IRC log for #koha, 2007-07-02

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12:11 kados g'morning #koha
12:11 slef hi
12:11 kados welcome to Koha Project Day
12:11 kados :-)
12:11 slef what spec servers are you running koha-zebra on?
12:11 kados dell poweredge 1800 IIRC
12:12 kados with 4 gigs of ram
12:12 kados one processor
12:12 slef I think that means all but one of my current koha-2.2s should move up OK
12:13 slef and pretty much all new servers should be fine
12:13 kados yea
12:13 kados well, think of it this way
12:13 kados it improves the speed of 2.2 :-)
12:13 slef is that amount of RAM needed or just useful?
12:13 kados so if you can do 2.2 on the box, you should see significant improvements with koha-zebra
12:13 kados just useful
12:14 kados you could run it on almost no ram if you wanted
12:14 slef swap city ;-)
12:33 slef Do you have a project slate for today?
12:55 kados well this morning I have to wrap up a few non-KPD stuff
12:55 kados I spaced yesterday
12:55 kados hoping to get started with KPD around noon (3 hours from now)
12:56 kados probably will work on Koha 3.0 interface design for setarters
12:56 kados slef: you planning to work on the installer?
12:56 slef yep, planning to have another crack at installing 3.0, making notes and seeing what to do
12:57 slef I've a few things to do before the shops shut (2 hours from now), so I guess I'll probably end up starting around the same time as you, all being well
12:57 kados sweet!
12:57 kados slef++
13:07 slef first, I shall suspend this PC for a few hours
15:54 kados hey BoSchafers
15:55 kados BoSchafers: we're about to get started here :-)
15:59 kados hey pecisk
15:59 BoSchafers ah yes? with what? I'm in Oz so its late in the eve here
15:59 kados Tina and I are going to work on defining Koha 3.0 interface design :-)
15:59 kados she's here in the office with me
15:59 kados I think slef's going to work on a new installer
16:00 BoSchafers so this is the so called koha day im witnessing :) ?
16:00 kados chris, mason and russ won't be here for another 5 hours or so (they are in NZ)
16:00 kados BoSchafers: it is :-)
16:00 slef fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection refused)
16:00 slef oh yeah, root crashed the server lots
16:01 kados Ryan's got a client deadline so he won't be joining us ... we've got a golive tomorrow for Barberton PL
16:01 kados that leaves sara, not sure what she's working on
16:02 slef kados: do I want head or dev_week for zebra?
16:02 kados head please
16:02 dewey head is head
16:03 slef dewey: you watch it, or I'll say something offensive, you botsnack-muncher
16:03 dewey thanks slef :)
16:03 kados heh
16:04 BoSchafers well this is all a bit over my head at this stage....think I'll turn in....take care and have a productive time
16:05 slef BoSchafers: sit around and heckle if you want
16:05 slef it's all I've been good for recently :-S
16:05 slef kados: did you see comment about the dev-chat?
16:05 kados no, missed it
16:06 slef[…]-06/msg00025.html
16:06 slef (I believe the two main koha-turuloj will be discussing a major koha
16:06 slef project earlier on 2 July and can't be sure to be back online by
16:06 slef 1900Z)
16:09 kados shoot
16:09 kados how'd I miss that one?
16:10 kados slef: I have to go afk for a bit
16:10 slef ok
16:10 kados slef: problem with changing the date is I really don't know people's schedules other than my own :(
16:10 kados bbiab
16:11 slef aha, git rebase origin/origin fixed it
16:12 slef koha-git's equivalent of cvs head is origin
16:12 slef (its equivalent of rel_2_2 is rel_2_2, which is less confusing...)
16:12 burg quit
16:13 slef no. you
16:13 slef ;-)
16:13 burg sorry :)
16:13 slef np
16:13 slef see you later?
16:13 slef and ITYM /quit
16:13 slef (in most chat clients, anyway)
16:14 burg thx
16:28 kados slef:
16:28 kados slef: you can try that
16:28 slef this 30 one is later
16:29 slef just found it like 60secs ago... thanks anyway
16:29 slef hi mm
16:29 martinmorris afternoon all
16:29 martinmorris hi slef
16:30 martinmorris i've popped on with another question i can't seem to find easily in the kohadocs or on the mailing list - i'm now starting to use name and subject authorities for the catalogue and am not sure of a way of storing them in koha so i don't have to keep a separate list
16:30 martinmorris i'm assuming there IS a way?
16:30 slef yeah, pretty sure - let me check
16:31 martinmorris thanks matey
16:31 slef phew, glad iceweasel had memorised that password - I sure hadn't!
16:32 martinmorris :)
16:32 slef So have you tried Authorities - Add Authority off the librarian home page?
16:32 slef oops - iceweasel javascript loop
16:32 martinmorris just logging back in , two secs
16:33 martinmorris um *blush* no i hadn't :)
16:33 martinmorris *that's* embarassing - thanks slef
16:33 martinmorris i've just been going to koha administraiton and trying from there and didn't see it!
16:41 slef no worries... let me know if it works for you - it's behaving oddly here, but I think it's my fault ;-)
16:51 martinmorris thanks slef - i'm adding a few now.  will also need to work out how to restrict the relevant fields (650a) to just those authorities - sure it's obvious
16:58 martinmorris well i'm only half way through library school so i've got quite a lot to learn still
16:59 martinmorris just picked it all up as you've gone along?  work experience?
16:59 slef yep, and Reading The Source
17:00 slef I think this is part of why I like koha - I'm always trying to dumb down the interfaces ;-)
17:01 martinmorris sounds good to me
17:05 jaron martinmorris: there is also a bulk auth import script, but it needs modification to work last I looked.
17:05 jaron slef: are there packages needed from that unofficial debian packages site?
17:05 martinmorris yes i'd seen that thanks jaron - but for various reasons i'm going to create them individually at first because they'll need translating anyway
17:08 slef jaron: which unofficial debian packages site?
17:08 slef jaron: you don't *need* them, but it may be easier than installing from sources
17:09 jaron slef: understood
17:10 jaron martinmorris: what language will they be translated to? :)
17:10 martinmorris Esperanto as it happens :)
17:10 martinmorris i'm doing a new catalogue for the british national esperanto library :)
17:10 slef martinmorris++
17:11 slef Mi devus traduki
17:11 martinmorris vi laboras por tiu kompanio slef?
17:11 slef Iafoje estis esperantolingva, sed ne aktuale
17:11 martinmorris ĉu mi konas vin? :)
17:12 slef jes... sed eble ne
17:12 slef mi estas
17:16 slef not that much
17:16 slef used to be bilingual
17:16 slef but that doesn't sell in England just now
17:27 martinmorris got a quick query before i continue on something
17:28 martinmorris i'm following to make sure i have authority records available for some marc fields in my biblios
17:28 martinmorris i'm starting with 100a
17:28 slef I'll try, but I should get back to work - big meeting tomorrow
17:28 martinmorris oh dear - well if you have to go don't let me hold you back :)
17:28 slef library stuff... jaron probably knows more ;-)
17:28 slef I'll be here, just not so talkative
17:29 slef and kados will probably return eventually, so keep asking ;-)
17:29 martinmorris it suggests i need to set up a subfield 9 but that already exists, with the description '9 (RLIN)'
17:29 kados martinmorris: if it's already setup you can ignore that step ;-)
17:30 martinmorris fair enough kados, ta
17:30 martinmorris and what's RLIN (fearing i'm asking a stupid question)
17:30 slef kados: are 9 subfields like 9xx tags?
17:30 kados yea
17:30 slef (as in, internal use)
17:30 kados martinmorris: try google ;-)
17:30 kados slef: yep
17:30 slef From Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms (Version 1.9, June 2002) :
17:30 slef  RLIN
17:30 slef       Research Libraries Information Network (network)
17:30 slef      
17:30 slef      
17:31 martinmorris ah, sorry, i assumed it was a koha abbreviation, not something so general
17:31 martinmorris i remember i knew that already :)
17:31 slef dewey: vera rlin
17:31 dewey slef: what?
17:31 slef dewey: don't you have vera loaded?
17:31 dewey i don't know, slef
17:32 kados I use google because it works :-)
17:32 slef except when it doesn't ;-)
17:32 martinmorris google certainly has its uses but i discourage kids from using it at the library where i work
17:32 kados yep
17:32 slef google for "google bugs"
17:32 slef ;-)
17:34 jaron martinmorris: even though the text for 100 subfield 9 is set up you still need to put the corresponding numbered field from your authority record in the "Link" space under Default Options for that subfield in your framework
17:35 jaron martinmorris: try translating that into esperanto.
17:37 martinmorris kvankam la teksto de 100 subkampo 9 jam konfiguriÄ?is, ankoraÅ­ necesas enmeti la taÅ­ge numerumitan kampon el la aÅ­toritatregistraĵo en la spacon 'Link' sub 'Default Option' de tiu subkampo en vian MARC-kadron
17:37 martinmorris :)
17:37 jaron maybe it makes more sense now
17:37 slef (hint: it's not any less jumbled after translation)
17:37 martinmorris it did help me to understand it certainly :)
17:37 martinmorris but it's still fairly jumbled, stef is right *laughs*
17:38 slef ;-)
17:38 jaron but you get the idea?
17:38 martinmorris i certainly do, thanks
17:38 martinmorris i had forgotten to do that
17:38 martinmorris so in my case that's 100a I put in the link space?
17:38 jaron yes, that's my understanding
17:39 martinmorris i have to say it all seemed to work even though i didn't have that link
17:39 martinmorris and the documentation doesn't have it (although i havebn't read right down to teh bottom)\
17:39 kados slef: how's that installer coming? ;-)
17:40 jaron martinmorris: could be I'm completely wrong then and you should ask someone else on this one. I haven't touched authority work for a good while now.
17:40 martinmorris well i'll keep the note stored locally and see if i get any problems - as that may be the answer
17:40 martinmorris thanks for the tip jaron
17:41 slef kados: packaged a few more debs and made a cool tool
17:41 slef perlmodver
17:42 kados sweet
17:44 martinmorris yep, all seems to be working, that's a real relief
17:50 jaron martinmorris: on further investigation I'm completely and utterly wrong about what that Link field is for.
17:50 slef erk
17:50 martinmorris fair enough - thanks for letting me know jaron :)
17:50 slef webapps/zoom_basic/koha/production/opac/htdocs -> ../rel_3_0/koha/koha-tmpl
17:50 slef that'll be a dangling symlink then ;-)
17:51 slef Is there a rel_3_0 branch yet?
17:52 kados the rel_3_0 branch was deprecated
17:52 kados due to poor planning, we branched too early before we were ready
17:52 slef what's in your rel_3_0 folder?
17:52 slef HEAD?
17:52 dewey HEAD is head
17:52 kados yea
17:52 kados sorry, that package prolly needs updating
17:53 slef dewey: head is head and rel_3_0 is dead
17:53 dewey ...but head is head...
17:53 kados if you could document problems you have with it would be great (again, sorry)
17:53 slef yeah, no worries
17:53 slef this log will do most of that, I suspect
17:58 slef undeclared dependency Lingua::Stem
18:02 slef The following error occcurred while importing the database structure:
18:02 slef Unknown suffix '-' used for variable 'port' (value '-u')
18:02 slef mysql: Error while setting value '-u' to 'port'
18:02 slef ooh, I saw that recently
18:11 slef You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '; /*!40101 SET @OLD_CHARACTER_SET_RESULTS=@@CHARACTER_SET_RESULTS */; /*!40101 S' at line 7
18:12 slef that's a new one on me... any ideas?
18:12 kados huh
18:12 kados do we even need that line?
18:12 slef no idea... I'll try cutting it
18:15 slef "the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."
18:16 kados ird
18:16 kados weird even
18:16 kados what's that coming from, apache?
18:16 slef browser... investigating whether the db is set up
18:16 kados maybe comment out the mod_redirect lines in the conf file?
18:17 kados I haven't double-checked that they're right
18:17 slef ah, maybe... I didn't double-check the rewrite rules
18:17 slef mysql> show tables;
18:17 slef Empty set (0.00 sec)
18:17 slef nope, looks like there's some other problem first
18:19 kados I think that should be OK
18:19 kados the web installer will create the tables
18:19 slef I was editing the web installer
18:19 slef can't see why my edit should have made it redirect to itself without doing anything
18:22 kados slef:[…]meters-from-uris/
18:22 kados slef: that rewritecond is not essential to the operation, but it's nice to have
18:22 kados slef: took me a hell of a time writing it
18:22 kados :-)
18:23 slef rewrites interact with almost every part of a server config IME
18:23 slef but I'm still going to try a revert first, as it worked before my edits
18:24 slef reverted and now it displays again
18:24 slef strange
18:25 slef "Transport endpoint is not connected"
18:28 slef got it
18:31 kados w00t
18:31 slef uses DBI instead of MySQL command-line to install the tables
18:32 slef It's probably evil, but I'm willing to try stuff to get away from the command-line tool.
18:32 kados yea
18:33 slef (We've been screwed by the mysql tool, we've been screwed by the shell...)
18:34 slef ok, both patches just failed :-/
18:44 slef committed
18:44 kados slef++
18:45 slef hrm, it just jumped back to the start of the installer - why?
18:45 slef s/installer/web installer
18:45 kados I dunno, someone else reported that too
18:54 slef how does koha know to redirect to the installer?
18:55 slef C4/
18:55 slef C4::Context->preference('Version') needs to be set
18:57 slef not set by web installer
19:01 slef roflmao
19:01 slef javascript in the web installer is buggy
19:02 slef toggle the drop down from English to French and then back again and a load more database-loading options appear
19:03 slef select some of those options, including Default Koha preferences and then koha works.
19:12 kados huh
19:12 kados can it be fixed?
19:13 slef yes - do the language selection as one step, then do the option selection as the next screen
19:14 slef maybe fixable on the same screen, but getting rid of needless javascript is A Good Thing
19:14 kados makes sense to me
19:14 kados musta been added recently
19:14 slef Does simple acquisitions exist in koha-zebra?
19:15 kados isn't that just direct cataloging?
19:15 slef more-or-less, I guess
19:16 slef erm, I can't Add MARC
19:17 ryan i think paul said toins is cleaning marc editor up now?
19:17 ryan may be broken in cvs
19:17 kados yea, did that actually start yet>
19:17 kados ?
19:17 kados it'll be nice when we have git
19:17 ryan dunno - was working a few weeks ago
19:17 kados someone can work on something, then merge when it's actually done
19:17 slef ah, so that's why I have a blank screen
19:18 kados maybe, maybe not
19:18 kados slef: expect bugs galore :-)
19:18 ryan blank screen also caused by a mandatory flag set on tag-level.
19:18 slef kados: you could keep a "worksforRM" tag in CVS back at the last known-working version
19:19 ryan check framework - if all mandatory flags are at subfield level, might work
19:19 kados good idea
19:19 slef kados: but that would involve tracking commits... tinderbox... argh,
19:19 slef Mozilla-style code death
19:19 kados maybe after we roll out 3.0 I'll do that
19:19 kados but we're planning to move to git fairly quickly (soon as the docs are done)
19:19 kados so it's prolly a mute point
19:19 slef ryan: MARC Bibliographic framework test says OK... is that what you meant?
19:20 slef kados: moot
19:20 kados yea
19:20 kados moot
19:20 ryan no, in framework editor, no tags can have mandatory flag set
19:21 slef where's framework editor?
19:21 kados slef: i'm installing plone for another project and they have a 'universal installer' for linux that's kinda neat
19:21 kados slef: might be worth checking out
19:21 slef "Bugzilla has suffered an internal error. Please save this page and send it to with details of what you were doing at the time this message appeared."
19:21 slef yippee
19:21 ryan slef: cgi-bin/koha/admin/
19:22 slef kados: plone is Python on Zope?
19:22 kados slef: *nod*
19:22 slef ryan: argh, tons of mandatory tags...
19:23 slef ryan: as in "Yes" in MARC Structure under "Mandatory" column heading - right?
19:23 kados "The Plone Unified Installer is a source-installation kit that installs
19:23 kados Plone and its dependencies from source on most Unix-like platforms. The
19:23 kados kit includes Plone, Zope and Python. Python is installed in a way that
19:23 ryan yes
19:23 kados will not change or interfere with your system Python."
19:24 ryan slef: (fixed fields are ok - i think bug is when there's a mandatory sufield _in_ a mandatory tag?)
19:24 slef kados: yuck, two copies of Python on the system ;-)
19:24 ryan (just stumbled on this the other day)
19:25 slef ryan: I think I'm going to fall back to 2.2 for now... it's getting late here
19:25 ryan there's always update marc_tag_structure set mandatory=0;
19:25 kados slef: fall back to 2.2 for what?
19:25 slef kados: demo system
19:26 kados shoot
19:26 kados after all that?
19:26 slef at least I have a working 3.0 around for devel
19:26 kados you're soooo close :-)
19:31 kados slef: may be a pain to install two versions of python for plone, but the installer is really nice
19:31 kados slef: might be the best installer for a specialized app I've ever used
19:33 slef 20:16:05-01/07 zebrasrv(1) [warn] chdir /zebradb/biblios [No such file or directory]
19:33 slef ok, where does it think it has /zebradb
19:33 kados ahh
19:34 kados the installer tells you to move koha to /koha and zebradb to /zebradb
19:34 kados or you could just do symlinks
19:34 slef yeah, I rewrote the configs
19:34 kados oh, man
19:34 kados you're in for a world of hurt
19:34 slef If it said /opt, I might have left it
19:34 kados yea, we debated over /opt vs /
19:35 kados in the end it was one less dir to parse through
19:35 kados on client machines
19:36 slef could (should?) chroot zebrasrv for production systems
19:36 kados yes
19:36 kados or you can just run it as a user
19:36 kados zebra user
19:37 slef does it keep itself under $HOME if you do?
19:37 kados that I'm not sure of
19:37 kados ryan: ?
19:37 slef so what's the benefit of running as zebra user?
19:37 kados I dunno
19:37 kados yea, that makes sense
19:39 kados slef++ # for adding bugs
19:42 slef kados++ for all the praise today
19:43 kados slef: if we waited until 20gmt tomorrow could you make it?
19:43 ryan slef: yeah, one of our testers says same, but it works okay for me.
19:46 slef kados: not back in town until 2130gmt and then at least 20mins to return home
19:47 kados hmmm
19:48 kados slef: what if we just postponed the discussion about the installer until you got home? would that work?
19:48 kados I'm afraid switching the time so late in the game might be confusing
19:57 slef Better than nothing, I guess.  Can you be around to take feedback on other points as I read the logs?
19:57 slef And remind chris about the serene koha-git ;-)
19:58 kados defintely
19:58 kados chris should be around long after the meeting itself
19:58 slef I've got to go eat now.  I'll be back after.
19:58 kados ciao
19:59 slef No, I meant "please remind chris about the serene koha-git"
19:59 slef[…]-06/msg00008.html
19:59 kados ahh
19:59 kados will do
19:59 slef thanks
19:59 kados we're discussing git later today anyway
19:59 slef ooh, what sort of time, do you know?
19:59 kados prolly in about an hour or so
20:00 slef ah, I'll definitely not be back by then
20:00 kados sweet
20:00 slef ttyl
20:41 chris ive been using the serene koha git .. was broken yesterday tho
20:44 kados sweet
20:57 kados chris: wanna contine where we left off with git last week?
20:57 kados chris: I've got about 30 minutes before dinner plans
20:57 kados then I'll be afk for a couple hours, we could do it afterwards if you prefer
20:58 chris now is ok
20:58 kados[…]lopment:git_usage
20:59 chris so this is the bit we have to figure out how to do
20:59 chris So now were happy with our work, and were ready to show it to the world. The way we currently do that is to push your branch back to the RM so the QA manager and the RM, along with the rest of the Koha world. If they like your patch or feature, they can merge it in to their master branch.
20:59 kados yea
21:03 chris hmm
21:05 chris i think what we do
21:05 chris is in our clone
21:05 chris cd .git/config/remotes/orign
21:05 mason morning #koha
21:05 kados hey mason
21:06 chris where are you kados inside kohaclients.git ?
21:06 mason hiya joshua
21:06 kados hmmm, I'm in a dir called kohaclone
21:06 kados I have .git/config
21:06 kados but no remotes dir below it
21:07 chris ahh sorry .git/remotes
21:07 kados is this a git version thing?
21:07 kados ahh
21:07 kados got it
21:07 kados URL:
21:07 kados Pull: refs/heads/master:refs/heads/origin
21:07 kados Pull: refs/heads/hlt:refs/heads/hlt
21:07 kados Pull: refs/heads/katipo:refs/heads/katipo
21:07 kados Pull: refs/heads/issuingrules-rt77:​refs/heads/issuingrules-rt77
21:07 kados Pull: refs/heads/opus-prod-testing:​refs/heads/opus-prod-testing
21:07 chris cool
21:07 chris now lets try copying that
21:08 chris so cp origin mywork (or something)
21:08 kados done
21:08 chris now lets edit mywork
21:09 chris what was the name of the branch you created?
21:09 kados hmmm
21:09 kados kohaclone maybe?
21:10 chris git branch will tell you
21:10 kados that's the upper-level dir
21:10 kados kados_test
21:10 chris ok
21:10 chris try this line
21:10 chris Push: refs/heads/christest:refs/heads/christest
21:10 chris where christest = kados_test
21:11 kados git push?
21:11 chris you have added that line to the file?
21:11 kados ahh
21:11 chris (after the pulls)
21:12 kados to mywork or origin?
21:12 chris mywork
21:12 kados done
21:13 chris ok
21:13 chris git checkout kados_test
21:14 chris edit that liblime/moo file again .. git commit it
21:14 chris then try a git push mywork
21:15 kados seemed to work
21:15 chris sweet
21:15 chris lemme just check on denethor
21:15 chris yep
21:15 chris i see the branch there
21:15 chris so now i could go
21:15 chris and check it out
21:15 chris look at the log/diffs etc
21:16 chris and then merge
21:16 chris (on denethor)
21:16 kados ok, I've updated the docs
21:18 kados chris: that process is somewhat complicated :-)
21:19 chris you can do it with git-config on newer versions
21:19 chris and you only have to do it once
21:19 russel howdy
21:19 dewey hello, russel
21:19 chris once you have set up your remote
21:20 kados chris: git-config means you don't have to edit the origin file?
21:20 kados hey russel
21:20 kados (cp the origin file and edit the new one I mean)
21:20 chris yeah, altho thats pretty easy
21:20 chris and safer
21:20 chris well you could muck up your origin
21:21 kados I'm gonna have to really dumb down these docs
21:21 chris its all set up
21:21 kados ok, so what we've done is figured out how to commit stuff to the project
21:21 chris yep
21:21 kados next question is how do I merge stuff in from someone else's branch
21:21 chris as rm
21:21 kados or from somone els's master
21:21 chris ?
21:21 kados well, no
21:21 kados first as a developer
21:22 kados I think there are two types:
21:22 kados developer <-> developer
21:22 kados developer <-> RM
21:22 chris well, unless you cloned from a developer
21:23 chris you wont be able to push/pull from them, you will have to use the other tools
21:23 chris or they can give you acess, and you can make another remotes file
21:23 chris that pushes to their clone
21:24 chris probably you would use the git tools to mail them patches
21:25 chris unless you working collaborately on a project together, then you would set up whatever git structure works for you
21:25 kados right
21:25 kados I guess what we need is a set of 'best practices'
21:25 chris we dont know them yet
21:25 kados so people aren't intimidated by all the possibilities
21:25 kados well, we need some examples
21:25 chris we can give them, what we might do
21:26 kados *nod*
21:26 chris hmm heres perhaps an easier way to do the push a branch
21:27 chris without needing to edit anything
21:30 chris right thats easier
21:30 chris heres what i did
21:30 chris git branch christest2
21:30 chris git checkout christest2
21:31 chris jed liblime/moo
21:31 chris git commit liblime/moo
21:31 chris git push origin christest2:christest2
21:31 kados cool
21:31 chris and voila the branch is made
21:31 kados I'll add that
21:31 chris now if you
21:31 kados and then go to dinner
21:31 chris do a git checkout master
21:31 chris git pull
21:31 chris git branch
21:31 chris you should see my branch
21:32 chris and as a fellow developer you can take a look, and/or merge stuff into your branch
21:33 kados with git branch command
21:33 kados and I've gotta run
21:33 kados can we pick this up in a couple hours?
21:34 kados (sorry)
21:34 chris yep
21:34 kados maybe you and MJ can work it out some too, he was supposed to log in soon
21:34 kados cya soon
21:35 chris ahh he said definitely not back by then, nvm plenty else i can work on
22:39 chris right, the short answer is, we dont wnat to use an old version of git
23:24 russel ryan you around?
23:29 ryan hi russel
23:32 russel hiya ryan
23:32 russel on dang now i forgot what i was going to ask
23:51 russel guys: a question re bugzilla for v3/head
23:51 russel when i am adding bugs to bugzilla for v3
23:51 russel which version should i use
23:51 russel HEAD or rel_3_0
23:51 russel ?
23:51 chris HEAD
23:52 russel ok cool
23:52 russel and for URL's - should i just truncate so that it doesnt have the domain but has the script name location?
23:52 russel ie
23:53 chris yep thats fine
23:53 russel this - /cgi-bin/koha/members/
23:53 chris yep
23:53 russel sweet as
00:54 chris with a more recent copy of git kados
00:54 chris i can do git branch -r
00:55 chris and it shows me all the remote branches available
00:55 kados sweet
00:55 kados russel: installing plonehelpcenter now
00:55 russel hiya kados
00:55 russel cool thanks for that
00:55 chris
00:57 kados russel: ok, it's in right dir and I've restarted the zeocluster
00:57 chris basically all the intermediate and advanced usage bits there, are how i would do it
00:57 kados russel: you should be able to install it now
00:58 russel ok cool will try that in about 10 mins
00:58 kados chris: lookingnow
01:01 kados it seems like the version of git really matters
01:01 kados that's a shame
01:01 chris well the version in debian stable is way way old
01:01 chris just anything not that old is fine
01:02 kados well ... all of our clients and servers are debian stable ;-)
01:02 kados I wonder
01:02 chris yeah thats what backports is for
01:02 kados whether the next stable version will be newer
01:02 chris next stable isnt for a while, last stable was just released
01:03 chris
01:04 chris you can do it all with the old one, you just have to do stuff more manually
01:04 kados *nod*
01:04 chris or you can just grab a newer one from backports and put that on
01:06 chris[…]n=all&release=all
01:06 chris id be inclined to just backport it on
01:07 russel hmm kados - that product is not showing up
01:07 kados huh
01:07 russel where did you install it?
01:07 russel says it should be in here : /home/jmf/Plone-3.0/zeocluster/client1/Products
01:08 kados yea, that's actually a symlink to /home/jmf/Plone-3.0/zeocluster/Products
01:08 kados which is where I put it
01:08 russel i wonder why it is not showing up then
01:09 kados I'll restart again
01:10 kados russel: done
01:10 kados russel: what's the URL for the management interface?
01:11 russel[…]all_products_form
01:12 kados maybe there's a dependency I didn't install
01:14 kados russel: talking with some plone folks
01:14 kados russel: they think we should start with 2.5
01:15 kados russel: and upgrade to 3.0 in 6 months
01:15 russel right
01:15 kados so I may just wipe it clean if that's OK with you
01:15 russel no worries
01:15 kados and then install plonehelpcenter
01:15 kados ok, give me a sec
01:15 russel i havent done anything other than have a look around
01:15 russel thanks
01:23 kados also, I'm not sure we need the kohadocs to be a separate site
01:23 kados I'd prefer to use redirects to point the old kohadocs URLs to the new site
01:24 kados
01:24 kados y'know?
01:24 russel well i was thinking reorg might take a while, whilst kohadocs can be done pretty quick
01:24 russel so as long as we dont have to wait for a redesign to get it up and going
01:24 russel sure
01:25 russel i was thinking a reorg of kohadocs was something manageable
01:25 russel but open for discussion :-)
01:26 kados well, my thought is we should do the whole thing at once
01:26 kados did you see the doc tina put together?
01:27 russel no
01:28 russel same goes for me
01:29 kados russel: that doc explains some of the functional things that are missing
01:29 kados the biggies IMO are internationalization
01:29 kados and ability for users to sign up and write content
01:54 russel is plone 2.5 up and going?
02:01 kados
02:01 kados make a site koha and installed the helpcenter
02:02 kados I'm just having a chat with some plone folks
02:04 russel righto
02:42 kados rach: since you're working on memberentry ...
02:42 kados oops
02:42 kados damn autocomplete
02:42 kados chris: since you're working on memberentry ...
02:42 kados have you seen the templates?
02:42 chris yep
02:42 kados they could use a complete re-write
02:42 chris whats wrong with them?
02:43 kados well they were switched from a one-step to a three-step process
02:43 chris yep
02:43 kados the templates are something like 800% larger than in rel_2_2
02:43 kados for no real reason
02:44 chris i quite like the the 3 step
02:44 chris they render pretty small
02:45 russel kados: how you getting on with those privs for plone?
02:45 kados russel: getting there
02:46 kados chris: I did a survey of our users and the 5-6 who responded requested a one-step process
02:46 kados might be worth asking the koha list what folks prefer
02:46 kados or make it a syspref
02:46 chris gonna have to be a systempref then
02:47 kados my thought was rather than make so many steps in the template with lots of repetition, just do it in javascript
02:47 chris cos san-op wanted the 3 step
02:47 chris yuck
02:47 chris as long as none of the actual checks are done in javascript that might be ok
02:48 kados well, the current design is completely unmanagable
02:48 kados because if you want to change one thing you have like 9 or 10 places to change it
02:49 chris yep, some includes would tidy a lot of that up
02:49 chris and/or javascript as long as we arent doing any of the logic client side
02:49 chris but neither of those are my bags, unless you want horrendous html written
02:49 kados *nod*
03:06 chris the code behind it is actually pretty nice, it shouldnt be too hard
03:07 chris to systempreference it
03:17 chris kados: the po file is in the body of the email
07:35 paul chris around ?
07:35 chris hi paul
07:35 paul hi chris.
07:35 chris hi slef
07:35 slef hi chris
07:36 chris ahh hopefully they are all fixed good :-)
07:36 slef paul: I'm not sure whether it's a bugfix or an abomination
07:36 paul hi slef
07:36 slef oh, that was about chris?
07:36 slef hi paul
07:36 paul yep
07:36 slef paul: what spec are your new koha-zebra servers JOOI?
07:36 paul ???
07:37 chris just out of interest
07:37 chris (JOOI)
07:37 slef yeah, sorry
07:37 slef chris++
07:37 slef I'm rushing to get out of the office
07:37 slef I'm just hoping that the security at stations isn't a problem today
07:37 chris ahh, for you koha 3.0 installs, what machines are they running on?
07:37 slef paul: what CPU, RAM, disk are you recommending for koha 3.0?
07:38 chris slef: ahh yeah that was all over the news here
07:38 paul chris : about sanop.css, do you see that I now use intranet2.css, I let sanop with their own stylesheet (and I think it's outdated)
07:38 chris ahhh thanks paul
07:38 paul slef : I use lower computers than for Koha 2.2 ;-)
07:38 chris good information
07:38 slef chris: not surprised.  Unexploded car-bombs driven into airport doors, for crying out loud!
07:39 paul chris : is not only UNIMARC related, I should have not written the title like that...
07:39 paul slef : I have 1 library running koha 3.0 Zebra on the same hardware as they were running koha 2.2
07:40 paul it's a 4 years old server (dell iirc), and things are faster than previously
07:40 paul (55 000 biblios, large unimarc records)
07:41 slef interesting info... thanks... I think we still have a bit of a bug-hunt if we install koha 3.0, don't we?
07:41 paul the second one is a 20 000 catalog, with koha 3.0 Nozebra, on a new computer, that is not a server but a standard desktop, with 1GB RAM iirc, SATA disks.
07:41 slef ooh
07:41 russel hiyas
07:41 paul slef : for sure. but it's used in 2 libraries, so you should get something working relativly correctly
07:41 slef russel: hi
07:41 dewey hello, slef
07:41 slef dewey: bonjour
07:41 dewey salut, slef
07:41 chris cant turn down free drinks :)
07:41 slef "The Future of Video and Rich Content Online"
07:44 chris i have more time to work on bugs for 3.0 (the koha project days) so hopefully we will get them ironed out
07:45 chris paul: one change i made today, but i didnt change the fr templates was for the capitalising of surnames
07:45 chris i made that a systempreference
07:45 paul the templates will be automatically updated by
07:45 chris cool
07:45 paul when installing french updated translation
07:46 slef I had a bit more of a chat with martinmorris yesterday which was cool.
07:46 chris oh cool slef
07:46 slef chris: what time was your git chat yesterday?
07:46 chris heh
07:47 chris when i tried a git pull on my koha git archive this morning i got an error, lemme try again
07:47 slef you using serene?
07:47 chris all good now
07:47 chris yep
07:48 chris might have been a network blip
07:48 slef it was down from last Thu until yesterday, but I restarted it some time around 16:00Z
07:48 chris ahh i must have done it before that
07:48 chris slef:
07:49 slef root crashed the server
07:49 slef he tried installing amd64 on i386... "turns out doing an amd64 install on a i386 box is a bad idea"
07:50 chris heh
07:53 chris hi toins
07:54 toins hello chris
07:54 toins how are you ?
07:54 chris good thanks and you?
07:56 toins fine too
08:11 slef "you need to give the RM of the version of Koha you�re working on, your public SSH key"
08:11 slef why won't the RMs run public git servers?
08:12 slef[…]ocs/everyday.html also worth a look I think
08:13 slef The first step is to make youself a new branch which you�ll be working within :$ git branch npl_templates
08:13 slef And now you check that branch out to start working:
08:13 slef $ git checkout -f npl_templates
08:13 slef Personally, I do "git checkout -b newbranchname basebranch"
08:13 chris feel free to edit the wiki page (or does it still have the problem where you cant login?)
08:13 slef where basebranch is either origin/origin (for HEAD) or origin/rel_2_2
08:13 chris ahh good point
08:14 chris and yes the rm's might run public ones
08:14 chris thats a better idea
08:14 slef I think I couldn't login last time I tried... also dumping here so I can either read logs later and/or something else I forgot
08:14 chris cool
08:15 slef "Share with the rest of the world" would then become either put your git online (git update-server-info, git mirror or so on) or send mail (git format-patch)
08:15 chris right
08:16 chris yeah  thats better
08:17 slef also lets the RMs ignore stuff for a while, Linus-style, if they get busy, I guess
08:17 slef rather than having to check the push'd changes
08:17 chris yep
08:17 chris yeah i like that better
08:17 slef pushing may work best within each company, though
08:18 chris yep
08:19 slef I'm wondering what's going to happen with "blame" with any next-gen version control system... we'll be able to see who broke stuff, but then what will we do
08:19 chris yeah
08:20 slef I think I pass that question to the RMs and QAM
08:20 slef :)
08:20 chris hehe
08:20 slef is quite a handy cookbook too
08:20 slef even if they misssssspelll commmit
08:20 chris presumably their patches/changes will get more scrutiny from then on
08:21 chris heh
08:21 slef right, got to get on... afk
08:21 chris catchya later, thanks for the feedback
08:29 toins dewey: git guide is
08:29 dewey OK, toins.
08:43 chris hi pecisk
08:43 pecisk hi
08:43 pecisk :)
08:49 Fallor hi all
08:49 slef hi
08:49 chris Hi Fallor
08:50 Fallor i'm still fighting with koha installation ;)
09:17 Fallor strange...
09:18 Fallor all I get is constant refresh
09:18 Fallor on the browser
09:20 slef Fallor: n the database table installer?
09:21 slef Fallor: something similar happened to me because of an installer bug.  For me, I needed to change the English/French listbox in the web installer to French, then back to English, then some more boxes appeared, including "default Koha preferences" or similar.
09:21 slef sorry I can't hang around to help debug - need to catch a train
09:35 Fallor oh, it was just the proxy of my ISP acting up :D
11:45 kados morning #koha
11:46 kados paul: around?
11:46 kados paul: " don t display the 1 in location column if there is only 1 item : it's useless & confusing for users "
11:47 kados paul: I think that's a preference, libraries here expect to see the count even if it's only 1

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