris,
03:56 masonj back
03:57 masonj oops, was back some time ago..

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