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19:43 hm hi, anyone here can help me please?
19:43 hm regarding Koha 2.2.8 on linux and Koha 2.2.9 on Linux CentOS 4.4
19:45 hm hello... anyone ? ..
19:50 hm anyone.. please... support for koha is really crap :)...
19:56 hm should i return to my frustrating mysql *access denied* problem all by myself ?
19:57 kados hm: ?
19:58 kados hm: sounds like you have a configuration problem
19:58 hm well.. i have this setup..
19:58 kados hm: have you tried posting to the list?
19:59 hm centos 4.4 .. fully updated.. perl version 5.8.8.*.. mysql 4.1 apache 2.2.4..
19:59 kados most of the koha developers are busy writing new functions on koha or supporting paying customers, just fyi
19:59 kados so please don't say that support for koha is crap
20:00 hm KOHA passes the perl scripts checking but when it comes to installing database for mysql is gives me access denied..
20:00 kados sounds like you didn't type in the root password correctly
20:00 hm i seached google groups.. googled around extensively , found ppl with the same problem.. but no resolution yet
20:00 hm I am sure i did
20:00 hm +
20:00 kados I've never seen that problem
20:00 kados and I've been working with koha for about 6 years :-)
20:01 hm If i try installing KOHA 2.2.5 ... IT installs without problems!!
20:01 hm .... on the same machine!!
20:01 kados best bet is to post to the mailing list
20:01 kados MJ Ray is who works on the installer
20:01 hm .. what distro do you use pls ?
20:01 kados debian is the one most koha users use
20:01 kados MJ isn't on the channel today
20:01 kados he is sometimes though
20:02 kados hm: best bet is the public lists
20:02 kados be sure to explain your problem in detail, along with relevant errors, and any references you used
20:03 kados hm: you might also want to consider hiring a koha company to help you:
20:03 kados an ILS is a complicated piece of software
20:03 kados not like running open office or firefox :-)
20:03 hm i will register on the mailing list them and see if i have any luck.. i will try to install it on debian
20:04 hm[…]April/011514.html
20:04 hm same problem as mine..
20:04 hm well.. well.. i'm not a totally new to linux :)
20:04 kados does your password have any special characters in it?
20:05 kados maybe (I don't know without testing) the installer isn't passing them through to the database properly
20:05 hm Password99
20:06 hm nothing special about that
20:06 kados guess not then
20:06 hm and also
20:06 hm i tried installing koha 2.2.8 on windows... everything works simple fine..
20:07 hm just for one thing.. in mark framework when editting a subfield i get error 500
20:07 hm a script is aborted halfway
20:07 kados best post that to the list too, along with the error logs
20:07 kados this channel is mainly for developer discussions
20:08 kados hm: just in case you're curious, library software is very specialized, and not many librarians get involved in developing it
20:08 kados hm: most of the koha developers work for companies that provide support
20:08 kados hm: so keep that in mind when you look for support
20:09 kados hm: saying things like 'support sucks' will just piss people off
20:09 kados hm: because many of us give our heart and soul to this project
20:09 kados hm: and do our best to survive providing support for it
20:09 hm aaa ic well thankx..
20:10 hm <hm> anyone.. please... support for koha is really crap :)...  and i was joking here.. just trying to get some sort of response :)
20:11 hm thank you kados :)
11:47 kados morning all
11:47 kados hi lloyd
11:51 lloyd hey
11:51 lloyd hows you?
11:53 slef joy... customer reconfiguring their office email at the exact time their ADSL ISP decides to break their mailservers...
11:53 kados hehe
11:53 kados nice weather today here in Ohio
11:56 slef I love Virgin Media, I really do.  Also, it cycles through their smtp-out servers and each is in a different /24, so each gets greylisted.

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