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13:21 owen aw man, how come I wasn't "notably missing?" :(
10:46 martinmorris Hello all, having a problem with Z3950 searches in my new installation, anybody around who could advise?
10:46 chris hi martin .. i could try
10:46 martinmorris thank you
10:46 chris (but im going to need to go to bed soon)
10:47 martinmorris i keep forgetting the time difference, it's 1147 here :)
10:47 martinmorris basically, i do the search, blank page comes up, nothing happens
10:47 chris so you have 15 mins :-) (10.47pm here)
10:47 chris ahh i think ive heard this one before
10:47 chris which template set are you using, the default ones or the npl one?
10:47 martinmorris the default ones i believe
10:48 martinmorris the one that comes with the installation
10:48 martinmorris i get a page that search "Search on" and a button underneath "Search internet"
10:48 chris can you try changing to the npl ones and check if it works if so it is the problem i was thinking of
10:48 martinmorris i press that button, it goes away and thinks for a few seconds, blank page
10:48 martinmorris ok, will do
10:48 chris (you can change it in the systempreferences)
10:49 martinmorris which is different from system parameters?
10:50 martinmorris it's OK found it
10:50 chris cool
10:50 martinmorris the npl template is very plain, just black and white basically, is that right?
10:51 chris without any css yep .. you can define in systempreferences where the css files live too
10:51 martinmorris fair enough
10:52 martinmorris that is a little different
10:52 martinmorris i now get "Select Search Libraries"
10:52 martinmorris underneath i have two headings "Library" and "Select"
10:52 martinmorris then the button
10:52 martinmorris do I have to define some libraries to search?
10:52 chris and that should be the z3950 servers you have defined?
10:52 chris ah ha
10:52 chris yep
10:52 martinmorris that would be the answer!
10:52 martinmorris now, one other question
10:52 martinmorris when i define them - does it matter what sort of MARC they use to reply in
10:53 martinmorris can i use library of congress, new zealand libraries, the british library and so on....?
10:53 chris in theory :)
10:53 chris but i think that if you chose the MARC21 framework when you installed Koha
10:53 martinmorris (I did choose marc21)
10:54 chris you will want to go for z3950 servers that return MARC21
10:54 martinmorris such as library of congress?
10:54 chris (which i think all three do, certainly LOC and NZ do)
10:54 martinmorris i think so too
10:54 martinmorris thanks
10:54 martinmorris final question - are there some nice css files out there i can use for my intranet?
10:55 chris there should be some that came with it, lemme pull up a koha running npl templates and find what i have defined
10:55 martinmorris thank you
10:57 chris ok
10:57 chris intranetcolorstylesheet
10:57 chris for that one
10:57 chris try colors.css
10:57 chris (made by an american obviously :))
10:58 chris then the menu done the side should change to a nicer looking one
10:58 martinmorris ill take a quick look thanks
10:59 martinmorris oh that's significantly better thank you
10:59 martinmorris i take it if i poke around i'll see other style sheets
11:00 martinmorris it's your bedtime, thanks for your help :)
11:00 chris cool that file lives in koha/intranet/htdocs/intra‚Äčnet-tmpl/npl/en/includes/
11:00 chris there may be other ones in there ..
11:00 chris take a look around have a play ;)
11:01 martinmorris thank you :)
11:01 chris and now ill go to bed and hopefully my son will too :)
11:01 chris (7 months old and having a grumpy night)
11:01 chris good luck
11:02 martinmorris good night :)
11:14 martinmorris if anybody else is around, that's all setup and looking better but i notice that koha only seems to support unimarc and usmarc for z39.50 searches - is that changeable?
11:37 kados martinmorris: yes
11:38 kados martinmorris: the latest version in CVS should support all available marc types
11:38 kados you can get it from savannah

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