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13:27 kados toins: around?
13:27 kados (morning everyone)
13:27 toins kados: yes...
13:27 toins hi
13:27 dewey hello, toins
13:28 kados hi :-)
13:28 kados toins: I just read Paul's email re: opencataloger
13:28 paul hi kados
13:29 kados hi paul
13:29 kados paul says you have trouble searching more than one catalog
13:29 kados I can help with that
13:30 toins kados: i have no problem to search many catalog in fact.... just BNF is not working well...
13:30 kados ahh
13:30 toins i 'v made some test with 4 servers
13:31 paul the specificity of bnf being that it requires login/password maybe ?
13:32 kados toins: is there a way in opencataloger to have 'templates' to pre-populate a new record with specific tags/subfields?
13:32 paul kados : not yet
13:32 paul but it should be "easy", if, connected to Koha, we used farmework definition.
13:32 kados ok, maybe it's something that Chris can work on
13:32 kados also, see here:
13:32 kados
13:33 kados see how the Fixed fields are filled out?
13:33 kados It's a table above the record itself
13:34 toins kados: evegreen is remote xul application or firefox extention ?
13:34 kados toins: XUL
13:34 toins yes but.... as an extention ?
13:34 kados I sent you the JS for fixed fields in an email a while ago
13:34 toins yes i remember
13:35 kados it has both a firefox extension and a application with xulrunner
13:35 kados another idea: the indicators could be two fields instead of just one
13:36 kados I think some of these ideas Chris could work on
13:36 toins yep i remember that too... :-)
13:36 toins ok
13:36 kados hehe
13:36 kados he's trained as a professional cataloger
13:36 kados so he could be quite useful
13:36 toins chris will be connected on this chat ?
13:36 kados soon, yes
13:37 toins ok
13:37 paul kados : shame you have 2 chris. In my previous company, when someone was hired and has the same 1stname as someone else, he had to change internally !
13:37 paul (really)
13:37 kados BTW: in the US, the 'edit' icon would mean 'Open Directory'
13:37 kados paul: ha
13:38 paul kados : in france it's the same, but you alreday know that i sucks as designer ;-)
13:38 kados hehe
13:38 kados there are some nice free icons
13:38 kados let me find them
13:39 kados[…]ews/index_abc.png
13:40 kados anyway
13:40 kados toins: great to see progress on opencataloger
13:41 kados
13:41 kados still no leader? or maybe the records don't have a leader?
13:42 paul no, just that I didn't update my svn ;-)
13:42 kados :-)
14:04 kados toins, paul have you thought about authentication at all for opencat?
14:04 paul not at all
14:04 toins nope
14:04 kados could easily be added later
14:05 kados (I think)
14:05 toins i think webservice just have to add a use CGI::Session to make a session cookie....
14:05 kados yep
14:06 kados hmmm
14:06 kados what about subfield duplication?
14:06 kados ahh, I guess you just type the subfields :-)
14:06 kados nevermind
14:07 kados hehe
14:07 toins hehe...
14:07 kados toins++
16:05 paul kados / chris / rch & al : look at (login test pass test), my "drupal like" theme for Koha.
16:21 owen Now all we need to do is put goggles on the Koha logo and we'll be all set
16:21 paul hi owen.
16:21 paul goggles ?
16:22 paul a few remaining issues anyway :
16:22 owen Like the drupal guy:[…]os/
16:22 paul i15 >> issue to "isliwa" >> she has 1 reserve, clic on it & you'll see the problem
16:23 owen paul, this is 3.0?
16:23 paul yep
16:25 paul_away ttl. bye
18:14 cm hello rch & mason.... I see mason committed a lot of stuff for issuingrules
18:14 cm is that everything?
18:14 cm if so I'll try it out.
18:24 rch hi cm
18:24 rch yes, should be good to go
18:26 cm cool.  i'll give it a shot.   thanks.
18:31 cm so I need to set a syspref called useIssuingRules with a value of CircBranch?
18:35 rch right
18:36 rch and useHolidaysRules , same value
18:36 cm ok.
19:42 rch hi cm - any luck ?
20:44 cm hey rch, it looks like it works.
20:45 cm i've asked one of our librarians to test it tomorrow to be sure it does what she expects.
20:45 cm thanks!
20:45 rch great!
20:45 rch thank mason
20:46 cm yep, thanks mason!
20:46 rch btw, turns out you don't actually need the useHolidays syspref.
20:46 rch the useIssuingRules syspref overrides it.
20:46 cm okay.  well, it doesn't hurt to have it in there anyway.
20:46 rch nope
20:46 rch we'll have to do some documentation...
20:47 cm yeah.  there are probably some other sysprefs that are undocumented, too.
11:18 OrangeWindies Hello, anyone know about Koha and MySQL 4.1?  I'm having some strange problems.

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