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12:33 slef kados: vaguely... it's lunchtime here
14:25 slef paul: are you here?
19:18 johnb quit
19:18 slef no
10:47 jamesa hello all, anyone got time to talk about I am about to give it a run!
10:48 chris hi jamesa ... im not sure that script has had much love in the recent past
10:49 chris make sure you back up your db before you run it
10:52 jamesa OK thanks, I was planning to stop mysql, tar up a copy of the DB files, start mysqld, run this is all because about 100 of our 2500 items dont seem to have anything in classification
10:52 chris you could do a mysqldump
10:53 chris if you didnt want to tar up the bin files
10:53 chris mysqldump -uuser -ppassword --add-drop-table Koha > Koha-backup.sql
10:54 jamesa I thought doing a file replace would be easier if things went sour ?, rather than dropping DB and feeding mysqldump back in
10:54 chris with the add-drop-table you dont need to drop the db
10:54 chris but id do both
10:54 jamesa I am happy to learn from other experience though
10:55 chris because ive been caught out with the file replace before
10:55 chris you'll probably be fine with file replace but doesnt hurt to have the sql backup just in case
10:56 jamesa ok, we run a nightly backup using a script - keeps daily,weekly monthly - zipped up I think this is a sqldump but I shall check
10:56 chris cool
10:58 jamesa this is the script we use for daily backups, then we grab the files evey few days to USB stick
10:58 jamesa AutoMySQLBackup VER 2.5
10:58 jamesa
10:58 jamesa it emails me the results each night
10:59 chris sweet, looks good
10:59 jamesa it used to email me the DB but now it's too big
10:59 jamesa mostly it's the breeding farm that is huge - rest of DB is small
11:00 jamesa can I drop the breeding farm ?
11:00 chris you could if you wanted, (thats where all the records used for copy cataloguing are)
11:01 jamesa so that would mean any new books we would have to z3950 search for them again and add the boblio from the new search ?
11:02 chris yep, the breeding farm is where all the results of your z3950 searches are stored, (plus any marc records you uploaded)
11:03 jamesa we buil or DB all from searches - went from cards.
11:04 chris ahh right
11:04 jamesa what about marc_word - is that a koha table or a breeding farm like table ?
11:04 chris thats a koha table
11:04 chris thats what koha uses to search
11:04 jamesa ok keep him then
11:04 chris you definitely want that :)
11:05 jamesa perhaps I sould just leave a working system working!!!!!
11:05 chris :)
11:05 chris might be the safest plan
11:05 chris what id do, is take a copy of the db one time get another copy of koha running and load the db in
11:06 chris and then you can try things safely :)
11:06 jamesa could you explain the benefits of this new zebra db ? is it just for searches or do you migrate the whole db to it ? good idea about the test system
11:07 chris its for the bibliographic data
11:07 chris much much much better searching
11:07 chris but all the patron and accounts and other data stays in the database
11:08 jamesa looks the same to members - same templates css etc ? just the back end changes ?
11:08 chris pretty much
11:08 jamesa an it works with 2.2.7 ?
11:09 chris altho on the systems we have using it, we have new templates too ... with koha 3.0 you can run zebra or without zebra
11:09 chris there should be a beta release of 3.0 soon
11:09 jamesa you read my mind
11:10 jamesa with only 2.5K items I think search speed is not a big issue for us.
11:10 chris yeah
11:10 chris its a better search as well as faster, but with 2.5k items you wont notice the speed
11:10 chris id wait for 3.0
11:11 chris where you get lots of other improvements too
11:12 jamesa yeah agreed, ok thanks for the chat - great to be able to bounce some questions off another, I hope I can help someone else one day
11:12 jamesa cheers for now
11:12 chris no worries, catchya another time
11:31 jamesa well the news is it seemed to work! went from 125 items where classification is NULL to only 20 so now I shall have to check the mard detail for those 20 and see if there is anythin in 082A
11:31 jamesa thanks for the help again- wanted to pass on the good news!

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