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16:42 kados toins: are you around?
17:15 kados toins: I have the error Premature end of data in tag subfield line 63
17:15 kados toins: I think it's related to the long record problem, is there a solution to that coming?
19:21 foxnorth kados: are you around?
19:21 slef last active at 18:13
19:23 kados hi foxnorth
19:23 kados foxnorth: just trying to commit something now
19:24 kados foxnorth: fix another console error I was having
19:24 kados foxnorth: nice to see you on chat :-)
19:24 foxnorth no prob-- glad to be hear
19:26 kados foxnorth: still no luck on the keystroke
19:27 foxnorth wierd-- it sounded from the xul tutorial that the accel attribute would fix it. :(
19:27 foxnorth I'm not sure what else to try on that one.  It shouldn't be so hard!
19:27 kados yea!
19:27 kados isn't that what XUL is all about? :-)
19:28 foxnorth yeah....I remember when i set that hotkey up, i had little trouble getting it to work at first.  I'm just trying to remember what in the end fixed it for me....
19:30 kados foxnorth: do you get an error with blank pages 'struct is not defined'?
19:30 foxnorth kados: do you have a good source for test marc records of various formats? I'm trying some z3950 servers from but i'm getting errors using yaz-client...
19:31 kados I dunno about various formats
19:31 kados LOC is good for marc21
19:31 foxnorth by blank pages do you mean empty records?
19:31 kados foxnorth: yea
19:31 foxnorth sorry, i meant books, sound recordings, visuals etc.- for testing the fixed field editor
19:31 kados just wondering if there should be a default value for struct
19:31 kados ahh, right
19:31 kados probably OCLC would be best ;-)
19:32 foxnorth it would, but doesn't one have to pay to get z3950 access to oclc??  otherwise that would be perfect!
19:32 kados
19:32 kados that's the Nelsonville Public Library
19:33 kados fairly good records there, though the leaders aren't very good
19:33 foxnorth thanks i'll give that a try
19:33 kados hmmm, probably LOC is the best bet
19:33 foxnorth yeah, loc is great too, trouble is for some reason i can search loc w/ yaz-client but not with opencataloger, and i haven't gone back to troubleshoot it.  strange cos the default in opencataloger.xml ( works ok.
19:34 kados should we have a default value for 'struct' or wrap all those objects in an if {} ?
19:34 kados weird
19:35 kados IIRC LOC requires a specific identifier
19:35 kados recordtype= 'f' or sth
19:35 kados lemme dig that up
19:35 foxnorth great thanks
19:36 kados    $o->option(elementSetName => "F"); # F for 'full' as opposed to B for 'brief'
19:36 kados already there :(
19:36 kados hmmm
19:36 kados you getting a specific error?
19:36 kados maybe LOC doesn't grok ccl
19:36 foxnorth hang on lemme check- i think it just hangs on "searching"
19:36 kados I bet that's it
19:36 kados hmmm, nm, zoom will convert it to pqf
19:36 kados hmmm
19:37 foxnorth yeah i thought so--
19:40 kados foxnorth: so does opencataloger save files to your local desktop correctly?
19:40 jaron foxnorth: does that target require authentication? LOC doesn't, maybe the problem's somewhere there?
19:40 foxnorth i tried it once using zebrasrv on localhost, but i don't think it actually worked.  Lemme see if i can give that a go.
19:41 foxnorth yes, i believe does.  in my opencataloger.xml config file I set the user and pw to "" (and didn't set anything in yaz-client).  
19:42 kados foxnorth: no, I mean saving with, as a file
19:43 foxnorth i think is actually saving to a generic z3950
19:43 kados huh
19:43 foxnorth but i don't know what state that code is in
19:43 kados looks like login/pass is being stored in a cgi object ... yuk
19:43 foxnorth ultimately taken from xml request to GET opencataloger.xml
19:44 kados yea
19:44 kados that's really poor security-wise
19:44 foxnorth lemme see if at least it's willing to do an update
19:48 foxnorth ok using and trying to save to localhost:9999 (zebra) i'm getting a js errror: Warning: reference to undefined property window.marcEncode
19:48 foxnorth Source File: http://localhost:8888/htdocs/scripts/save.js
19:48 foxnorth Line: 76
19:49 kados what we really need
19:49 kados is a 'save to local PC' option
19:49 kados well ...
19:49 kados I can't really get it to save anywhere really
19:49 jaron kados: is opencataloger using zoom extended services?
19:49 kados jaron: yea
19:50 kados jaron: it's still in early development stages
19:50 kados jaron: pre-alpha :-)
19:50 jaron kados: I see. but that'll be cool.
19:50 kados yea, it's getting there
19:51 jaron I poked it some. I'll have to take a look at the code sometime.
19:51 foxnorth me either.  I was thinking we should have a save option to download recs in marc or marcxml
19:51 kados foxnorth++ definitely
19:51 kados or dublin core, or MODS
19:51 jaron I'll second that one.
19:51 kados I've got code to do XSLT transformations on that stuff already
19:52 kados but first I think getting it working is key :-)
19:52 slef boo - make it complicated, then make it work... erm :-S
19:52 kados hehe
19:53 slef but I've not announced it much yet.
19:54 kados slef: ;-)
19:55 kados yours has a fancy pic
19:57 kados *shrug*
19:57 kados foxnorth: so you don't get 'struct has no properties' error when clicking on a blank record?
19:58 slef kados: cool.
19:58 foxnorth kados: no, i don't. Sounds like opencat is having initialization probs. Does it report "Structure Downloaded" in the notify area when you first open main.xul?
19:58 kados foxnorth: yes
19:59 foxnorth hhm...
20:00 kados maybe more FF on OSX probs
20:00 foxnorth kados: and this is when clicking on the blank record that comes up in the "Edit" tab?
20:00 kados foxnorth: yep
20:01 kados Error: struct has no properties
20:01 kados Source File:
20:01 foxnorth kados: how about running dir(struct) in firebug (after initialization)
20:01 kados Line: 233
20:01 kados no extensions
20:01 slef kados: have you edited recently? You're not listed as an editor on its page.
20:01 kados slef: I haven't
20:01 foxnorth ah right!  whoops
20:01 kados slef: been a while
20:01 kados slef: one of those things you have to have time for
20:02 kados <-- no time whatsoever :/
20:02 slef it's a good way of tracking news in a field
20:02 kados yea, for sure
20:02 kados Error: struct has no properties
20:02 kados Source File:[…]cripts/records.js
20:02 kados Line: 270
20:02 kados I can wrap those lines in if (struct)
20:03 kados but ... seems like a better solution would be to find out why struct isn't defined
20:03 kados where is struct defined btw?
20:03 foxnorth definately
20:04 kados CheckRequest I guess
20:04 foxnorth struct is defined in init.js i believe
20:04 foxnorth yeah
20:04 kados ok, on page load it's null
20:04 foxnorth and yet opencat reports structure downloaded???
20:04 kados yea
20:05 kados so that means req.responseXML isn't populated
20:05 kados for some reason
20:05 foxnorth seems like it shouldn't! :)
20:05 foxnorth ah the notification value gets set before the struct gets defined as req.responseXML
20:05 kados yea
20:05 kados probably should go the other way around, eh?
20:06 foxnorth what does your opencataloger.xml file look like?  must not be grabbing the unimarc.xml file
20:06 kados no unimarc
20:06 foxnorth yeah, should be the other way around, with some sort of msg on ajax error
20:06 kados yea, we need better errors ...
20:06 foxnorth for sure
20:06 kados anyway, xml file ...
20:07 kados    <structure value="/cgi-bin/"
20:07 kados maybe that doesn't work?
20:07 kados what do you have?
20:07 foxnorth probly not
20:07 kados format="marc21"
20:08 kados koha="true"
20:08 foxnorth i set mine up like this: <structure value="/cgi-bin/opencatalog​er/", but i've got the marc21.xml file in my local copy.  try and unimarc as format?
20:08 kados where's the marc21.xml file?
20:09 foxnorth or i can upload the marc21.xml file-- it's what i was just putting together to add help for marc21 but mainly to define prescribed values in the fixed field editor.  
20:09 foxnorth i'll upload to my site and you can fetch from there to try
20:09 kados cool, thx
20:09 foxnorth unimarc.xml should be in cgi-bin
20:10 kados I think there's already a marc21.xml somewhere out in the world
20:10 kados maybe LOC?
20:10 dewey i guess maybe LOC is super slow?
20:11 foxnorth yeah i was wondering if there was a marc21.xml-- googeld a bit and didn't turn one up :(
20:11 kados
20:11 kados I swear we used to have one
20:11 kados hmmm
20:11 foxnorth yeah, there's the schema, but opencataloger expects something like this: <fields>
20:11 foxnorth    <field tag="000" repeatable="false" mandatory="true">
20:11 foxnorth        <description>Leader</description>
20:11 foxnorth    </field>
20:12 kados there was one that unimarc.xml was based on, I'm sure of it
20:12 kados just need to find it
20:12 foxnorth that would be awesome
20:13 foxnorth here's what i did so far, for the fixed fields:
20:13 kados thx
20:14 kados 404 not found
20:14 kados hi Irma
20:14 foxnorth oops you need the perl script too, that sends that marc21.xml back to webapp:[…]
20:14 Irma hi Joshua.
20:15 foxnorth 404 for the marc21.xml??  doh
20:15 kados foxnorth: now got both, structure loads, but get the same struct has no properties
20:15 kados weird
20:15 kados gonna throw some alerts in
20:16 foxnorth kados: wierd.
20:16 foxnorth kados: maybe try setting koha="false" in ?
20:16 kados req.responseXML is false
20:16 kados will do
20:17 kados same deal
20:17 kados hmmm
20:17 foxnorth wierd.....what else to try...?
20:18 kados well I guess just backing up
20:18 kados who calls CheckRequest
20:18 kados case 4 : CheckRequest(req); break;
20:18 foxnorth getStructure()
20:20 kados alert(req.responseXML);
20:20 kados still null
20:20 kados weird
20:20 kados so how can it be null?
20:20 foxnorth i so wish firebug would work on initialization! :)
20:21 kados is there a Data::Dumper equiv for javascript?
20:21 kados where I can see the whole object?
20:21 foxnorth brb
20:26 foxnorth i don't know of anything quite like data::dumper for javascript.  i know there are some javascript loggers out there, but i haven't played with them.  venkman debugger is alright but clunky compare to firebug.  live-http-headers are ok but still, not as much detail as firebug.... :(  
20:27 foxnorth kados: can you paste in again the area of your opencataloger.xml?
20:27 foxnorth sorry the structure area
20:30 kados Error: struct has no properties
20:30 kados Source File:
20:30 kados Line: 233
20:30 kados Error: struct has no properties
20:30 kados Source File:[…]cripts/records.js
20:30 kados Line: 270
20:30 kados that one?
20:30 kados ahh, .xml
20:30 kados   <structure value="/cgi-bin/"
20:30 kados               format="marc21"
20:30 kados               koha="false"
20:30 kados               encoding="UTF-8"
20:30 kados               charsubfield="&#8225;"
20:30 kados    />
20:31 foxnorth thanks
20:32 foxnorth you've probly checked this, but isn't dying on you for some reason, is it?  like maybe a permissions problem?
20:33 kados foxnorth:[…]
20:34 kados looks valid at first glance
20:34 foxnorth ah that link is asking my browser to download instead of executing...
20:34 kados yea, but it downloads a xml file
20:34 foxnorth whereas this one:[…] is correctly printing out the xml
20:34 kados which is expected, right?
20:35 kados hmmm
20:35 foxnorth see what i mean?
20:35 kados yea
20:35 kados wait
20:35 kados hehe
20:35 foxnorth ok
20:35 kados for me is just an XML file :-)
20:35 kados maybe send me the .pl file via email?
20:36 foxnorth what??  
20:36 foxnorth will do.
20:36 kados that's the prob I bet
20:36 kados wonder if that's why it won't save too
20:36 foxnorth bet you're right
20:36 foxnorth well, i tried saving a few minutes back w/o luck.
20:38 foxnorth kados: email sent
20:38 rch is the mimetype set?
20:39 kados hmmm
20:39 kados now it's downloading the script :/
20:39 kados wtf
20:39 foxnorth kados: still no dice?
20:40 foxnorth you ran it from a shell to test?
20:40 kados instead of executing
20:40 foxnorth as well?
20:40 kados works from from the shell
20:41 foxnorth does work from browser?
20:41 kados nope
20:41 kados must be muy apache conf
20:41 foxnorth must be a server setup prob, no?
20:41 kados ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/opencataloger "/opencat/opencataloger/cgi-bin/"
20:42 kados should that just be /cgi-bin?
20:42 foxnorth hhm lemme see
20:43 kados hmmm
20:43 kados np
20:43 kados nm even
20:43 kados[…]
20:43 kados wrong path
20:43 kados ok, so it prints
20:43 kados (probably bad to have the cgi-bin avaialble from htdocs though!
20:43 foxnorth ah good.  reload?
20:43 kados no
20:44 foxnorth yeah
20:44 kados before I was just using /cgi-bin/ without opencataloger
20:44 foxnorth yeah, bad to have it under htdocs i mean
20:44 kados so it was just downloading
20:44 foxnorth aha.  so on reload does struct finally get defined?
20:44 kados same damn error :(
20:44 foxnorth aaah.   you reloaded right?
20:44 kados yea
20:45 kados shift-reload
20:45 foxnorth hhm.  restarted apache i presume??
20:45 kados well, turned out that doesn't apply
20:46 kados cuz we were using the wrong path
20:46 kados to begin with
20:46 kados (just /cgi-bin)
20:46 foxnorth hhmm
20:47 kados alert(req.responseXML); still null :/
20:47 foxnorth wierd.
20:47 kados alert(adress) gives /cgi-bin/
20:48 kados so that's right
20:48 foxnorth uh huh.  looks right...
20:48 kados wait
20:48 kados no it's not
20:48 kados needs to be /cgi-bin/opencataloger/*
20:48 kados right?
20:48 foxnorth yeah, now that you mention it!
20:49 kados ok, that did it
20:49 foxnorth i wonder what the default is in opencataloger.xml for the cgi dir...
20:49 kados damn
20:49 kados user_error--
20:49 kados ok, now I'll try saving
20:49 foxnorth i remember having a little trouble getting opencat set the first (few) times.  
20:50 foxnorth ok i'll try as well.
20:51 kados just get processing...
20:51 kados then an error:
20:51 kados Error: results has no properties
20:51 kados Source File:
20:51 kados Line: 96
20:51 foxnorth i'm getting premature end of script headers from
20:51 kados (also note, I switched back to and have an error there
20:51 kados brb
20:52 kados[…]
20:52 kados hmmm
20:52 kados XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
20:52 kados Location:[…]
20:52 kados Line Number 11540, Column 42:
20:53 kados why is it trying unimarc defs?
20:53 kados hmmm
20:56 foxnorth kados: i don't know if this is affecting you yet, but i think there's an error in save.js.
20:57 foxnorth at req.send(), save.js is trying to: marcflavour="+window.marcEncode.  I don't think thsi marcEncode var exists.  I just changed it to marcflavour="+MarcFormat+ ...
20:57 kados I'm still troubleshooting
20:58 kados ahh, nice one
20:59 kados trying to figure out why it's pulling out french frameworks
20:59 kados since I don't have any french frameworks
20:59 kados :-)
21:00 foxnorth actually, i seem to recall being perplexed by this.  but then i unset the koha params and forgot about it ! :(
21:00 foxnorth guess i need to get koha set back up here
21:01 kados huh, seems tow ork properly from the command line, no french :-)
21:02 kados weird
21:02 kados this makes no sense at all
21:03 foxnorth oh wait.  are you looking at the help pane and seeing french help strings?
21:03 kados no
21:03 kados[…]
21:03 kados ^^
21:03 kados but almost
21:04 kados if it wasn't throwing a xml parsing error, probably I would be
21:04 foxnorth if i'm not mistaken, i think it's pulling that from unimarc.xml.  
21:04 kados but why?
21:05 kados if I run from the command line it works fine
21:05 foxnorth but i haven't looked at itself yet.
21:06 kados weird
21:06 kados the source actually looks fine
21:06 kados ahh
21:06 kados field 995
21:07 kados has some french in it
21:07 kados hmmm
21:07 foxnorth hhhm.  
21:07 kados need to escape the & I guess?
21:07 foxnorth seems like it.
21:07 kados prolly just delete that 995 tag for now
21:10 kados[…]
21:10 kados yay
21:11 kados arrrg!
21:11 kados still get struct is not defined!
21:12 foxnorth strange.  
21:13 kados alert(req.responseText); gives me back what looks like valid XML
21:13 kados hmmm
21:13 foxnorth interesting
21:14 kados so now req isn't null
21:14 kados why would struct = req.responseXML not work?
21:14 kados arrg
21:16 kados well
21:16 kados I've gotta eat
21:16 kados be back later
21:18 foxnorth me too.  i'll probably be back here tomorrow morning.  if not, definately wed....
21:27 rach joshua  - did you reply to jackson ray from the solomons? Wanted help with cataloguing
22:48 kados rach: no, which one was that?
22:49 kados rach: (hi, by the way)
23:52 thd kados: have you found the French I put in the Koha MARC 21 bibliographic frameworks for field 995? :-)
23:52 kados thd: hehe, yes :-)
23:54 thd kados: field 995 may be more complete in the MARC 21 frameworks than it is in the UNIMARC frameworks. :)
23:57 thd HTML character entities also work equally well whether the web server is using ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8.
00:06 thd kados: on the subject of bibliographic frameworks, MARBI update number 7 for MARC 21 has finally made it into the LC documentation with last year's date.
00:07 thd kados: Therefore, the MARC 21 frameworks are now officially out of date.
00:10 thd kados: However, the latest changes are the most modest ever[…]e_up7.html#biblio .
00:11 kados thd: many changes?
00:11 thd no, very few look at the URL I just posted
00:16 thd We all really need a place for the machine readable coded form for the name of extraterrestrial body, 034 $z
00:17 thd MARC has a place for everything, isn't it wonderful?
00:20 thd The record editor needs a plugin for filling the new 034 $z :)
00:48 kados thd: did you see the pmesg i sent you?
02:31 chris hi rach
02:32 rach hi - Joshua some guy sent you and I a message asking for help with what particular fields - I was just going to direct him to the list
02:32 rach hi chris
02:33 chris to the list sounds like a good idea to me
03:57 chris thanks for the forward rach
03:59 rach np

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