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12:47 paul kados around ?
12:47 paul (at least, awaken ;-)
12:51 paul kados : could you remind me how to know which XML parser perl uses ?
12:51 kados hi paul
12:51 paul hi kados
12:51 kados paul: you want libxml2
12:52 paul no, I mean the small 4 lines scripts that shows the parser used
12:52 kados ahh, sure
12:52 paul (because at IPT I have encoding problems that I don't have on my desktop. and DB are strictly the same (mysqldump > restore)
12:52 kados #!/usr/bin/perl
12:52 kados use XML::SAX::ParserFactory;
12:52 kados $parser = XML::SAX::ParserFactory->parser();
12:52 kados print $parser;
12:53 kados mysqldump can create problems if you have incorrectly defined encoding at database, table, column or mysql client
12:54 paul i've checked, and select hex() from ... show exactly the same values
12:54 kados check on your desktop:
12:54 kados show variables;
12:54 kados make sure all are utf8
12:54 paul so i'm 99% sure that the DB is OK (and it appears well until you edit/save a biblio.
12:55 kados *nod*
12:55 paul XML::SAX::PurePerl
12:55 paul :-(
12:55 kados yea, that could be it
12:55 kados I filed a bug with PurePerl a long time ago, don't think anyone fixed it
12:56 kados hey owen
12:56 kados[…]lay.html?id=19543
12:57 paul on my station : XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser
12:57 kados so that was version .80
12:58 kados yea, that's the right one, I've had fewest problems with LibXML
12:59 kados looks like there are 5 bugs that haven't gotten any love for a year
13:01 kados wow, last release was Nov 2001
13:01 paul wow...
13:03 kados paul: http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]
13:03 kados paul: uses a free MARC XSL stylesheet
13:04 hdl Lucky you.
13:04 hdl You have all the things you want with MARC-21 :P
13:04 paul Alleluia !!!!
13:04 paul works fine with LibXML::SAX::Parser ...
13:04 kados hdl: it would be trivial to have a unimarc one
13:04 kados paul: great!
13:04 kados hdl: the stylesheet is quite simple in fact
13:05 kados hdl: I found it here:
13:08 hdl is this catalog ruby ?
13:08 kados yep
13:08 kados andy mysql
13:08 kados and even
13:16 hdl and even ?
13:18 kados hehe
13:18 kados just correcting 'andy'
13:18 kados :-)
13:18 kados s/andy/and/ would be have been clearer
13:19 kados health_insurance_in_US--
13:19 kados bbiab
13:19 paul bbiab

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