IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-23

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12:57 owen dewey, seen kados?
12:57 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 4 days, 18 hours, 41 minutes and 47 seconds ago, saying: hi guys [Fri May 18 06:16:12 2007]
13:31 kados hey owen
13:32 owen Hi kados
13:32 kados but have a few minutes this morning free
13:32 owen That was me yesterday
13:33 owen The cardview is nifty
13:33 kados yea, pretty cool, eh?
13:33 kados xslt++
13:33 owen Yeah, I'm curious about what the inner workings are.
13:33 kados I'll drop the stylesheet in your home dir
13:34 owen I'm not sure that /particular/ view is needed anywhere... It almost looks like a citation
13:34 kados it's in compact.xsl
13:34 kados yea, IKWYM
13:35 owen Hey, that doesn't look too complicated at all
13:35 owen Makes more sense to me than ISBD!
13:36 kados yea, xsl's not too  scary :-)
13:37 owen Have you committed the new editions stuff?
13:37 kados no, not yet
13:37 kados probably later this week or next
13:37 paul hi kados
13:37 paul & owen
13:37 kados hi paul
13:39 owen kados, I made one minor change to opac-layout.css to get the editions tab to display like the others
13:39 kados cool
13:39 kados I'll add that to the project notes
13:40 owen And you should probably add a "There are no other editions in the collection" message to a TMPL_ELSE
13:40 kados yea, good point
13:40 kados also wanna add status information and callnumber
13:40 kados good feedback from the staff last week
13:48 owen kados, the editions feature is supported by both Worldcat and LibraryThing?
13:49 kados yep
13:49 kados and any other similar service
13:49 owen So if I find a title that isn't properly cross-referenced, I could go to LibraryThing and submit new informatioN?
13:49 kados correct
13:50 kados if I have a chat with tim we could probably even get the api exposed to allow koha to do that from within koha
13:50 owen I'll have to figure out how that works and point it out to the staff...
13:52 kados woop ... I gotta run
13:52 kados be back later today
14:27 hdl hi
14:27 dewey que tal, hdl
17:52 owen Hey shedges
17:52 shedges hi owen
20:33 chris morning
20:33 shedges hey chris, how are ya?
20:34 chris not too bad thanks, how bout urself? keeping busy?
20:35 shedges yep, busy and happy

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