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21:11 kados beep
23:24 chris hi jaron
23:24 jaron hiya, chris.
23:26 jaron was the dev meeting this week some time?
23:26 chris hows thursday evening treating ya?
23:26 chris ahh yep couple of days ago
23:26 chris the logs will be online if you want i can find them for ya?
23:27 jaron just wanted to check that it'd happened before I started looking
23:27 jaron chris: it's wednesday evening here
23:27 jaron you must be on the other side of the earth
23:27 chris ahh yeah thursday morning here
23:27 chris (not enough coffee yet)
23:28 chris teething is the killer
23:28 chris  should be able to find the dev meeting there
23:29 jaron cool
23:29 jaron so has your job changed much since you switched teams?
23:30 chris i was supposed to talk about git, but i slept through 2 alarms :( so we'll have to reschedule that bit
23:30 chris hmm day to day, not a huge amount
23:30 jaron chris: yeah, seems that git vs. svn vs. whatever seems to be a big issue lately
23:31 chris at katipo i was still doing bits and pieces of other work .. not just koha/library stuff
23:31 chris that bit has changed
23:32 jaron oh, hey, a while back you were working on a record merge thing, huh?
23:32 jaron did that ever get approved by the sponsor?
23:32 chris ahh yeah its actually in acceptance testing right now
23:32 jaron cool
23:32 chris (it got added in with a bunch of other changes)
23:33 chris yeah its a moving target :)
23:33 chris 3.0 is starting to shape up nicely though, paul has it in a couple of libraries in france now
23:34 jaron I was very happy to see that announcement
23:34 chris the project day should help out a lot too
23:34 jaron I'm very excited about getting some time in the next month or so to give it a go on a test server
23:34 chris excellent
23:35 jaron there's one project that I've been waiting to use it for
23:36 chris can you say, or is it still in the hush hush stage?
23:36 chris :)
23:36 jaron I don't want to get too excited about it yet.
23:37 jaron if it's going to get off the ground I'll be needed lots of cooperation which I haven't secured yet
23:37 chris fair enough
23:37 chris yep, i hear ya
23:37 jaron let's just say a specialized union catalog and cooperative cataloging group
23:38 jaron the zebra bit will make that all so much easier for what I want to do
23:38 chris way cool
23:42 jaron what is 3.0 non-zebra using? still mysql? I musta missed that in paul's announcement before
23:42 chris ah yep, i have to read the code for that myself
23:43 chris im not sure how much its changed from the MARC in sql in 2.2
23:43 jaron interesting. I knew there was discussion about non-zebra 3.0 but didn't know anything had happened with it
23:44 chris i tend to avoid the MARC stuff if i can, it makes my head hurt :)
23:44 jaron tell me about it
23:44 jaron the only thing worse is marc8 character encoding
23:45 jaron character encoding issues in general
23:45 chris oh yeah, that is just madness
00:11 jaron_away .....
00:12 jaron_away 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000​000000000000033333333333333333333333333000000
00:12 chris umm your 10mth old is using the keyboard? :)
00:14 jaron_away yes, I just went into the other room and I came back to find her reaching up to the keyboard.
00:15 chris hehe :)
00:17 jaron_away she sends me messages like that when my wife is on
00:17 jaron_away she gets very excited about it
00:17 chris yep, they love keyboards
11:49 kados paul around?
11:50 kados hdl: welcome back :-)

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