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13:30 kados morning all
13:30 jaron good morning
13:30 jaron that's ok. i'm still waiting to hear from russel.
13:31 kados that's cool
13:32 kados lately I find it's best to do things when I think of them
13:32 kados or they just get put off
13:32 kados ok, it's uninstalled :-)
13:32 jaron yeah, I'm trying to incorporate more of a "when you touch it, deal with it" approach
14:38 paul seems nongnu disks are full : impossible to update or commit anything :
14:38 paul cannot open
14:38 paul No space left on device
14:39 paul kados around ? mason seems to be able to commit. So am I the only one with those messages ?
15:09 jaron_away paul: remember that today the americans--at least the red blooded ones--are drinking beer, eating bbq meats and setting off little explosions and rockets.
15:10 jaron_away so it might be difficult to get a hold of the americans today.
15:40 paul after "born a 4th of july", we have now "full a 4th of july"
15:54 martinmorris afternoon all
15:55 martinmorris i've been asking a question about name authorities in koha  few times, put in a bug request yesterdy
15:55 martinmorris just wondering if any authority experts are around so I can throw the question at them? :)
15:55 martinmorris it's bug id #1370 if anybody sees this, ta
16:05 jaron_away martinmorris: you still there?
16:05 martinmorris hi jaron
16:05 martinmorris how you?
16:05 jaron_away I'm not certain that Koha 2.2 does see and see also references.
16:05 jaron_away fine.
16:06 jaron and you?
16:06 martinmorris yeah good thanks
16:06 martinmorris that would be a shame if it didn't
16:06 martinmorris what about the 0 biblios thing?
16:07 jaron So you have definitely linked that authority record to a biblio?
16:07 martinmorris absolutely
16:07 paul do yo uhave a $9 (hello martinmorris)
16:07 paul ?
16:08 martinmorris i set it up so that when i go into the biblio - there are three dots (...) after the 100a field
16:08 martinmorris yes I do
16:08 martinmorris it was there already paul
16:08 martinmorris (hello)
16:08 paul because it's the $9, that is filled with the authid, that is used to calculate the # biblios
16:08 martinmorris let me check it's set up properly
16:09 martinmorris ok, how can i check it's set up properly?
16:10 martinmorris do i put 100a in the Link box?
16:10 jaron no.
16:10 paul when you report the authority, so you see that it is filled with a number ?
16:10 martinmorris what do you mean, when i report the authority?  is that when i link it to the biblio?
16:10 martinmorris i'm sure the concept is the same paul, thanks for your help
16:11 paul when you click on the ..., then select an authority, the authority (author name, surname, ...) is reported.
16:11 martinmorris let me do that now and check
16:11 paul and the authid is reported on $9
16:11 martinmorris i don't remember seeing that must admit
16:11 jaron I wonder if you view the complete record (or export it and look at it) the $9 field should have something in it
16:12 martinmorris ok, i've got the pop-up with the name authority in now...
16:13 martinmorris i can't see an authority number anywhere
16:14 jaron it should be a hidden field in your framework so you might not see it there.
16:14 martinmorris i can send a screen shot if that would help?
16:14 martinmorris of my 100$9 and the authority popup?
16:14 jaron try exporting the record first and see if you see the 100$9 then.
16:15 martinmorris ok will do
16:16 jaron brb
16:16 martinmorris 'k
16:25 jaron anything?
16:27 martinmorris i'm trying to dump it using a perl script but it's being difficult
16:27 martinmorris i can send it over?
16:28 jaron sure
16:28 jaron you can also try:
16:28 jaron yaz-marcdump file.mrc
16:28 jaron and that'll pretty print it to screen
16:28 martinmorris ah, amazing :)
16:28 martinmorris right, there's no 100$9 field in there
16:28 paul or $KOHA/scripts/dumpmarc -f file.mrc ;-)
16:29 martinmorris noted :)
16:29 jaron ls
16:29 paul then check your framework, field 100, subfields.
16:29 martinmorris yep, i'm there
16:29 paul how is $9 defined ?
16:29 martinmorris there's definitely no subfield 9
16:29 paul then it can't work...
16:29 paul add it pls
16:30 martinmorris well, it's in the marc structure
16:30 paul which koha version are u using ? 2.2.9 ?
16:30 martinmorris yes
16:30 paul npl templates ? or default ones ?
16:30 martinmorris npl
16:31 martinmorris is $9 meant to be linked to something?
16:32 paul nope, it's automatic
16:32 paul just define it.
16:32 paul if another subfield is "connected" to authorities, then the $9 is automatically managed for this field
16:33 martinmorris i have my 100$a connected to my PN thesaurus, which is my personal names authority list
16:33 martinmorris and with a Koha link to
16:33 paul sounds OK
16:33 martinmorris $9 has very little configured
16:34 martinmorris it's hidden (-5)
16:34 martinmorris and the two texts are defined, and that's it
16:34 paul it's OK
16:34 martinmorris perhaps unhide it and see what it loosk like in a biblio?
16:34 paul good idea
16:34 jaron might help
16:34 martinmorris assume it'll be empty but will see
16:35 martinmorris yep, it's empty
16:37 martinmorris 100$9 doesn't need mentioning in the marc structure of my authorities does it?
16:38 jaron dunno
16:38 martinmorris :)
16:38 paul_away time to leave for frenchies...
16:38 paul_away bye & good problem hunting martinmorris
16:38 martinmorris thanks paul
16:50 martinmorris one other question - when using - do i need to specify into which thesaurus?
16:50 martinmorris can't see an option for it but mine fails when i try to import an authority
16:57 martinmorris ignore me, solved it :)
16:58 jaron what was your solution?
16:58 jaron last I used it I had to modify the script
16:58 martinmorris the problem was that expected an NP thesaurus, i had to modify it to PN (Personaj Nomoj) after which it worked like a treat
17:00 jaron ok
17:10 martinmorris interestingly, on that problem, i've just imported a name authority from LOC, linked it to a biblio, and now it's correctly reporting that 1 biblio is usign the authority
17:11 martinmorris perhaps there's a field in the name authority i've not been adding
17:11 martinmorris just a thought
17:11 martinmorris 100$9 was also populated with the correct biblio number
17:11 jaron or possibly ones that you add manually are not correct?
17:11 jaron I'd add that info to your bug report
17:16 martinmorris cheers
20:59 chris morning
21:01 kados hey chris
21:02 kados sweet
22:28 JYL57 Hi koha world
22:29 chris hi
22:29 JYL57 Hi Chris
22:29 JYL57 It's been a while now and I'm in mood to upgrade my koha version
22:30 JYL57 What about the long wished 3.0 version ?!
22:30 JYL57 Should be out soon or still time to install a 2.2.9
22:30 chris there should be a beta release of that in the next couple of weeks
22:30 chris what version are you running now?
22:31 JYL57 2.2
22:31 chris 2.2.?
22:31 JYL57 Well not sure 2.2.4 maybe
22:31 chris right 2.2.9 will have a bunch of bugfixes, and a couple of new features
22:31 JYL57 I'm using my test box so I can't check it right now
22:32 JYL57 And mysql 5 is correctly supported ?
22:32 kados might not be in the release itself
22:33 chris nope its all in cvs, but didnt make it in the 2.2.9 release if you get the code from the rel_2_2
22:33 kados it is in CVS
22:33 chris cvs branch
22:33 chris its all good
22:33 kados 2.2.10 should correct that
22:33 JYL57 hey kados
22:33 kados hiya JYL57
22:33 kados JYL57: where ya fron?
22:33 kados from even :-)
22:33 JYL57 Paul would release a 2.2.10 before the 3.0
22:34 JYL57 From Metz, north East France
22:34 chris (if you have a test box and want to try 3.0 .. you can try following this
22:34 chris but i wouldnt do it on a production machine :)
22:35 JYL57 Well, I'm still wondering what to choose...
22:35 chris if i was you, i would wait for 2.2.10
22:35 chris upgrade to that
22:35 kados yea
22:36 kados me too
22:36 kados JYL57: you planning to install this for a production environment?
22:36 chris then wait for a full 3.0 release  ... unless you want to play around and expect to find some things broken
22:37 JYL57 Well we run a public library with koha in production so I will not break anything soon...
22:38 JYL57 But I'm still very curious and would like to see the new functions...
22:39 JYL57 Is it sensible to install both versions 2.2.9 (or 10) and another 3.0 on the same box ?!
22:39 chris if it was in production i wouldnt
22:40 JYL57 nope I was thinking on using my test box
22:40 chris just in case i made a mistake and killed the database
22:40 chris ahh in that case yep
22:40 JYL57 both versions will coexist without trouble ?!
22:40 chris yep, if they have their own database each
22:41 JYL57 ok, I can manage that
22:41 JYL57 Is there any 3.0 archive or should I use the last CVS ?
22:42 chris latest cvs
22:45 kados JYL57: if you want to try out 3.0 I can give you a package
22:45 JYL57 well Ok kados, I've not yet installed any workbench so
22:46 kados workbench?
22:46 JYL57 Eclipse fan
22:46 JYL57 Do you want my email ?
22:47 JYL57 Or maybe you can lead me to the proper URL ?
22:49 JYL57 The link from 2.2 to 3.0 doesn't talk about MARC specificities ?!
22:51 kados JYL57: the package I have is built for debian sarge or etch
22:52 JYL57 Super ! I'm using etch since a few hours... :-)
22:52 kados
22:52 kados follow the README.txt in the archive
22:53 kados and let me know how it works!
22:55 JYL57 Ok kados, downloading... Will give it a try in the next few days and will keep you informed ! thanks !
22:56 kados JYL57++
22:57 JYL57 Ok see you guys and have a nice day !
22:57 chris cya
23:02 kados figure might as well have more eyes on that
23:03 chris yep thats the main reason i wanted a developer release, more ppl looking at it faster bugs are found
23:05 kados so you think naming it beta is a mistake?
23:05 chris google has runied beta :)
23:05 kados what about pre-alpha, alpha, stable?
23:05 kados or ...
23:05 kados development, testing, stable
23:05 chris thats what id do
23:06 kados space them out by two months
23:06 chris development its pretty clear we dont expect you to use it in production
23:06 kados the hardest one is gonna be 3.0 itself
23:06 kados getting enough of the issues resolved before the scheduled release is gonna be a challenge
23:07 kados it's right buggy atm :-)
23:07 chris yep
23:07 chris i think getting the development release (which your package pretty much is)
23:08 chris being used by more ppl, and getting bugs reported is the only way they are going to get fixed
23:08 kados yea
23:08 kados the package works great for debian
23:08 chris thats the thing with a development release
23:08 kados I'm hoping MJ can make one that works for other platforms
23:08 chris it doesnt have to work for everything yet
23:08 kados true
23:13 chris i can do a full koha day on 3.0 bugs next week, if someone has reported a bunch :)
23:25 kados I've been making a list
23:25 kados I'll add them to bugzilla soon
23:25 chris sweet
23:25 chris called my bluff :)
23:26 kados heh
00:26 jaron anyone around know how to get the public facing z39.50 zebra server working?
00:26 chris for 2.2?
00:26 chris i must admit i havent tried in ages
00:26 jaron 3
00:26 chris ahh zebra?
00:27 jaron yes
00:27 chris that should be just a matter of editing the koha.xml file
00:27 jaron ok, if I mimic what was done for biblios I should be good?
00:28 chris yep there should be a section in there already for the public one eh?
00:28 jaron no, just the listen line for it
00:29 chris hmm 2 secs ill just go look in my cvs checkout
00:29 jaron once I uncommented it, I was able to connect to the server but immediately disconnected.
00:31 chris yeah i reckon if copy what is set up for the biblioserver
00:31 chris but u will anonymous access
00:31 jaron actually I'm wanting to play with extended services :)
00:31 chris in that case u want :)
00:31 chris wont even
00:32 jaron ok, let me give that a go and see what happens...
00:44 jaron ok, copied and pasted biblioserver xml and s/biblioserver/publicserver/ and then restarted zebraserver and was allowed to connect.
00:45 jaron But I figured the database name was 'koha' but even after adding that to zebra-biblio.cfg I get an error saying the database is unavialable
00:47 chris hmm
00:48 jaron well, let me see what I can do first...
00:59 jaron I'm wanting to add biblios to the database but the marc structure is broken. any other way I can get biblios into the database? Already tried import into reservoir.
00:59 chris hmm dont think you can if the structure is broken
00:59 jaron ok, I might just be outta luck until that's fixed
02:07 jaron finally, I was able to insert (and delete) a record into a zebra database. Not sure if it's the correct one. Of course doesn't show up in the catalog, so who knows where it is.
02:10 jaron in any case, that's enough for tonight.
02:10 jaron g'night
02:10 chris night
09:09 Fallor hi
09:09 dewey privet, Fallor
09:44 chris hi Fallor
10:08 Fallor hi chris
10:27 Fallor have you ever installed Koha on SELinux server
10:27 Fallor (CentOS)
10:28 Fallor it's terrible :D
10:28 chris ive installed on redhat
10:29 Fallor same thing
10:29 Fallor it seems to break addbiblio
10:29 Fallor and z3950 search
10:29 Fallor at least
10:29 chris probably the z3950 stuff
10:29 chris the Net::Z3950::Zoom module
10:30 chris its all the 3rd party stuff thats the hardest to install
10:30 Fallor hmm
10:30 Fallor did you manage to get it working?
10:30 chris yep
10:30 chris its been in production for hmm 1.5 years
10:31 Fallor but then you have a lot more experience than i do ;)
10:31 chris
10:31 chris yep
10:31 chris been doing it for hmm nearly 8 years now hehe
10:32 chris you getting any sort of useful error in the error logs?
10:34 Fallor well selinux tells me that wants to access resolv.conf and suggests creating a local security policy for it
10:35 chris hmm
10:36 chris yeah sometimes selinux is a little over the top
10:36 Fallor and that i should run "setsebool -P httpd_unified=1" to make working
10:37 Fallor setsebool has absolutely no effect whatsoever
10:37 Fallor also a strange thing is that with SELinux koha tries to find value_builder directory from a wrong place
10:37 Fallor it works just fine without SELinux
10:38 Fallor and then there are the strange noises... ;D
10:38 chris hmm i cant remember how i got it to work, wish id written it down
10:39 chris i think i saw a blog about this recently, lemme check if i can find it
10:40 Fallor i tried searching the net but without much luck
10:43 chris[…]ha_on_Fedora.html
10:43 chris anything in there useful?
10:44 chris[…]-01/msg00025.html  <-- suggests disabling selinux for httpd
10:45 Fallor that's the last option then
10:45 Fallor nothing really useful in the above document
10:45 Fallor I already have the contexts set correctly
10:45 chris right
10:46 Fallor I'll first try to set cgi-scripts to run without SELinux
10:47 Fallor maybe that'll do the trick
10:47 chris good idea
11:02 Fallor Z39.50 search still gives internal server error
11:04 Fallor but that could be because of the remote Z39.50 server
11:04 Fallor at least there are no selinux alerts in syslog anymore

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