IRC log for #koha, 2007-06-22

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12:00 hdl hi kados
12:04 hdl kados: thx
12:04 hdl Congrats for KPD. Very good idea.
12:04 hdl Event if Sunday seems not to be a good day for me :D
12:17 kados thanks :-)
12:17 kados paul: I have a quick question regarding 2.2.10 if you have a sec
12:19 kados paul: I'm wondering if it would make sense to make 'npl' the default templates for 2.2.10
12:19 toins hello kados
12:19 toins paul not around atm
12:19 kados toins: ahh, ok, thanks
12:19 kados I'll catch up with him later
12:19 toins ok
12:21 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: jaron
12:46 toins kados: npl templates in 2.2.10 are encoded in UTF-8 ?
12:49 kados no, they use the syspref to say what encoding
13:13 paul hi kados, i'm back
13:14 paul the problem with npl being the default is that the translation to french is :
13:14 paul 1- based on default
13:14 paul 2- latin1
13:14 paul I tried a few weeks ago to see if it was "easy" to move to npl, and the answer was : no
13:14 paul more than half of the strings would have to be updated, that is a huge stuff.
13:15 slef 2- can be handled by iconv, no?
13:15 paul (I also tried from koha3 prog templates, just to see the result and, it's a little bit better, but still almost 50% to rewrite)
13:16 paul hello slef. Maybe/probably
13:16 slef I bumped into bureado (.ve koha developer) at debconf
13:16 paul ?ve ???
13:16 paul .ve ???
13:16 slef I'm back too
13:16 slef venezuela
13:16 paul ok
13:16 slef isn't that .ve?
13:31 kados hey all
13:31 kados slef: you got some time to help Thommy M. on the koha list with his install probs/
13:31 kados ?
13:34 kados or maybe paul? :-)
13:34 kados several people have posted probs with 2.2.9 installation
13:34 paul hacked it seems... working on it :-(
13:34 slef kados: have saved, still catching up, I suspect it's a mysql config problem
13:35 paul (ssh login report a "man in the middle attack" + mail not working)
13:37 slef paul: ow. Let me know if you need an IP for a holding page and I'll post one.
18:30 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: jaron
20:17 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: jaron
22:03 chris debconf finished slef?
22:04 slef chris: no, but I left.
22:04 chris ahhh ok
22:04 slef had to come back to get more contracts sorted
22:04 slef if debconf had funded me, maybe I would have stayed longer
22:04 chris fair enough
22:04 slef but, you know, I'm only a DD
23:07 slef hello paul_
00:10 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: jaron
08:28 chris hmmm
08:29 chris evening all
11:45 kados good morning #koha
11:45 kados slef: you awake? :-)

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