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12:00 hdl hi
12:00 dewey hi, hdl
15:22 paul kados around ?
15:24 kados hi paul
15:31 hdl hi kados
15:31 kados hi hdl
15:32 paul kados : a zebra question :
15:32 paul I have some problems I don't remember having before...
15:32 paul I have :
15:32 paul - zebra 2.0.12
15:32 paul - record.abs containing :
15:32 paul melm 200$atitle:w,title:p,title:s
15:33 paul melm 606subject-heading,subject-heading:p
15:33 paul searching for a word in the title DON'T WORK
15:33 paul searching for a word in subject WORK
15:33 paul (knowing that I do a kw search everytime)
15:33 paul it seems that melm 200$f don't work where 606 works
15:34 kados huh?
15:34 paul and it's the same for all my melm FFF$S and FFF lines
15:34 kados wow, that's really strange
15:34 kados it should only happen with
15:34 kados 200$a
15:34 kados 200
15:34 kados ie, the same tag
15:34 kados but not for other tags!
15:34 paul ???
15:35 paul
15:35 paul search for "réforme". you'll find 5 answers, including :
15:35 kados 0 results
15:35 paul retry
15:35 kados (still no leaders or fixed fields in opencataloger?
15:36 kados ok, 5 results
15:36 paul (zebra was down, now it's up)
15:36 paul so, search for "réforme" => 5 answers including "Mémoires historiques"
15:36 paul search for "Mémoires" => no answers !
15:36 kados ok
15:37 kados right
15:37 kados very strange
15:39 kados paul: do you have plans to add fixed fields and leader to opencataloger?
15:39 paul they are already here. fixed fields sure & leader I have to test, but if they are not, it's a bug.
15:39 kados ahh, but no plugin for fixed fields, eh?
15:40 paul which ones ?
15:40 kados or leader
15:40 kados any?
15:40 paul 100 in unimarc is a ff
15:40 paul and you can see that there is a plugin
15:40 paul 100 $a => look at the small ...
15:40 paul (on the right)
15:40 paul (should work with MARC21 plugins as well)
15:41 paul for leader, I'll ask toins, because it seems it don't work. but I asked him and we spoke of this. So they should just be hidden somewhere ;-)
15:41 kados I don't understand
15:41 kados how do I go from results to edit?
15:42 kados also, what if I have content that contains a $?
15:42 paul clic on the small image on the right of the entry
15:42 kados for instance, often in MARC21 we have $21.00
15:42 paul clic on the small image on the right of the result entry
15:42 kados for money
15:42 kados ahh, I see
15:42 paul I don't think we manage $ as USD, you're right :-(
15:43 kados there are more useful characters for subfield designation IIRC
15:43 kados ‡ for instance
15:43 kados I think that's becoming the convention
15:43 paul how do you do this char on a french keyboard...
15:44 kados you use javascript to have an escape sequence to create it
15:44 kados something like CTRL-s or something
15:44 kados the idea being, don't use a character that is also content
15:45 paul our "problem" is that $ is never a content in France ;-)
15:45 kados otherwise, it could be a problem if you have content with that character
15:45 kados it is valid content
15:45 kados even in France :-)
15:45 kados ‡ is not valid for MARC content (at least in MARC-8)
15:45 paul yes, but never needed. that's probably why nobody care using it as subfield separator.
15:46 paul (afaik for french libraries)
15:46 kados
15:47 kados OCLC seems to use ‡
15:48 kados anyway
15:51 paul kados : which zebra/yas version do you use at NPL & other dev_week user ?
15:51 kados 2.0.12 at NPL
15:52 cm hi guys...looks like i have yaz 2.1.22 & zebra 1.3.44
15:52 paul hi  cindy. quite old versions...
15:53 cm yeah...but they still work.  ;)
15:53 hdl how do you call this sign ?
15:53 paul for sure !
15:53 hdl ‡
15:54 jaron ‡ is called a double dagger in English if that helps.
15:54 kados cm: IIRC, there is a update bug in zebra 1.3 that wasn't ever fixed except in 2.0
15:54 hdl ok. thanks. (It could help in lectures)
15:54 kados hdl:[…]2021&searchType=3
15:54 cm hi kados...what was the bug?
15:55 kados cm: well, we never were able to figure out what triggered it, but it would cause the index to get corrupted
15:55 cm not good...
15:55 kados cm: and updates after that would fail, necessitating a re-index
15:56 cm that might explain some things.
15:56 kados cm: 2.0's been running stably for a while (though paul may have discovered a bug today)
15:56 cm i could try it out on my test server first.
15:56 kados while being several months with no crashes
15:56 cm that's good.
15:56 kados there are a couple minor changes to make to the config files
15:56 kados lemme find a reference
15:56 cm ok.
15:57 kados[…]de.tkl?skin=print
15:57 cm thanks.
15:57 kados after you upgrade, change the config files, and re-index
15:57 kados should be good to go
15:58 kados (except note paul's problem might be an issue with the most recent version)
15:58 kados paul: I'd suggest you write a mail to the zebralist asking if it's a bug
15:58 paul I don't think so, because I have 2.0.12 as you
15:58 kados paul: it sounds like a bug to me
15:58 kados ahh
15:58 paul but i'm writing a mail to zebralist anyway
15:58 kados *nod*
16:00 cm i might wait until next week...we're finally migrating this weekend, and i want to have time to test before upgrading.
16:00 paul cm is wise...
16:00 cm :)
17:15 kados cm: still there?
17:15 dewey well, there is no spoon
17:15 kados cm: I'd recommend sending that announcement to the code4lib, perld4lib, web4lib, ngc4lib lists as well
17:32 cm hey kados, i'm back.
17:33 cm i sent it to web4lib & oss4lib; i'm not on the other ones.
17:35 kados cm: any response yet?
17:36 cm i haven't heard anything.
17:36 kados cm: did anyone at the wellington public library contact you yet?
17:36 kados cm: they said they were planning a site visit to meadville
17:36 cm we've had 6 responses on the survey so far.
17:36 kados ahh, great!
17:37 jaron cm: perl4lib would be a good one for anyone running a Koha installation to be on. When Perl modules used by Koha and Evergreen get fixes it seems to get posted to perl4lib.
17:37 kados jaron: yep
17:37 cm wellington....i don't think so.
17:37 cm thanks jaron.
17:37 cm i'll have to subscribe & post it.
17:47 cm kados, where is wellington?  maybe they contacted johnb.
17:49 kados wellington new zealand?
17:49 kados ahh, right
17:49 kados it's not wellington
17:49 kados worthington :-)
17:50 kados worthington is in ohio
17:50 kados
18:07 cm you never know, there *could* be a wellington, ohio.  ;)
18:08 owen Google says yes :)
18:08 cm yay google.  ;)
18:12 cm anyway, i think they might have contacted john.  i'm pretty sure he said *somebody* had contacted him about visiting us.
18:13 cm don't remember who though.  all my brain cells are directed towards migration, lately.  :P
20:12 johnb Kados you around?
20:13 kados johnb: yep
20:13 kados johnb: what's up?
20:14 johnb Kados:  The Ashtabual County Library System is coming here for a site viisit
20:14 johnb Kados sorry Ashtabula
20:14 kados johnb: ahh, right, maybe that was the group
20:14 kados there are too many to remember them all :-)
20:14 johnb I was told six libraries
20:14 johnb I am also talking to the the Libraries in Washington County PA next week
20:14 dewey okay, johnb.
20:14 kados johnb: cool
20:15 johnb People are starting to call ne now:)
20:15 kados hehe, excellent!
20:15 johnb I will try to get a web page up by the end of the week on the users group meeting
20:16 kados johnb++
20:59 chris morning
07:12 toins hi all
11:49 kyle hey all, to anybody up at this hour ; )
11:52 paul hello kyle
11:53 paul in France, it's almost 2PM
11:53 kyle hello.
11:53 paul ppl are back from lunch
11:53 kyle heh, here it's so early that I'm the only one at the library.

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