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12:48 kados morning all
12:48 jaron good morning.
12:48 jaron kados: don't make me yawn!
12:48 kados hiya jaron
12:48 kados hehe
12:49 kados jaron: so what's new with you?
12:50 jaron I'm just doing some late spring cleaning of one of my servers.
12:50 kados cool
12:51 jaron and did you ever get sorted out why 3 wasn't showing the MARC structure?
12:52 kados I didn't
12:52 kados but it's on the agenda for today
12:52 kados have you tried re-running the installer with a fresh database?
12:52 jaron cool
12:52 jaron no I haven't gotten around to it.
12:52 kados that's all hdl did to 'fix' it
12:52 jaron hmmm...
12:53 jaron I did get a chance though to play with zebra and extended services...which is the conversation that led me to installing it in the first place.
12:54 kados yea?
12:54 kados how'd that go?
12:54 jaron I see now why a good installer is necessary. Zebra's rather complex to set up
12:54 kados yea
12:55 jaron I then started looking at opencataloger so see how they're inserting records into the database, but didn't get very far there.
12:55 kados yea
12:56 kados those save scripts don't work yet
12:56 jaron then I'm not blind :)
12:56 kados in koha, the way we do it is via AddBiblio
12:56 kados which is in
12:56 jaron yeah.
12:58 kados huh
12:58 kados looking at the 3.0 code, I'm not sure I approve of the steps :-)
12:59 jaron for AddBiblio?
12:59 kados yea
12:59 kados misc/cronjobs/
12:59 kados is how zebra is updated in case you're curious
13:00 kados huh
13:00 kados yea, this seems a bit counterintuitive
13:00 kados difficult to step through all the steps
13:00 kados zebraqueue calls zebrado
13:01 kados a local sub that does the actual extended services update
13:01 kados and commits too
13:01 kados well, it's not terrible
13:01 kados but could use some cleanup I think
13:01 kados better error handling for one
13:03 jaron I see what's happening there now.
13:06 jaron ok, I guess I don't understand why there needs to be a queue for zebra update?
13:06 jaron You're using shadow registers.
13:06 kados well, there doesn't strictly _need_ to be one
13:06 kados but it's useful for high transaction databases
13:06 jaron You insert the record via extended services and it goes into the shadow and then commit to get it into the main database.
13:06 jaron I see.
13:06 kados it should probably be a syspref
13:07 kados so basically we are using zebraqueue to background the process of updating zebra
13:08 kados so in case zebra's got a bunch of updates, and it might take a second or two, the cataloger doesn't have to wait
13:08 jaron fair enough
13:08 kados plus I think early on there was some flakiness with zebra's asynchronous update (which has been since fixed)
13:08 kados but yea, I'd like that to be a syspref
13:09 kados or a config file option
13:09 kados jaron: so have you considered getting more active in development on Koha?
13:10 jaron I had, but I've become a traitor and gone over to team Ruby for now :)
13:10 kados ehe
13:10 kados hehe
13:10 jaron that's why I'm interested in helping out with docs
13:10 kados you working on a ruby project?
13:10 jaron since my perling won't be up to snuff
13:11 jaron oh, I might as well share my little project--first thing I ever released...
13:11 jaron
13:12 kados huh
13:12 kados so it's a web-based copy cataloging client?
13:12 jaron no, command line
13:12 kados ahh
13:13 jaron frankly, I was frustrated with how slow the marc editor was so I decided to write my own
13:13 kados yea, you're not the only one
13:13 kados koha's MARC editor wasn't really well conceived
13:13 jaron it was in perl at first, but my perl was so poor after a month I didn't know where I was.
13:13 kados too much overhead to load all that html
13:13 kados hehe
13:14 kados jaron:[…]d=1310DE1984DBDC7
13:14 kados jaron: seen that?
13:14 dewey I haven't seen 'that', kados
13:14 kados dewey: botsnack
13:14 dewey thanks kados :)
13:15 jaron It'd be rather easy to create a MARC-breaker/marc-maker based big text area to edit--at least for experts
13:15 jaron yes, I'd seen that.
13:15 jaron I'm considering making it into a rails app at some point
13:15 jaron one I get my mind around rails
13:15 kados cool
13:15 jaron one problem I've encounted so far is that ruby-zoom doesn't have extended services
13:23 chris[…]ember/001297.html
13:23 chris and
13:23 chris[…]as_zoom.rb?rev=16
13:24 chris and now im going to sleep
13:24 jaron thanks, chris :)
13:24 jaron g'night
13:59 kados bbiab
14:48 thd kados: are you back from your spot?
15:12 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: kados
15:12 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: kados
15:40 kados morning darcilicious
15:40 darcilicious morning! :)
15:42 foxnorth hey kados!
15:42 kados hiya foxnorth
15:42 kados jaron: still around?
15:43 kados foxnorth: still no luck using that search
15:43 foxnorth arg-- did you give it around ~5 secs to complete?
15:43 kados yea
15:43 kados dept as keyword
15:43 foxnorth right lemme try again too
15:43 jaron kados: yep...currently wrastling a regexp :)
15:43 kados jaron: foxnorth is the programmer working on the new cataloging app for google summer of code
15:44 jaron cool
15:44 jaron hiya foxnorth
15:44 foxnorth actually-- try "sew" as kw
15:44 foxnorth hey jaron- nice to meet you!
15:44 foxnorth kados mentioned you're working on some copy cat scripts?
15:44 foxnorth sounds cool!
15:44 jaron yeah.
15:44 kados foxnorth: still nothing
15:44 jaron it's all command line stuff right now though
15:45 foxnorth kados: sorry i switched out the z3950 server to and that must've messed up teh search too
15:46 kados ooh, a bug
15:46 kados :-)
15:46 kados if I select title by mistake
15:46 jaron foxnorth: so where are you at so far?
15:46 kados I can't select keyword
15:46 foxnorth hhm
15:46 kados and no results for 'mew' as kw
15:47 foxnorth kados: "sew"?
15:47 kados hehe
15:47 kados nuthin
15:47 foxnorth aaah
15:48 kados looks like it's still searching NPLKoha
15:48 foxnorth yeah, that's right
15:48 foxnorth hhm.
15:48 kados foxnorth: one thing I didn't mention, is it should probably be able to search multiple targets in one pane
15:48 foxnorth firefox is frozen...hang on
15:49 kados and allow you to select results first by target (maybe with a little plus button next to each, that expands into the results)
15:49 foxnorth yeah, that ought to be possible right now by listing the other servers in that option dlg
15:49 kados so you'd get something like:
15:49 foxnorth yeah that's a good idea
15:49 kados 500 results from 5 sources
15:49 kados + Nelsonville Public Library (40 results)
15:49 kados + Library of Congress (200 results)
15:49 foxnorth right good idea
15:50 foxnorth wonder how to integrate that into a tab?
15:50 kados well ...
15:50 foxnorth lemme restart firefox and see if i get results
15:50 kados maybe do a split screen
15:50 kados 1/3 of the space is the target selection section
15:50 foxnorth uh huh
15:50 kados then you click on a record and the 2/3 on the right has the content
15:50 kados or something
15:50 dewey somebody said something was not recognising the value actually in the leader.
15:50 kados hehe
15:51 kados dewey: botsnack
15:51 dewey thanks kados :)
15:51 kados jaron: to answer your question, we've just started :-)
15:51 jaron I can see that now :)
15:54 kados foxnorth: still nuthin
15:54 foxnorth kados: any luck?
15:54 kados foxnorth: how about you?
16:09 kados foxnorth: ProcessSearchResults(Document )ui.js (line 38)
16:09 kados displaySrchResults(Object url=/cgi-bin/ method=GET, true, Object)search.js (line 83)
16:09 kados apply(displaySrchResults(options, isSuccess, resp), undefined, [Object url=/cgi-bin/ method=GET, true, Object], undefined)ext-jquery-adapte... (line 10)
16:10 kados Connection(Object)ext-all.js (line 26)
16:10 kados getViewWidth(XMLHttpRequest readyState=4 status=200, "success")ext-jquery-adapte... (line 12)
16:10 kados e(3)jquery-latest.pac... (line 1)
16:10 kados [Break on this error]"ProcessSearchResults got: " + records.length + " records to inser...
16:20 darcilicious (heh. don't you folks have a paste website? ;-)
16:46 kados darcilicious: low enough traffic that it hasn't come up
16:46 darcilicious ;-)
16:48 kados mmmmmmm
16:55 darcilicious i think i hate you :)
16:56 kados hehe
20:57 russel howdy all
21:20 chris morning
21:20 russel hi chris
21:20 darcilicious afternoon :)
21:25 mason morning #koha
21:26 mason morning russ, chris, jon-boy...
21:41 russel[…]entation/glossary
21:41 darcilicious yummmm plone :)
21:41 darcilicious russel, plone help center is going to have a new template available soonish
21:42 russel cool
21:42 russel it is pretty cool
21:42 darcilicious mockups: and[…]c=Visual%20Design
21:42 russel i reckon it will work well for this
21:51 chris ok, bug hunting i go
22:02 kados chris: I'd like to discuss db defs for 3.0
22:02 chris righto
22:03 kados chris:[…]oha&r1=1.4&r2=1.5
22:04 chris i like slefs idea, pick a set of options for mysqldump and stick with it
22:04 kados chris: paul committed a snapshot of his db, which went and broke the installer
22:04 kados so I reverted
22:04 chris yep
22:04 kados that dif is between paul's version and the reverted one
22:04 chris yep
22:04 kados I guess ryan and I are wondering if everything should even be in one file
22:04 kados would it make sense, for instance, to pull out the constraints?
22:04 kados or to separate by module?
22:05 chris hmmm
22:05 chris not for 3.0 (separating by module)
22:06 kados constraints maybe? as alter table statements?
22:06 chris like pauls one? yep could do
22:07 kados pauls doesn't pull the constraints into a separate file does it?
22:07 chris not but it puts them all at the bottome
22:07 chris after all the create tables
22:07 kados of each table def
22:07 kados ahh, some are interspersed, some are below
22:08 kados I think the #1 bug for 3.0 atm is the database defs
22:08 kados and getting the frameworks updated with defaultvalue I think is probably 2nd, if not equal in priority
22:08 kados because without a valid framework you can't do much
22:09 chris hmmm all of pauls seem to be at the bottom, id be happy with that, i dont see that putting it in a separate file gains you much
22:10 chris table defs, then constraints
22:10 kados makes sense
22:11 kados chris: you up for fixing the table defs?
22:11 kados and adding constraints, etc.?
22:11 chris do we have a working one
22:11 chris ?
22:11 kados nope
22:12 kados not that I'm aware of
22:12 chris then no
22:13 chris as i dont know what should be in all the tables
22:13 kados yea, not sure anyone does
22:13 chris or what the constraints are
22:13 chris so me making stuff up wont be any use
22:13 kados yea, that's my feeling too
22:13 ryan well, what you gain from separating constraints
22:14 chris we need a working database that we are happy with
22:14 ryan is you can insert some defaults without violating them
22:14 kados I guess I've no idea how we're going to get a working database
22:14 kados that we're happy with
22:15 kados I guess we're at paul's mercy then
22:15 chris we'll have to start with one thats working in production and load it
22:15 mason bah, i just did a bad commit, sorry guys
22:15 chris and then tidy it
22:15 kados we don't have a production 3.0
22:16 kados dev_week != 3.0
22:16 chris yep so we'll have to get paul to mysqldump one
22:16 chris using the options we want
22:16 chris and start with that
22:16 kados right
22:18 kados ok, well next bug is the test suite
22:18 kados chris: can't run the tests until Koha's installed, because many of them rely on
22:18 kados chris: so 'make test' works, but it fails with every test
22:18 chris yep
22:18 kados chris: (might wanna check out MJ's makemaker stuff)
22:19 kados any workaround for that?
22:19 chris thats always gonna be the case
22:19 chris you need to have C4::Context and a database going before you can test much of anything
22:19 kados I was thinking we could have a snapshot one we use for testing
22:20 chris the tests im writing are unit tests for the developers
22:20 chris they maybe could be used as part of the install, but thats not what im writing them for
22:20 kados k
22:21 chris so taht when you are developing you can run tests to make sure your changes havent broken then
22:21 chris then=things
22:22 kados gotcha
22:23 kados ok, I'm adding the rest to bugzilla
22:23 chris cool
22:23 chris but we do need a test rig up that is running automated testing
22:23 chris i could work on that this afternoon after i fix some bugs
22:29 kados chris: ok, added a few bugs
22:29 chris cool
22:31 kados mason: around?
22:31 mason yep, hiya
23:16 chris one down
23:18 jaron russel++
23:18 jaron #for getting the FAQ working again
23:23 chris and another one bites the dust
23:24 kados sweet
23:25 kados chris: at one point I did it as a dated file with bib range if applicable
23:25 kados something like
23:26 kados 2007-05-12-bib1123-bib1126-koha.mrc
23:26 kados we should actually let the user pick a file name
23:26 kados but I guess ultimately that's not a biggie
23:26 chris yeah its easy to do that with most browsers, saveas
23:28 chris ok im gonna spend some time on our test rig now
23:29 kados cool
23:31 chris actually ill do a few more bugs, cos i dont have a good start point, have to figure out a plan of attack for th test rig before i go wasting time
00:06 russel kados when you have a moment - got a couple of plone privs issues to run past you
00:52 chris[…]s#committing_code
00:52 chris read it, learn it, do it
00:52 chris *grin*
00:53 kados chris++
01:05 kados anyone remember how long paul and hdl are gone for?
01:05 chris paul was gone for a couple of weeks
01:05 chris not sure about hdl
01:06 chris good idea
01:17 russel kados: you got 5 mins to look at something with plone on new.koha?
01:18 kados sure
01:18 kados russel: what's up?
01:21 chris lets try the maps one out, it would be great to get that up .. and lets look at the contribs one too, see how it works
01:21 russel hiya
01:21 russel trying to change the home[age
01:21 russel put i dont get an option to replace the stock content with another page
01:21 russel like i do in the other folders
01:25 kados yea, I think the homepage is a special case
01:25 kados I was talking to darci about that
01:26 kados we couldn't figure out how to enable editing of it
01:26 darcilicious ye-es?
01:26 kados hey darcilicious
01:26 kados darcilicious: remember those nifty perms we set up for PowerUser?
01:26 darcilicious kados: didn't i tell you about maps? (and show you the plinkit one? :)
01:26 darcilicious kados: i remember you setting them up yes :)
01:27 darcilicious (perms i mean)
01:27 kados darcilicious: do you know of a way that our PowerUsers can have edit privs on the home page?
01:27 darcilicious kados: you could try explicitly making the PowerUser group (or person) the owner of the home page via the sharing tab
01:29 kados russel: try now
01:30 russel ok cool thanks
01:30 darcilicious and kados: i can't believe i didn't show you a map of oregon with all the plinkit sites done with Maps... shame on me!
01:30 kados work?
01:30 dewey work is a group of biblios
01:30 darcilicious ha!
01:30 kados hehe
01:30 kados dewey: botsnack
01:30 dewey :)
01:32 russel all good on the homepage
01:33 darcilicious russel: excellent :)
01:35 darcilicious kados: when you return, here's a sample page of plone library sites in the world:[…]es/all-locations/
01:37 chris cool
01:37 russel kados: when you get back - can i have the same privs on the news section
01:37 russel and i'll start backhauling that content
01:40 darcilicious chris: yeah though there are some issues with certain countries that i still need to noodle around. e.g. i'm from the u.s. and can't use the google maps api to map u.k. addresses >:/
01:40 chris oh yeah?
01:40 chris thats weird
01:40 darcilicious chris: i know. i need to dig into it some more but that poor site is like 10th on my list of plone things i do in my own time ;-)
01:40 chris :)
01:43 russel i'd be keen to give the maps product a spin today
01:46 darcilicious go for it :)
01:49 darcilicious ah, you don't have full site manage to install products?
01:49 russel nope
01:51 kados russel: back
01:52 kados russel: done
01:52 kados darcilicious: plone google maps? or just Maps?
01:53 darcilicious i think it's Maps, let me look
01:54 darcilicious yup, Maps it is
01:54 darcilicious it has a different install method btw
01:55 darcilicious so you won't find it listed in the quickinstaller after it's on the filesystem
01:55 darcilicious read readme.txt and/or install.txt for details
01:56 kados To use Google Maps you need an "API key from
01:56 kados Google":
01:56 kados russel: wanna sign up?
01:59 darcilicious ah, the readme.txt includes the workaround for uk and china addresses :)
01:59 russel righto - i'll do that now
01:59 kados darcilicious: sweet, we'll need that oo
01:59 kados too I mean
02:01 russel ok kados i have a key
02:05 kados k
02:05 darcilicious right. better example:[…]linkit-in-oregon/
02:05 darcilicious be sure to click on a marker ;-)
02:06 chris cool
02:09 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=1352
02:10 darcilicious LOL
02:10 kados what we need now is to write a little script on install the inserts a user's info into our plone map
02:11 kados maps should be installed, keys applied
02:11 chris this is what i was actually looking for[…]hp?g2_itemId=1385
02:11 chris do you live near the coast darci?
02:12 russel is there a webpage about the plone maps product?
02:12 darcilicious chris, well, it depends on how you define 'near' :) i'm about 30 miles west of portland and 45 miles from tillamook (on the coast)
02:12 kados russel:
02:13 darcilicious (and i drive about 60 miles to work in salem -- what's wrong with that picture? ;-)
02:13 chris so nearish astoria?
02:13 chris where the goonies are from :)
02:13 darcilicious ;-)
02:13 russel kados - it is saying that is the wrong api key
02:13 kados hmmm
02:13 darcilicious make sure the api key is for the full domain that you're viewing from
02:14 chris nothing wrong with that picture, i was just looking for a nice one of the oregon coast, its beatiful there
02:14 darcilicious e.g. i should think
02:14 kados I have the following:
02:14 kados | ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRIyLHi_edhyLh​dMU0K1r2HhOlfrhT78OmSn5yaFqVVcEaOQB7vYOTqnQ
02:14 kados | ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRfiVgliCb5ai3​YIO6IrdEUBmFBeBQEvQzuEx6DshnEw4W-wSIOFjkG2w
02:14 kados http://localhost:8080 | ABQIAAAAaKes6QWqobpCx2AOamo-shTwM0brOpm-All​5BF6PoaKBxRWWERSUWbHs4SIAMkeC1KV98E2EdJKuJw
02:14 kados http://testing:8080   | ABQIAAAAaKes6QWqobpCx2AOamo-shS8tbwkwQvVo8y​2jCgM8I6Nv1EJJxSpbhzdXfa06Vx2SpX3do9jOWJM6g
02:14 darcilicious that first should work :p
02:15 kados maybe I need to restart the cluster?
02:15 darcilicious maybe...
02:16 kados russel: how about now?
02:16 dewey it has been said that now is a good time
02:16 kados dewey: botsnack
02:16 dewey :)
02:17 russel same message
02:17 russel do you get it when you try?
02:17 kados russel: can you check I've assigned the right key to the right URL?
02:17 russel Google maps API
02:17 russel
02:17 russel ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRfiVgliCb5ai3​YIO6IrdEUBmFBeBQEvQzuEx6DshnEw4W-wSIOFjkG2w
02:17 russel
02:17 russel ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRIyLHi_edhyLh​dMU0K1r2HhOlfrhT78OmSn5yaFqVVcEaOQB7vYOTqnQ
02:18 russel looks about right to me
02:18 chris maybe you need the 8080 on the new one
02:18 darcilicious the second should be
02:18 chris snap :)
02:18 darcilicious ;-)
02:19 kados I've got:
02:19 kados | ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRIyLHi_edhyLh​dMU0K1r2HhOlfrhT78OmSn5yaFqVVcEaOQB7vYOTqnQ
02:19 kados | ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRfiVgliCb5ai3​YIO6IrdEUBmFBeBQEvQzuEx6DshnEw4W-wSIOFjkG2w
02:19 chris yes but russ doesnt have :8080 in his key
02:19 kados looks right to me
02:19 kados ahh, right
02:19 kados russel: does it let you add ports?
02:20 russel i cant get to the admin
02:20 kados russel: s/it/google/
02:20 russel i cant get to any of the admin
02:20 russel ahh
02:20 russel dunno
02:20 chris port is part of a url
02:20 chris so it should
02:21 russel ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRl9OLF166zoOy​8ch-ytk7PQI_F4hTX5i834r4LMLvd87pVVQJvA7GsRw
02:21 russel there you go
02:22 kados ok, updated
02:22 darcilicious w00t
02:23 russel nope - still same message
02:23 kados | ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRl9OLF166zoOy​8ch-ytk7PQI_F4hTX5i834r4LMLvd87pVVQJvA7GsRw
02:23 kados | ABQIAAAAvVvF7eDRUnsNVM0wSJDhJRRfiVgliCb5ai3​YIO6IrdEUBmFBeBQEvQzuEx6DshnEw4W-wSIOFjkG2w
02:23 darcilicious russel: may need to do a shift-reload on the page
02:24 darcilicious i think there's a lot of JS involved :p
02:29 russel nope still no good - and i have restarted browser
02:30 darcilicious what is it you're doing exactly to get the error?
02:31 russel hmm trying with javascript turned off
02:32 russel ok no api key error
02:33 russel the entering of addresses in misleading
02:34 darcilicious kados: did you install 1.0 or 1.1?
02:34 kados 1.0
02:34 darcilicious i'd go ahead and use 1.1 or even SVN for best results :)
02:35 darcilicious there were some bug fixes that haven't been released/bundled yet
02:35 russel i can type 10 bath st, levin, new zealand into google maps and it works just fine, but when i try in this, it tells me it needs to be lat and long, even though the directions say to try a street address first
02:35 darcilicious (i'm using svn myself)
02:37 darcilicious right. works for me.
02:37 darcilicious kados: get SVN if you can
02:37 darcilicious or i can tar up my product folder for you
02:37 kados darcilicious: I'm lazy, got a svn URL for me? ;-)
02:37 darcilicious sure, hold on :)
02:38 darcilicious from the products page ;-)
02:38 darcilicious
02:41 kados russel: ok, running off svn now, give it a shot
02:41 darcilicious i don't know if you have to do that whacky import stuff again or not... quite possibly
02:41 darcilicious as i think that stuff gets imported into the zodb? not sure
02:42 darcilicious hate generic setup and don't even want to learn it but i will have to :p
02:42 kados yea, Maps needs a configlet
02:44 russel kados: no location option anymore
02:45 kados yea, investigating
02:49 kados russel: try now
02:49 kados ran through the install again
02:51 russel righto
02:52 russel[…]ibrary-trust/view
02:52 russel lol
02:52 kados sweet
02:52 russel i wonder if i have to put -ve numbers in to get the sth hemisphere
02:54 darcilicious this works for me:
02:55 kados darcilicious: wow, plone4lib's looking nice
02:55 darcilicious aw thanks :)
02:55 kados darcilicious: that your skin?
02:55 darcilicious not even! :)
02:55 kados hehe
02:55 darcilicious it's a freebie :) called pumpkin or something
02:55 kados cool
02:56 russel darcilicious - how do i get all the location on one map?
02:56 kados well, it's 11pm on a Sunday, bout time I stop for the day :-)
02:56 russel[…]nua-library-trust
02:56 kados evening all
02:57 darcilicious as in bed time?
02:57 darcilicious russel: w00t! :D
02:57 russel but it just seems to let me add individual locations - rather than lots of location on one map
02:58 darcilicious russel, keep adding locations to the folder
02:58 darcilicious and then set the folder display to Map view
02:58 russel ahhh ok
02:58 russel that makes sense
02:58 darcilicious then when you view the folder, all the locations in that folder will show up on map :)
02:58 russel i'll move these locations to a new folder
02:59 darcilicious oh right :)
03:02 chris i like it
03:02 chris the map is pretty cool
03:03 darcilicious :-)
03:05 russel now all we need to sort out is a template with fields to fill out for locations on the map
03:05 chris yep
03:05 russel rather than just the big text box
03:07 darcilicious the description box and the body text box have two different functions in the marker displays
04:16 chris man, who left the freezer door open, its freezing here today
04:18 darcilicious it's going to be 100+F here midweek :( (38C)
04:18 chris ill take it
04:18 darcilicious which is not typical oregon weather
04:18 darcilicious i hate anything above 80
04:19 chris i hate anything below 10 c
04:22 chris im a wuss :)
04:22 darcilicious :-)
04:22 darcilicious i'm definitely a "heat" wuss :)
04:22 chris i dont like humidity, dry heat i dont mind
04:25 russel hmm i need to read up on how to do the translations in plone
04:25 darcilicious with linguaplone?
04:26 russel ah that sounds like a starting point :-)
04:26 darcilicious :-)
04:26 darcilicious it's not perfect but it's the best out there
04:26 chris is that what we have set up?
04:26 russel right cool thanks for that - i'll go have a look
04:26 russel i don't think we have anything set up
04:26 russel :-)
04:27 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> we have the language menu thingy showing
04:27 chris thats my doppleganger
04:27 darcilicious that applies to the general Plone UI but not to tracking content that has been translated (or needs to be)
04:27 chris ahhh
04:27 russel i thought it might be changing the lanuage and dropping the content in the different language
04:28 darcilicious and we all know that there's no automated translating of content anywhere, riiiight? :)
04:28 chris yep
04:28 russel[…]n/manual/koha-2.2
04:29 russel i'll read up on linguaplone for next week
04:29 darcilicious excellent! (re: manual) :)
04:29 russel i have to dash bbl
04:29 chris cya later
04:32 chris woot
04:32 darcilicious (and please pardon my horrible typing here ;-) should have been "launched" sheesh.
04:32 chris figured :)
04:33 chris its what 9.30 there?
04:33 chris anytime after 5pm bad typing is allowed :)
04:39 chris my excuse is a 7 month old in one arm tryin gto help type
04:39 darcilicious ;-)
04:39 darcilicious (and yeah after 9:30p here)
04:44 chris so 60 miles to work, is that round trip or each way?
04:44 darcilicious each freakin' way :p
04:44 chris yikes
04:45 darcilicious i telecommute on weds so that's nice
04:45 chris i bet, early starts eh?
04:46 darcilicious yeah -- i'm 45 mins past my bed time to be up by 5a, out the door by 6a and at work around 7:15a or so
04:46 chris eek
09:06 chris evening
09:20 chris hi lloyd
09:21 lloyd hey :)
11:59 kados hdl: around?

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