IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-24

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Time S Nick Message
15:30 rch hi paul
15:30 hdl hi rch
15:30 rch hi hdl
15:31 rch quick question:
15:31 dewey quick question: is the latest version of mysql OK to use with koha?
15:31 rch when you mark a tag as mandatory in marc editor, should it work for non-fixed fields ?
15:32 rch or it only makes sense to have mandatory subfields
15:32 rch (i can't mark a tag as mandatory if it has subfields).
15:33 hdl yes
15:33 hdl it should  work for non-fixed fields ?
15:34 rch ok, and the meaning of this is that at least one subfield must have data ?
15:35 hdl yes
15:36 rch ok, not working for me.  just wanted to make sure it is meant to work.

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