IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-22

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12:39 paul kyle : did you had a look at my css for Koha 3.0 : (login test / test). feel free to look if you have 2mn spare time (or need a 2mn break ;-) )
12:49 kyle paul, very nice. I like the clean look of it.
12:49 paul (it's a "copy" of the drupal default theme)
12:50 kyle heh ; )
12:50 paul hdl & me plans to have a specific bundled offering for Drupal + Koha
12:50 kyle paul ++ for not reinventing the wheel.
12:50 paul that's our 1st step ;-)
12:50 kyle sounds good
12:50 paul "the good programmer know how to do it, the best programmer knows where to find it"
12:55 kyle I like that saying. Well, I've got to get out on the floor. Later.

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