IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-31

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15:42 toins hi all
15:42 toins chris: around ?
15:49 kados hdl: around/
15:49 kados ? even
15:49 hdl yes
15:50 kados hi
15:50 dewey privet, kados
15:50 hdl hi how are you ?
15:50 kados not bad
15:50 kados I just noticed and confirmed a bug in 2.2.9 for purchase suggestions
15:50 kados Bo reported it:
15:50 kados The 'purchase suggestion' form can be accessed and filled in by all,
15:50 kados even visitors who are not logged in...
15:50 kados However when submitting the form as an anonymous visitor the form fails
15:50 kados transparently, no error message, no confirmation. The patron might
15:50 kados believe he's actually sent a request to a librarian when in reality her
15:50 kados well-researched and thoughtful  book suggestion has has fallen into a
15:50 kados boundless, digital vaccum -never to be seen again or heard of again.
15:51 kados I can confirm it happens for anonymous visitors
15:51 hdl MMMM...
15:51 hdl Do we really want to allow ANY body do an acquisition suggestion ?
15:52 kados wit
15:52 kados wait even
15:52 kados I found something
15:52 kados a syspref called 'AnonSuggestions'
15:52 kados if I set it to a borrower number it creates anonymous suggestions
15:53 hdl this may be a new syspref.
15:54 kados ok, I'll dig further
15:54 hdl But anonymous suggestions shouldnot be allowed and ppl should be prompted to login if anonSuggestions is empty.
15:54 jaron I tried to get that to work once but wasn't able to get it to work.
15:54 jaron I just gave up.
15:54 kados hdl: I agree
15:54 kados jaron: it worked for me just now
15:54 kados jaron: on the liblime demo
15:55 jaron kados: I'll have to take another look at it sometime then. :)
16:01 kados hdl: one last question:
16:01 kados some errors with updatedatabase in 2.2.9, etc.:
16:01 kados > DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Invalid default value for 'aqbudgetid' at
16:01 kados > scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1717.
16:01 kados > DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Invalid default value for 'id' at
16:01 kados > scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1717.
16:02 kados what is the proper default value and can that be fixed easily?
16:04 kados looks like aqbudgetid is defined as int(11) in one place and int(4) in two others :(
16:04 kados and the default is '0'?
16:04 hdl can you show me wat code is
16:04 kados it's in updater/updatedatabase
16:04 hdl aqbudgetid shouldnot be default to 0
16:05 hdl (I donot have budget at line 1717 in my updatedatabase.)
16:05 kados (me either)
16:06 hdl int(11) may be the good one.
16:06 kados it's also listed as tinyint(4)
16:06 kados if you do a search for aqbudgetid in updatedatabase
16:07 hdl I saw.
16:09 kados should it be fixed?
16:10 hdl I think it should.
16:10 kados ok
16:10 kados I'll change all to int(11)
16:10 kados and commit
16:10 kados what should default be?
16:11 hdl NULL
16:11 hdl (for subscription)
16:11 hdl imho
16:11 kados ok, thanks
16:20 kados hdl: have you or paul looked much at updatedatabase in HEAD?
16:20 kados hdl: ie, what is the plan to move from 2.2.9 -> 3.0 ?
16:20 kados is updatedatabase obsolete?
16:21 hdl No.
16:21 hdl paul could tell you more.
16:21 kados ok
16:21 hdl The idea is that you have to use updatedatabase.
16:22 hdl then move_biblio_to_biblioitems.
16:22 hdl and authorities to auth_header.
16:22 hdl and the rebuild_zebra copes with indexing.
16:22 kados right
16:22 hdl This is the basic.
16:22 kados ok, thanks
16:22 hdl But paul may have done it right.
17:26 slef dewey: botsnack
17:26 dewey :)

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