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12:00 hdl yep
12:00 kados hi :-)
12:00 kados hdl: could you do mysqldump for me of the two production databases running 3.0?
12:00 kados LANG=C mysqldump -cnQ koha >kohastructure.sql
12:01 hdl you mean zebra and nozebra ?
12:01 hdl or SAN WP and IPT ?
12:01 hdl SAN is not up to date.
12:01 kados SAN WP and IPT
12:01 hdl IPT I can.
12:02 hdl and SAN is out of reach from outside. ask hpassini or btoumi.
12:02 kados ok
12:03 hdl paul's machine seems off.
12:03 hdl Can you wait a little bit ?
12:03 kados ok
12:05 kados hdl: also, I have another question
12:06 kados hdl: Robi Sturman has sent me UNIMARC English frameworks
12:06 kados hdl: I think they should be an option for the web installer, but they don't fit into our taxonomy
12:07 kados the installer should maybe ask about MARC flavor after language?
12:07 kados and we can put frameworks as:
12:07 kados installer/data/en/usmarc/mandatory
12:07 kados installer/data/en/unimarc/mandatory
12:07 kados etc.
12:07 kados ?
12:08 hdl kados : this will raise problems when we have *MARC gateways ...
12:08 kados you mean run unimarc along usmarc?
12:08 kados same db?
12:09 hdl I thought zebra server answering both usmarc and unimarc.
12:09 kados it's a neat idea
12:09 hdl anyway, unimarc along with usmarc in same zebra base is already possible.
12:09 kados so where shall I put the English unimarc frameworks?
12:10 hdl definitley in data/en/
12:10 hdl maybe we should not too much anticipate the future.
12:11 hdl And make as you suggested.
12:11 hdl I thought that eventually, we should come to xml files that would contain default frameworks.
12:12 hdl With xml-lang set to fr or en or spanish...
12:12 hdl but this is TOO far away.
12:29 lloyd mmm I've got a file with a bunch of marc records in it... whats the best (quickest) way to convert it to a csv?
12:29 jaron lloyd: write a little script
12:30 lloyd meh
12:30 jaron perl, ruby, python, java--any of those would work.
12:30 jaron not an answer you like? :)
12:32 lloyd well... i was hoping there was already something I could use
12:32 jaron do you want a lot of the record in the file or just a few fields?
12:33 lloyd all fields
12:34 hdl It would be a mess to put only values in csv.
12:34 hdl You should consider dump marc record to a text file.
12:34 hdl marcdump is good for that.
12:35 hdl Mason ???? what's up ??
12:35 jaron lloyd: hdl's correct that the whole record wouldn't make much sense.
12:35 toins Mason is excellent !!!
12:36 toins dewey: mason is
12:36 dewey ...but mason is flying to australa tomorrow :(...
12:36 lloyd i've got the marc as a text file atm
12:37 lloyd argh.. i've got this CD on my desk with the file on saying they want it in csv, thats all the info i've got :/
12:37 jaron lloyd: what's the end goal?
12:38 jaron and the records on the CD are in text format or MARC transmission format?
12:39 lloyd Goal : they just want there records readable in excel so they can manipulate the data
12:39 lloyd Format : god knows, how do I tell
12:39 jaron open it up in a text editor
12:40 hdl lloyd: you should ask your employer which information they want to process.
12:40 lloyd snippet : of autonomy in long-term care /b/cCharles W. Lidz, Lynn Fischer, Robert M. Arnold  aOxford :bOxford University Press,c1992  a(240)pc24cm  a$35.00 : CIP entry (Dec.)  aUEANN  aOld age homes --zUnited States  aNursing home patients --zUnited States  aAutonomy (Psychology) in old age  aAged --xLong term care.1 aArnold, Robert M.,d1957-1 aFischer, Lynn.  a26 930208 lw 16050500694nam  2200229l B45
12:40 hdl OK.
12:40 hdl This seems iso2709
12:41 jaron lloyd: hdl's correct
12:41 kados trying to manipulate MARC in Excell is a mistake
12:41 kados lloyd: have you tried MARCEdit?
12:41 lloyd no
12:41 hdl you should
12:41 jaron that's right MARCEdit would make it easier.
12:41 lloyd url?
12:41 dewey it has been said that url is
12:42 hdl But I advise you to ask ppl to tell you more about the process they want to do.
12:42 kados lloyd: google is your friend
12:42 hdl Do they want to have a list.
12:42 owen dewey: MARCEdit is[…]it/html/index.php
12:42 dewey OK, owen.
12:42 kados morning owen
12:43 owen Hi
12:43 hdl Do they want to edit Authors names ?
12:43 hdl This is not the same.
12:44 hdl kados : some of our scripts make use of CGI::ScrollingList
12:44 hdl This is not translatable.
12:44 hdl Can I modify it ?
12:51 lloyd mmm marcedit can still only export to marc format right?
12:52 jaron lloyd: there should be a csv feature
12:52 jaron lloyd: it can also export to many different formats
12:53 jaron dublin core, marcxml, mods
12:56 kados hdl: yes
12:56 hdl ok.
12:56 kados hdl: I thought we had created a new way to do most of the lists
12:57 hdl The new way is to get codes and descriptions and pass it to TMPL LOOPs.
12:58 kados yea, I thought had a bunch of get* routines that could be used
12:59 kados hdl: just a reminder, when you get a chance, send me the sql dump
12:59 kados hdl: LANG=C mysqldump -cnQ koha >kohastructure.sql
13:15 hdl kados :  LANG=C mysqldump -cnQ koha >kohastructure.sql exports data too.
13:18 toins kados: do you know if chris catalfo will be back soon ?
13:18 kados toins: I'm not sure, he had a baby :-)
13:18 kados hdl: ahh, sorry, that was MJ's syntax
13:18 toins hum... ok...
13:19 hdl OK.
13:19 kados add -d
13:19 hdl I found
13:19 kados -d|--no-data
13:19 hdl -d  does it.
13:19 hdl yes
13:27 kados hdl: you'll mail me the file?
13:27 hdl yes
13:28 kados hdl: -cnQ are important too
13:28 kados Q is quote names
13:28 hdl I got it
13:44 hdl kados : email sent.
13:44 kados hdl: thanks
13:45 hdl Did tumer commit his stuff ?
13:45 kados hdl: what stuff? sql def stuff?
13:45 hdl No. What he designed for NEU. I would like to see some improvements he made.
13:46 kados it's in a branch I believe
13:46 kados rel-TG maybe? :-)
13:46 hdl I hope so.
13:46 kados we also have some improvements to add from dev_week
13:47 kados label printing is much improved
13:47 kados and serials from rel_2_2 also
13:50 kados hdl:
13:50 kados The following error occcurred while importing the database structure:
13:50 kados Query was empty
13:51 kados Please contact your system administrator
13:51 kados the same problem I had before with Paul's commit
13:51 kados hdl: I have to get breakfast, I'll be back soon, could you try to use that kohastructure for an install, see if it works for you?
13:51 hdl i shall try
14:13 hdl kados : I have not had any problem with kohastructure import.
15:15 kados hdl: you tried it from the installer?
15:15 kados hdl: using the new kohastructure that you sent me?
15:15 kados hdl: you can see what happens to me here:
15:15 hdl not from the installer using mysql.
15:16 kados ahh, try from the installer please
15:17 hdl on aragorn I had no problems.
15:17 hdl I cannot do it right away...
15:18 hdl Will try tonight
15:18 kados hdl: on aragorm there IS a problem, it gives the error "Query was empty"
15:19 hdl pls keep it dropped.
15:19 hdl And *I* will try
15:20 kados ok, it's dropped, try it now
15:20 kados I will wait
15:21 hdl The following error occcurred while importing the database structure:
15:21 hdl Query was empty
15:21 hdl Please contact your system administrator
15:21 hdl Aha !!!
15:21 kados now db has 87 tables
15:21 kados instead of 90 I think
15:21 hdl out of 89
15:22 hdl mysql version ?
15:22 kados mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.32, for pc-linux-gnu (i486) using readline 5.2
15:41 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious n=plinkit@
15:46 kados hey darci
15:46 kados darci discovers the freenode relay :-)
15:46 [K] <darcilicious@FreeNode> hey kados! (can't reach the NZ server from work on port 6667. are there any other ports?)
15:46 kados huh, weird
15:46 [K] * darcilicious@FreeNode actually discovered it late last week...
15:48 lloyd ;)
15:49 lloyd look at that, its actually come in useful :p
15:49 [K] <darcilicious@FreeNode> :-)
15:49 lloyd you can pm through it, but god knows how lol
15:50 [K] * darcilicious@FreeNode suspects [K] would be heavily involved ;-)
15:50 lloyd haha
16:31 kyle__ hello all, I'm working on an offline circulation system, and I have a question about Auth::checkpw, anyone care to answer a question? : )
17:25 slef hi all. Can someone take a look at kohabug 1382 and tell me whether it's the same issue chris has been fiddling with?
17:29 ryan slef: yes, i think chris answered this on list
17:30 slef ok, if it's the same issue, I'll commit a minimal fix
17:54 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious n=plinkit@
18:57 matthewmetzger Hello, I'm working on my problem and I have some questions. Do kados or ryan have some time?
19:46 slef hello guest!
19:46 CGI603 hello slef
19:46 slef Try /nick yourname to set your screen name
19:47 slef hello JCATS!
19:47 JCATS may I ask smth?
19:47 slef yep... no promises I can answer it, or that anyone else is awake
19:47 JCATS lol
19:47 slef (general online chat tip: don't ask to ask - just ask)
19:48 JCATS is koha 3.0 ready for production?
19:49 slef IMO no.  It can be massaged into production (and has been by several people) but most users would be better off waiting for a real release.
19:49 JCATS ok
19:49 matthewmetzger Any estimates to when that 3.0 release will be?
19:49 JCATS do u recommend me version 2.2.9 or version 2.4?
19:49 slef if you want to beta-test and bug-fix, go for it ;-)
19:49 slef 2.2.9
19:50 JCATS debian sarge or etch?
19:50 slef matthewmetzger: kados's call, but I estimate late-July release-candidates, so probably mid-August 3.0
19:50 slef JCATS: etch.  See for packages and notes for etch
19:50 kados slef: I'm aiming for Sept
19:51 kados mid-sept
19:51 matthewmetzger Wow! That's closer than I expected. Mid sept. is still great.
19:51 slef kados: rc date?
19:51 kados slef: mid-July :-)
19:51 slef heh
19:51 kados I'd like to do two releases between now and 'stable'
19:52 kados 1. developers
19:52 kados 2. testing
19:52 kados developers in mid-July
19:52 kados testing in mid-Aug
19:52 slef matthewmetzger: these are targets.  The more people beta-test and bug-fix the release candidates (rc), the more likely we can meet them.
19:52 kados and stable in mid-Sept
19:53 matthewmetzger Good stuff. Time permitting, I'd like to test a RC.
19:53 kados there's a pre-release version you can test today if you want
19:53 kados[…]rerelease_0.4.tgz
19:53 kados give that a shot if you're especially eager
19:53 slef kados: reply to email: what dir are the build unit tests in?
19:53 kados koha/t/
19:54 matthewmetzger Today, I have to work on that inventory report. But, are there some docs for the prerelease?
19:54 kados ahh
19:54 slef I thought that was for installed systems?
19:54 kados slef: we don't have any build tests
19:54 kados slef: just unit tests for an installed system
19:54 kados matthewmetzger: there's a install doc that's pretty step-by-step
19:54 slef matthew: there's a quickstart in the tarball when I tried it, but ask
19:54 slef here for opaque steps
19:54 matthewmetzger thanks.
19:54 slef kados: have you expanded "4. start Zebra" or whatever it was?
19:55 kados matthewmetzger: for a debian system it should take about 30 minutes to install
19:55 kados slef: yep, corrected that
19:55 slef kados: has it stopped telling people to splatter cpan modules across their filesystem? ;-)
19:55 kados hehe, no :-)
19:55 kados some of the modules are only avaialble on CPAN
19:55 slef matthewmetzger: so look at that URL I mentioned for the debs of the CPAN stuff
19:56 slef matthewmetzger: I am a debian developer and will upload them when I get enough time to make them follow policy
19:56 kados slef: we could distribute your debs along with the releases
19:56 slef kados: dh-make-perl --cpan --build modulename
19:56 kados slef: I haven't seen them yet though
19:57 kados *nod*
19:57 slef kados: no point IMO.  Just give an apt source line, once I make it an apt source (probably on people.d.o)
19:57 kados slef: sounds good
19:58 matthewmetzger kados: do you have a bit of time for questions about my problem?
19:58 kados matthewmetzger: I'm kinda swamped atm
19:58 matthewmetzger okay.
19:58 kados matthewmetzger: could you post the questions to the list?
19:58 matthewmetzger sure, I'll do that.
19:58 kados thx
21:16 chris morning
21:18 darcilicious afternoon chris :)
21:18 chris :)
21:18 chris clocking in from work darci?
21:18 darcilicious nope. home on personal time at the moment :)
21:18 chris ahh fair enough
22:56 kados chris: can you see me?
22:57 kados chris: freenode seems to have split
22:57 chris yep
22:57 chris ur back now
22:57 kados cool
22:57 russel is sara back?
22:58 kados dunno yet
08:52 chris toins do you know?
08:52 toins hi chris
08:52 chris hi toins :)
08:52 toins macles is a plugin isn't it ?
08:53 toins but don't know what it does.
08:53 toins ask hdl
08:53 chris is it a french word?
08:53 chris ahh yep, ill ask hdl
08:53 hdl nope.
08:53 toins chris: english for macles is mykey
08:54 hdl and yes
08:54 chris :)
08:54 hdl english for macles is mykeys
08:54 toins yes...
08:54 hdl But this plugin is FRANTIQ specifiq.
08:54 chris ahh
08:55 hdl It allows them, from authorised_values consituted as XYZ
08:55 hdl to have mutiple tabs
08:55 hdl with tables
08:55 chris wow
08:55 hdl X being the tab number
08:56 hdl Y on line
08:56 hdl Z on colums.
08:56 hdl + they have multiple entries
08:57 hdl say "Ming period" is 562,542,521
08:57 chris
08:57 hdl yes.
08:57 chris very cool
08:58 hdl I think this script can be very helpful for structured authorised_values.
08:58 hdl But structure has to be precisely defined.
08:58 chris right
08:58 hdl (+ I must commit a css for tabs to work.)
08:59 chris *nod*
08:59 hdl
08:59 chris very good idea
09:00 hdl
09:00 hdl to have an idea of the result.
09:00 chris ahh i see
09:02 chris and the mom use koha?
09:03 hdl Yes. But java was added on top of this.
09:04 chris ahh, people do some strange things some times :)
09:06 chris hdl: you were in new caledonia recently?
09:06 hdl yes
09:07 chris for work, or for holiday?
09:07 chris or both :)
09:07 hdl I wish I could visit you....;)
09:07 chris yes, you were quite close :)
09:07 hdl For work. (I was without my wife.)
09:07 chris next time (if you go back) maybe I can meet you there :-)
09:08 chris there are sometimes very cheap flights from nz to new caledonia
09:08 hdl Paul is going next time (maybe in late october)
09:08 chris ohhh
09:08 chris taking turns :)
09:11 chris maybe tahiti next ? :)
09:18 hdl Haïti or thaïti (seems more realistic)
09:18 hdl Maybe Fidji.
09:20 chris :)
09:24 chris have you seen this[…]ontributors/37880
09:24 chris and for toins
09:24 chris[…]ontributors/37910
09:27 toins interesting...
09:28 chris i saw it there the other day, it had been registered but no one had filled out any info, so i added some information
09:28 chris
09:28 chris quite interesting
09:29 chris it fetches the code from cvs and analyses it, quite smart
09:31 toins yes
09:31 toins chris: do you know this one =>
09:31 toins it's the same idea
09:32 chris ohh i havent seen that one
09:32 toins there isn't koha in
09:32 toins but opencataloger yes !
09:32 chris :)
09:33 chris cool
09:34 chris its good to seem commits being made :)
09:34 chris s/seem/see/
09:36 toins hehe
10:02 hdl chris around ?
10:02 chris yep
10:02 hdl why is aqorderbrakdown here for ?
10:03 chris what is it for?
10:03 hdl *aqorderbreakdown* here for ?
10:03 hdl yes. I have this table but it is quite empty for me.
10:04 hdl So I want to understand.
10:04 hdl ordernumberok But linenumber is NULL.
10:04 chris right ordernumber and bookfund are always filled in
10:05 chris linenumber isnt used but the idea for it is that you have maybe 10 lines in a basket
10:05 chris so you could have 1 .. 10 in linenumber then order them that way on the invoice
10:06 chris but we just order by them by ordernumber instead
10:06 chris bookfund could be moved to aqorder
10:07 chris and that table could disapear .. originally i had planned that one ordernumber might have lots of orders .. but now we have 1 basket with lots of ordernumbers
10:07 chris so aqorderbreakdown isnt needed
10:07 chris does that help?
10:08 hdl OK.
10:08 hdl So an aqorderbrakdown is just to store the budget the line is linked to ?
10:09 hdl breakdown again
10:09 chris currently yes, thats all its being used for
10:10 hdl OK thanks

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