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14:51 slef doing the git-cvsimport shuffle again
14:51 slef hit a memory limit on one machine
14:51 slef overheated another
14:51 slef now trying again
14:51 slef dewey: botsnack
14:51 dewey thanks slef :)
14:52 slef I recommend the initial cvs import as a good stress test for systems ;-)
14:56 hdl hehe
14:56 hdl hi slef
14:56 slef hi hdl... which town are you in?
14:57 hdl montpellier atm
14:57 slef still too far south for me... I'm idling in Paris on Monday.
14:57 slef wondering what to do
16:18 slef dewey: sip2
16:18 dewey slef: huh?
16:18 slef Anyone know about SIP2 support here?
16:26 kados slef:
16:26 kados slef: there's a full implementation of SIP2 in that toolkit
16:26 slef wasn't someone integrating it with koha?
16:26 kados well openncip is a liblime project
16:27 kados we'll eventually integrate with koha
16:27 kados probably this year
16:27 kados but that's a pretty short taks
16:27 kados task even
16:27 kados probably wouldn't take more than a week or two
16:27 kados we just don't have a library that _needs_ sip2 yet
16:28 slef I think I might after Monday.  If so, maybe we can do it.  Could be a good "learn more koha" task for our new member too.
16:28 slef Would you be willing to heckl^H^H^H^H^Hadvise?
16:29 kados sure
16:29 kados hehe
16:29 kados what we should do
16:29 kados is get whoever works on it
16:29 kados hooked up with a vendor that we can test with
16:30 kados I know auto-graphics would be willing
16:30 kados and there ar a few others as well I think
16:30 slef I'm not sure, but I think I'm meeting a vendor at the library that's interested.
16:30 kados sweet
16:31 slef And they might also be interested in doing some London-based on-site support of kohas.  Which suits me fine.  I want to move things on after all the distractions I've had in the last year.
16:31 kados cool
16:32 kados we could use a strong UK presense for koha
16:32 kados I've had a number of leads come in from the UK
16:32 kados but nothing has solidified
16:33 kados what would you say the biggest roadblock has been for you supporting koha more?
16:33 slef I think the trick is finding a few trail-blazers.  Too many, especially in
16:33 slef, are scared of being the first adopter.
16:33 kados yea
16:34 slef Reference sites, essentially.  It didn't help that I lost my main one to funding cuts before we could finish it.
16:34 kados bummer
16:43 owen Hi kados, did you get Athens squared away?
16:44 kados well ... not quite
16:44 kados some stuff
16:45 kados but jim mobbs didn't finish the wiring work he was supposed to do
16:45 kados and we were missing a crossover cable
16:45 kados so marilyn is gonna get one of those and I showed her were to plug it in
16:45 kados and I called jim
16:46 owen That's just crazy, leaving stuff undone.
16:46 kados it's just the minor details where things break down
16:46 kados yea
16:46 slef brb
16:46 kados I forgot to ask lauren if the generator was working, do you happen to know?
16:48 owen Last I heard, no. I don't know the details, though.
17:44 slef dewey: botsnack
17:44 dewey thanks slef :)
18:08 slef kados: this commit - set default value to NULL instead of '0' - makes updatedatabase fail on mysql 5.0 for me.
18:08 slef dewey: seen kados
18:08 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 1 hours, 22 minutes and 30 seconds ago, saying: I forgot to ask lauren if the generator was working, do you happen to know? [Fri Jun  1 04:46:23 2007]
18:13 slef I've found a solution.
18:19 kados slef: feel free to commit it
18:20 slef will do once I checkout a koha CVS tree
18:20 kados slef: I have one already, what's the solution?
18:20 slef I think I've a couple of barcode-related fixes around too.
18:20 slef replace the default => '', for aqbudgetid, the id immediately after it and claimdate with default => undef,
18:21 slef which is how perl DBI represents SQL NULL
18:21 slef my fix is in a buildrelease'd tarball again, which is why I'm sucking at contributing back
18:22 kados so line 333
18:22 kados aqbudgetid int(11) default NULL,
18:22 kados should now be:
18:22 kados aqbudgetid int(11) default '',
18:22 slef no
18:22 slef aroudn line 1516
18:23 slef and 1526 and 1570
18:23 dewey 3096
18:23 slef dewey: you're not helping.  Shut up and eat your botsnacks.
18:23 dewey :)
18:24 slef by me or updatedatabase?
18:24 slef Are you on r_2_2?
18:24 kados yea
18:24 kados line 1517 is:
18:24 kados            null    => '',
18:24 slef default is a few after that
18:24 slef I did say around ;-)
18:25 kados sorry
18:25 slef actually, I said aroudn... sorry
18:25 kados so it should be default => undef
18:25 slef default => undef,
18:25 kados cool
18:25 slef also have change to koha.mysql
18:26 slef but I'm not sure which are essential :-/
18:26 kados any other changes to updatedatabase?
18:26 slef just those three
18:26 slef then it worked for me
18:26 slef (debian etch)
18:28 slef ah, I think the important koha.mysql is to backquote return on line 780
18:31 kados I wonder
18:31 kados some of those have null => 'NULL'
18:31 kados like the one on 1570
18:31 kados I"m not familiar enough with updatedatabase
18:31 slef that's OK... it actually uses that as a string value
18:31 slef so DBI doesn't translate it
18:31 slef it's not right, but it's OK, as the song says
18:35 slef updatedatabase has two copies of lots of things IIRC - one in SQL to create the table if it doesn't exist and one in a perl hash to alter it from a previous version if it does.
18:58 kados slef: updatedatabase and koha.mysql updated in rel_2_2, could you test?
19:13 slef ok
19:13 slef brb
19:16 slef starting update
19:46 slef kados: works for me.
19:46 slef dewey: botsnack
19:46 dewey :)
22:15 slef why isn't 2.2.9 on the downloads page?
22:15 kados good question
22:17 slef also, the site search gives an ht://dig error
22:18 slef can I still edit through kea2?
22:18 kados I dunno
22:18 kados I'm asking russel now
22:18 kados sec
22:18 chris yep you can
22:19 slef shall I?
22:19 chris i think russ is just taking a look, but see if you can login and stuff
22:19 slef actually, that would mean someone telling me the koha 2.2.9 official
22:19 slef download URL, which was what I was looking for :-D
22:19 chris ahh
22:19 kados should be on savannah
22:20 kados http://download.savannah.nongn[…]koha-2.2.9.tar.gz
22:20 kados did paul do a release notes for 2.2.9?
22:20 chris[…]nr1179741427.html <-- release notes
22:21 chris http://download.savannah.nongn[…]koha-2.2.9.tar.gz
22:21 chris ahh russ thinks he forgot to trigger a page, 2 secs
22:24 chris hows now slef?
22:25 slef worksforme
22:28 chris cool
22:57 slef can't find my kea login atm
22:57 slef will look again on Tuesday
23:03 slef ttfn

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